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Portsmouth: How UK travel isn’t always about London

Whenever a trip around the UK is mooted, whether you are a local or someone visiting from abroad, it would be fair to say that London is the usual destination that rolls from the tip of the tongue.

Such a conclusion is hardly a surprise. This is one of the premier destinations in the world and with its wealth of attractions, its tourism industry is booming.

However, at times it might be worth looking further afield. In other words, instead of spending huge amounts of money on a trip to the capital, you can pay a fraction of the price for accommodation in other cities. You can also use Airbnb coupon codes to get the save some extra cash.

As you might have gathered already, we are today focusing on Portsmouth and to highlight how much relief this can have on your wallet, we have outlined some of the best free activities that are available in this UK city. Some even say that Portsmouth one of the best cities to visit in the world.

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Southsea Castle

If you have already looked into Portsmouth, you will have probably already seen that this is a big city in relation to history. Its maritime history is particularly impressive and specifically, in relation to the Mary Rose.

While there are museums and several other attractions about this famous ship, many of these cost to enter.

To keep on the theme of low-cost, let’s turn to Southsea Castle. It was here that Henry VIII stood and watched the Mary Rose sink, so it holds quite a striking point in history. As well at the historical-factor, the views to the Solent and Isle of Wight are breath-taking from this attraction.

Spinnaker Tower

If you are happy to pay to go up the Spinnaker Tower, it’s thoroughly recommended. After all, this is one of the tallest towers in the UK (a taller structure than the London Eye) and offers views of up to 23 miles across the whole of the city.

As you may have guessed, you do have to pay for such a privilege though. This is why many tourists actually just admire the structure from the base.

Sure, you aren’t blessed with the breath-taking views, but it’s still a hugely impressive structured and based in Gunwharf Quays, you happen to also be surrounded by umpteen shops.

Portsmouth museums

Notice the plural, here. It might not be the capital city but Portsmouth has several notable museums. Portsmouth Museum and Charles Dickens’ Birthplace are two of the most famous, although it’s only the former which is free.

If you happen to be a resident you will also be able to access the Dickens museum free of charge and if not, it’s about £4.20.

Regardless, both offer very interesting insights into their respective topics and are worthy of a visit.

Fort Nelson

If we wind back the clock again, let’s introduce Fort Nelson. Sat on Portsdown Hill, this is another one of Portsmouth’s attractions which offers superb views across the city. It has now been restored to its full glory – meaning that you can see exactly how it appeared back in the late 1800s.

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