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The 50 Best Places to Visit in Europe to Visit In 2020

When we think of places to visit in Europe most likely, we drum up images of sipping red wine under the lights of the Eiffel tower, crouching through a crumbling corridor of a castle in Ireland, or sipping sangria on a sandy beach in Ibiza.

And while these are great options there’s a lot more to the continent than that. 

I’ve spent a lot of time traipsing across Europe and a part of the world that has deeply shaped my life. 

Even with all my years of travel through Europe I have only just scratched the surface. 

I knew finding the absolute best places was too monumental a task for one mere blogger to take on alone. I needed help.

 And so I called in an army of Europe travel experts to lend a hand and share their ultimate spots to travel in Europe. 

Here are the top 50 places to visit in Europe as chosen by travel bloggers.  

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The 50 Best Places to Visit in Europe

Deventer, Netherlands

Deventer is a beautiful city in the eastern part of The Netherlands. It’s one of the many Hanseatic league towns that you will find in The Netherlands and isn’t visited by many tourists. With around 80.000 residents, it’s not the biggest Dutch city that you can visit, but it will be one for the books.

While Deventer is quite famous for its Dickens Christmas market, there is much more to the city than this yearly event.

Whether you’re looking to admire Deventers’ idyllic streets or want to climb the tower of the Lebuinuskerk for a beautiful view of Deventer and its surroundings. Or discover the oldest stone house in The Netherlands plus one of the many fascinating museums in the city. There are endless options.

One thing I know for sure is that when you visit Deventer, you will be surprised by what this beautiful Dutch city has to offer. And, Deventer is home to a train station so you can easily reach this city to discover everything it has to offer.

By Manon Founder of Visiting The Dutch Countryside.

Where is Deventer?

Prague, Czech Republic

The city of Prague should be on everyone’s bucket list when visiting Europe. Its central European location, fascinating history and beautiful places to visit throughout the city will keep you busy for your entire stay. Regardless if you plan to spend 48 hours in Prague or even four months, there are plenty of things to do and see.

The Charles Bridge, Old Towne Square (along with the highly over-rated Astronomical Clock – check it out and you will know what I mean!), Prague Castle, Petrin Tower (which is Prague’s very own Eiffel Tower!), John Lennon Wall, Letna Park and so much more combine to make Prague one of the most beautiful places in Europe.

Getting around Prague is fairly easy as most people speak basic English and there is a great public transportation system that can take you to places that may not be within walking distance (even though a lot of it is!).

While visiting Prague, be sure to have a 0.50 liter of Pilsner, which originates from the Czech Republic, and be sure it comes from the best brewery from the nearby town of Pilzen, Pilsner Urquell.

From Andrea from One Savvy Wanderer.

Where is Prague

Brussels, Belgium

Brussels is probably one of the most beautiful places in Europe. It is full of culture and has many magnificent historical and architectural landmarks. For the historian, you are in heaven! Some top tourist destinations to admire its beauty include the Grand Place and the Cathedral of Saint Michaels.

As the saying goes, “Beauty lies in the hands of the beholder.” I believe any beautiful tourist destination needs to have great food, and Brussels does not disappoint. The town is renowned for its cuisine with French influence. The most notable food the city is known for is the Belgium Waffle (and of course, the Belgium beers.)

Can you have a beautiful European destination without culture? I don’t think so. The culture, the people, the food, and attractions, makes Brussels by far the top most beautiful European city. There’s more than enough to keep you busy, and a visit is something that should be on your bucket list.

Contributed by Lydia from Africa Wanderlust

Contributed by Lydia from Africa Wanderlust.

Where is Brussels

Causeway Coast, Ireland

The Causeway Coastal Route is one of the most beautiful places in Europe. Running along the northern coast of Northern Ireland, the Causeway Coastal route technically runs from Derry (in the West) to Belfast (in the East); however, the highlights of the Route are found along an 11-mile stretch the middle. Besides the natural beauty, if you are a Game of Thrones enthusiast, the Causeway Coastal Route is littered with filming sites, and various nods to the show.

