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7 Pre-travel Tips That Will Save You Money


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Great news: many countries are moving towards to lighten travel restrictions. But don’t start packing right now, it will be a slow process. However, it gives you enough time to prepare for your next adventure and cut unnecessary expenses. 

Every traveler knows that you can never be overly prepared: you will definitely face some unexpected costs wherever you go. So let’s make sure you know every trick in the book about think like, Sri Lanka how to travel on a budget and still enjoy yourself.



Firstly, research all the visa documents you will need to enter your destination. Even if a resident of your country does not require a visa, you might still need to provide some documents for the stamp on arrival: an application, return tickets, banking statement, and photos. Secondly, check out the expiry date of your passport: if it’s less than six months, you would not get a visa for most countries, and have to apply for a new international passport. 

But how can one save money on photos and avoid paying overly expensive professionals? A single set of ID photos will cost you at least $20, and if you travel with your family, it’s going to be much more expensive. However, there is a cheaper alternative – Passport Photo Maker that will help you create professional passport photos without leaving a couch. 

The program offers visa and passport photo templates from 130+ countries with continuous updates on the latest regulations. Open a photo in the software, select the destination, the ID type and the passport size photo maker will automatically crop and resize it according to the latest regulations. Additionally, you can edit your photo and replace clothes for a more formal look. Finally, use the smart printing option to cut expenses on paper or save it on your PC to apply online. 


First of all, get health insurance for the entire period of the stay. Do your research and find out what exactly it covers: it is highly recommended choosing the insurance that covers both medical costs and emergency transportation expenses. If you are Travel as a family, consider group insurance to get a better deal. Further, get vaccinated! 

Especially, if you travel to exotic countries with dangerous rare diseases. Use the magic force of the Internet to get full information about the vaccinations required or advised for the country of your destination.


Check if the country offers a tourist pass that will give you a substantial discount on public transport along with museum admissions. 

A tourist pass is a great deal to save money in a big city. However, these deals are worth considering only if you visit at least 2-3 museums, otherwise, you will be overpaying.



There are lots of online services that offer price comparisons for flight tickets. Check out Skyscanner, Kayak or Farecompare to discover the cheapest way to get to your destination. Subscribe to the notifications about the best deals and cheapest flights. 

Additionally, start your vacation on a workday, you will save money on a flight. Finally, don’t forget to read the luggage regulations, because most low-cost carriers offer tickets that do not include the price of luggage, so you might end up paying extra baggage allowance at the airport.

Advice from frequent travelers: travel light, bring only essentials.


You have probably heard about great services like Tripadvisor and Hostelworld that help you find the best affordable hotels in the area. They are quite useful, so take advantage of their discounts, special offers, and reviews. 

Airbnb is also a great service to rent a house or an apartment for several days. Further, it wouldn’t hurt to check out the prices on Booking.com during big holiday discounts, like Black Friday or Christmas sales. Maybe you can even get to some of the best christmassy towns in USA.  And try to book a refundable room in advance, so you can always cancel it and get your money back if you change your plans. 

And finally, some platforms offer a newcomer discount for your first purchase, so check them out before you start booking your accommodation.



Firstly, always have cash in the local currency on you. Additionally, browse through the local banks and find the one with minimal fees for a cash withdrawal from your bank – you don’t want to be surprised when you see your banking statement afterward.  Or you head online and find a bank that let’s you open a free checking account

Finally, before going on your journey, contact your bank and let them know where and when you are traveling. Otherwise, they might block your card after you withdraw cash from a different part of the world.


Pack snacks for the road – there will be a lot of sitting around and waiting, so you will definitely get hungry. And you don’t want to spend $20 on an old sandwich at the airport. Once you are in the country, discover the local cuisine as well as buy groceries at the supermarket to prepare food at home, if your hotel offers a small guest kitchen.

Furthermore, cut expenses on buying soft drinks at cafes, get them at a local store instead. And don’t forget to come by a local market to try amazing local cuisine, fruits, and beverages.

Traveling and exploring the world is both the most exciting and scariest thing you can do. So, do your research, come prepared, and don’t be afraid to try something new and explore the world.

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