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How to Prepare for Long-term International Travel

How to Prepare for Long-term International Travel

Whether you are studying abroad or simply need to get away or prehaps trying to discover the most beautiful places in the world, traveling can be an eye-opening experience. You can learn about new people and immerse yourself in the experience of discovering a new culture. As incredible as an opportunity like this is, it isn’t as easy as packing a bag and taking along your toothbrush and vacation savings.

Where You’ll Go

Whatever the reason you are traveling and staying abroad, there is a lot to think about beforehand. Understand where you’re going, study the local culture and language. Never go into a new place without knowledge about what is offensive, what is acceptable, and which side of the road to drive on. There is no list to follow when it comes to choosing a travel destination – this can boil down to pure desire or intrigue.

Where You’ll Stay

Protect your assets at home. If you are only going to be gone a few months, it may not be worth it to pick up your life and move it elsewhere. Speak to your landlord about subletting your home or apartment. Make these arrangements at least six months prior to your departure. Find a secure place to secure your belongings, and your automobile if applicable.

Make sure that your lodgings overseas, if any, are set up and ready to receive you. As well, you can use services such as Uni Baggage to get your clothing and belongings safely to your destination.

Money Matters

In today’s world, most financial institutions offer online banking. You are able to transfer funds, pay bills online, link your credit cards, and other services while traveling abroad – check with your bank and explain the situation. Often, it is handy to keep a few blank, signed checks with trusted relatives if you have any financial issues back home.

Healthcare Options

Make sure that you are up-to-date on your immunizations before you head overseas. Especially if there may be an issue with a disease in your destination that isn’t an issue at home – you’ll want to protect yourself. As well, speak to your doctor about filling or having a stock of the medication that you need for your trip.

Let your doctors know how long you’ll be away because, oftentimes, most U.S. health insurance plans will not cover you if you are traveling for more than a few months. You may look into an extended insurance plan with a high policy maximum, medical evaluations, and emergency reunion services.

Keep in Touch

Before you go, make sure that your mail is directed to your family or a trusted friend. They do not need to pick it up every day as it can be forwarded to their address in your absence. You do not want your bills or personal information getting into the wrong hands.

This may seem to be one of the simplest things to do in a modern age of technology. Internet access is common, and communication methods such as Skype, email and Facebook and social media reach worldwide. However, while Skype may allow phone calls with paid subscriptions, but you may find that phone cards suit your needs as well. Especially in the case that your entire family is in another country, communication is one way to cut through the loneliness that accompanies any move.

There is a lot to consider when you travel abroad. From keeping yourself healthy to make sure that you can still withdraw money from your bank account, the decision to stay abroad long-term is not one to be made lightly.

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