I recommend starting with Dunluce Castle near Portrush, Co. Antrim. Dunluce Castle is a partially standing 14th-century castle dramatically perched on the edge of a cliff, overlooking the Sea.

Next, pay a visit to the Old Bushmills Distillery, which is Ireland’s oldest working distillery. Up the road from the Distillery, spend half a day exploring the Giant’s Causeway. The Causeway is a UNESCO World Heritage site and is a series of ~40,000 hexagon-shaped pillars made of volcanic rock. The Giant’s Causeway is other-worldly and is steeped in folklore.

Last, but certainly not least, visit the Carrick-a-Rede Rope Bridge. It’s a narrow rope bridge, suspended 100 feet in the air, connecting the mainland with tiny Carrick Island. The walkout to the bridge is gorgeous, and crossing the rope bridge isn’t as scary as it sounds.

If you are looking for one more attraction to fill your day, check out the Dark Hedges. Although technically, not part of the Causeway Coastal Route, if you are a GoT fan, then you’ll appreciate this detour!

By Catherine From Traveling With the Littles.

Where is the Casueway Coast

Sardinia, Italy

Imagine an Island in Europe with beautiful beaches and fascinating traditions, combine all this with rather pleasant weather all year round, and you’ve found the ideal recipe for an amazing place to visit during every season.

They say that “there is no place like home” and this holds particularly true if your home is called “Sardinia”

If you have been to Italy but disregarded Sardinia, as a local, I can say that you’ve missed out on a truly marvelous place. Luckily the Island is not going anywhere, so you can always come back and visit it.

The locals’ hospitality is well known, and you’ll find them waiting for you with a glass of wine and some traditional goat cheese to give you a taste of our beautiful land!

So, why is Sardinia one of the best places to visit in Europe? Let’s talk about money and budget! Many people already know about its crystal clear waters, but they are still reluctant to visit it because they think Sardinia is super expensive.

It might be partially true if you only want to book Hotels in Costa Smeralda (especially if you choose to stay in Porto Cervo or Porto Rotondo villages).

Sardinia has a lot to offer for every budget, from camping sites all around the Island to lovely B&B’s. Things you can’t miss In Sardinia: (The ones that make the Island one of the best places to visit in Europe)

Top Things to do in the Sardina

Sardinia Hiking Trails

Cala Goloritzè beach in the Ogliastra area

And the Sella Del Diavolo Hike in Cagliari for magnificent views of the Poetto beach

Pan Di Zucchero and all the Iglesiente area:

For a less touristy experience visit the lovely beach at Pan Di Zucchero (meaning “Bread made of sugar) and stay until the sunset, then stop along the road towards Cagliari to take jaw dropping pictures of the southwest Sardinian coastline.

After trying these experiences you will fall in love with Sardinia forever!

Via Clelia Mattana | Keep Calm and Travel.

Where is the Sardinia?

Paris, France

It’s impossible to talk about the best places to visit in Europe without, at least, mentioning Paris. The city of lights, one of the many Paris nicknames is known across the world for its beauty, sites, food, rude waiters, and wine.

The city bleeds ambiance and romance. What’s funny is that most people only know the major sites of Paris. 

However, there are a ton of odd and unusual things to do in Paris

From the “I love you Wall” to the miles of tunnels in the underground Catacombs. There’s never a dull moment in Paris, and there’s a good reason why it’s one of the best cities in Europe.

By Stephen from A Backpackers Tale

Where is Paris?

High Tatra Mountains, Slovakia

High Tatras are a national park in Slovakia. Its peaks are the highest of all in the Carpathian Mountain Range. Within the Central European region, the mountains are very popular as a year-round destination for amazing hiking and climbing and of course, skiing. 

High Tatras boast steep peaks with amazing vistas that can be easily reached with cable cars. One can choose from easy strolls around lakes or more demanding trails that take several hours to climb and descend. The trails are well-marked and maintained. 

But don’t be fooled, these mountains are mighty and must be respected. Unprepared tourists who underestimate the mountains and overestimate their skills can end up in a rescue helicopter.

