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Places to Visit in Las Vegas | Unmissable Places to See in Vegas

Vegas. A diamond of debauchery forged deep in the desert. Sin City, where denizens of the dark dance for the admiration of the desperate and the dollars in their pockets. 

The Entertainment Capital of the World. The destination of every mid-level businessman’s hopes and dreams for the next annual convention.

Vegas is one of the most beautiful cities in the world.

Yes, Vegas is the home of gambling, burlesque, fine dining, and nightlife. But that’s just a drop in the ocean of the many fascinating activities and sights to see and do in this desert oasis!

Gambling can be a big part of your trip to Vegas sometimes spending 48 hours in casino’s get tiring, and you much rather sit in your hotel and gamble. 

Nowadays, you don’t even need to leave the room to gamble. 

For example, online casinos like Casino.com let you keep on gambling right from the comfort of your hotel room. 

It’s recommended for those who want to practice, learn tips and strategies, before visiting a real casino.


Neon Museum

Founded in 1996, this 2-acre complex houses over 200 of the city’s most

Historic and iconic neon signs from the 1930’s to today. Most of the signs are displayed in the Boneyard, an outdoor facility where you can get up close and personal with the symbols of a century of entertainment. Trace the progress of design and technology on an hour-long guided small group tour as each sign tells its story from concept design and manufacture through retirement.

This non-profit organization is also responsible for restoring and installing nine historic signs as public art in the nearby area. Pick up a guide map – or plan a trip with Google maps – and walk down Las Vegas Boulevard from the museum anytime, day or night, to witness this living history and pose in front of the fully lit signs.

The North Gallery, another outdoor exhibit housing an additional 60 signs including the Palm’s Casino Resort, Lady Luck, and O’Shea’s, is reserved exclusively for weddings and events, photo and film shoot, and educational programs. Book a couple of weeks in advance and get a unique and unforgettable backdrop for your big day!

Mob Museum

This museum is located in the former Las Vegas Post Office, and Courthouse built in 1933. It opened in 2012, and its star exhibit is the fully restored and historically accurate 2nd-floor courtroom wherein was held one of the 92 national hearings of the Kefauver Committee to expose organized crime.

The full three-floor building is dedicated to showcasing the history and influence of organized crime on the US and Las Vegas, as well as highlight the law enforcement efforts to quell it.

You can participate in a virtual simulation designed to mimic real law enforcement training, sit in a replica electric chair and test fire a Tommy gun.

Gather all your friends and experience a police lineup, complete with a one-way mirror and souvenir photos. Listen to real wire taps, and study authentic crime scene photos of some of the Mob’s ‘greatest hits’, which include rather gruesome photos of the bodies. Stand in front of the actual bullet-riddled brick section of the garage where alleged members of Capone’s gang assassinated nine members of Bugsy Moran’s gang in the St. Valentine’s Massacre in 1929.

With a fascinating mix of authentic artifacts, a thorough study of the history of the mob and its effects on the lives of Americans then and now, lots of interactive exhibits, and only $20 admission, this museum is certainly making you an offer you can’t refuse!

Las Vegas is certainly rife with entertainment of all varieties! If these museums aren’t your thing, check out the Adventuredome, a 5-acre indoor amusement park on the Strip, the Shark Reef Aquarium at Mandalay Bay where you can personally feed sharks or sea turtles, or the Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Area with hiking trails and a 13-mile scenic drive.

If you’re looking for an affordable  place to stay off the main drag, check out Main Street Station, which boasts a 28000 square foot casino, a microbrewery, and a unique collection of antiques including the Louisa May Alcott Pullman Car, a chandelier from the Figaro Opera House in Paris, and a piece of the Berlin Wall. It might even qualify as one of the best places to visit in the United States.

With free shuttles to all key areas of Vegas, you can stay out of traffic, but still experience everything the Entertainment Capital of the World has to offer! Head to the home page to check out the latest post.

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