To set yourself up for a great time in the High Tatras, you should be prepared and knowledgeable. The weather can change fast and you should always bring a day pack with extra layers, raincoat, food and water, and wear solid hiking boots. After a nice hike, treat yourself to a nice dinner in any of the many local restaurants. And if it rains, there are plenty of places where to have fun such as interactive galleries, fun parks, museums, water park or shopping areas. The services, accommodation and food is still affordable when compared to other mountains in Europe.

High Tatra National Park is a beautiful piece of Slovakia. You’ll love it there. Lonely Planet hasn’t named it the ‘Best Destination in Europe for 2019’ for no reason.

by Slavka from On2Continents.

Where are the High Tatras?

Procida Island, Italy

In the Bay of Naples in southern Italy there are three beautiful islands – ritzy Capri, volcanic Ischia and tiny, sleepy, gorgeous Procida. Procida is only around a mile long but is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful places in Europe.

Most people who visit Procida will arrive into the main harbour, and from here it’s just a 10-15 minute walk to the most beautiful place on the island. Head up towards Procida’s medieval citadel for an incredible view over the Marina di Corricella – a view that’s dramatic, romantic and other-worldly all in one. It’s been described as a prototype Cinque Terre or Positano, but it’s so much more lovely than that. Ice-cream coloured houses tumble down the steep cliff to the curving bay below, while fishing boats bob in turquoise water. The whole scene is anchored by a domed church the colour of sherbert lemon, while beyond it you can see the Tyrrhenian Sea on the other side of the island.

The walk down to the waterfront through narrow lanes is just as gorgeous. On one little street every building was painted a different shade of pink – the whole experience was like being inside a strawberry sundae. And to make it even more perfect, there’s a good chance you’ll have the view (almost) to yourself, since Procida receives an astonishingly small number of visitors.

Via Helen of Helen on Her Holidays.

Where is Procida, Italy?

Tatra National Park, Poland

Tatra National Park is one of the biggest treasures of Poland. The Tatras are the most spectacular of all 28 mountain ranges we have in my beautiful country. While hiking in the Tatras, you can enjoy breathtaking views.

It doesn’t matter your level of mountain experience. If you are an inexperienced hiker or a parent with kids, you can enjoy beautiful valleys or a famous, wide trail to Morskie Oko. Beginners can also choose from a variety of shorter trails or take a cable car up to Kasprowy Wierch, almost 2000 meters above sea level, and admire stunning views at surrounding peaks.

Experienced hikers have a wide variety of trails to choose from. This includes the most dangerous trail in the Polish mountains – Orla Perć.

The trail I loved the most in the Tatras is called Czerwone Wierchy, which can be translated into “The Red Peaks” In autumn, the grass covering these peaks actually changes color into red shades.

I also loved the views on the way to the highest peak in Poland, Rysy. The problem is that it is an extremely crowded trail. Make sure to start early, 6 a.m. latest! Otherwise, you’ll get stuck in a queue on the narrowest parts of the trail.

For more inspiration on the most beautiful trails in the Polish mountains, check this post about hiking in Poland.

Via Dorota from Born Globals.

Where is Tatra National Park

Ponta da Piedade, Portugal

With sun-kissed cliffs pretty much all year round towering over the deep blue Atlantic Ocean, there is no doubt that Portugal’s Algarve Coast is one of the most beautiful places in Europe.

The coastline is home to some of the most spectacular beaches in the world, like Marinha beach. Some of the most famous rock formations can be found at Ponta da Piedade just outside Lagos. 

There are also numerous hiking routes along the coastline that will leave you mesmerized by all the beauty. One worth mentioning is the beautiful day hike Seven Hanging Valleys Trail that stretches from Carvoeiro to Marinha beach.

Algarve is also known for the many coastal caves, most of them you can only reach by boat, kayak or standup paddleboard. The most known of them all is Benagil Cave, featuring a big hole in the top of the cave letting the rays of the sun enter and light up the fine sanded beach inside.

As boats are not allowed to let people get off and enter, your only option to set foot on this hidden beach is to rent a kayak or a standup paddleboard. As the ocean is rough, it is not recommended to swim there even though it is pretty close to Benagil Beach. 

Other than attractive nature, Algarve is home to lots of cute coastal towns like Lagos, Tavira, and Albufeira, to mention some. And check out our complete guide to Lisbon in Portugal as well.

From Linn Founder of Brainy Backpackers.

Where is Ponta da Piedade?

Terceira Island, Azores

The Azores Islands are an archipelago of nine volcanic islands in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean. Due to the subtropical weather, they are a fantastic destination all year round. Among the nine islands, three are the most attractive ones: São Miguel, Pico, and Terceira. São Miguel is famous for its natural springs and Pico with its lush green mountains is perfect for hiking. However, Terceira is probably the one island that offers the most: outstanding nature and architecture. Additionally, if you are into whale watching, you’ll have the time of your life!

Terceira Island is one of those places that you simply can’t forget. Its capital Angra do Heroísmo, is one of Portugal’s nicest cities. Colorful houses and churches from different historic periods line its streets. There is a gorgeous Volcanic Mountain perfect for hiking and admiring the views next to the city. Spanish colonizers built an imposing fortress here in the 17th century. There is even a fabulous subtropical garden with numerous exotic plants.

Nature in Terceira is quite fascinating too. Several forest reserves and volcano fumes populate the island. The star of the island is the volcanic cavern Algar do Carvão. It’s a large cave with several grottoes, an underground lake, and unique vegetation. Volcanic eruptions created the cave thousands of years ago. There is even a nice beach on the island’s second-largest city, Praia da Vitória.

Via Milos Mitrovic from Happy Frog Travels.

Where is Terceira Island?

Bruges, Belgium

When we’re talking about the most beautiful places in Europe, there’s no way you can forget about Bruges, Belgium.

Internationally known as the Venice of the North, there isn’t a single spot in the city that makes your mouth drop in astonishment. From the beautiful architecture of its historical buildings to the fairytale-like canals and the peaceful Beguinage, this World Heritage site really has it all. 

Alas, with great beauty comes a downside and that’s the amount of tourist you will encounter while exploring Bruges. However, it’s not reason enough to forego the city completely, just a thing to keep in mind. 

As Bruges is a small– you can barely call it a city – you’ll find everything at walking distance. This way you can alternate between historical sights, the big shopping streets, chocolate tastings and museums as much as you want. And when your legs are tired after all that walking, book a horse drawn carriage tour for that ultimate romantic feeling (or just to give those legs some rest).

Don’t forget to add in a half or full day trip to Damme, a Medieval village only 5 kilometres away. Set in the middle of the polders and canals, it’s a great place for an easy hike in the beautiful nature of Flanders or to enjoy an afternoon tea in one of the charming bistros.

Via Babs From Next Stop Belgium.

Where is Bruges?

Lake Königssee, Germany

Lake Königssee is one of the most beautiful places to visit in Bavaria as well as in Europe. Comfortably nestled within the Berchtesgaden National Park in Germany, Lake Königssee is among the deepest lakes in the world. Crystal clear water fills the lake. Sheer cliffs surround it on all sides. And alpine vegetation and local birds make the lake extremely picturesque.

Apart from appreciating all the natural beauty that surrounds Lake Königssee, you can do an interesting boat tour here. As you glide through the clear waters, your oarsman will blow on his harmonica. And his tunes will come bouncing right back from those steep mountain walls. A wonderful echo to experience in the middle of the lake and a truly out-of-the-world experience.

During the tour, you will arrive at the pretty, onion-domed church of St. Bartholomew. You can visit the church, walk around in the surrounding green spaces, or have a wholesome lunch of fresh fish from the lake. Then you can head to Salet, the last stop on the ferry, and enjoy some gorgeous Alp views.

The best time to visit Lake Königssee is between April – October when the weather is pleasant and the days are sunny. Even then you may need a light jacket for the evening. So, don’t forget to carry one.

By Soumya from Stories by Soumya.

Where is Lake Königssee?

Santorini, Greece

With its cliff edge white houses – plastered on thousands of postcards across the country -, world-renowned sunsets, and high profile celebrity visitors, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that Santorini on the list of the top places to visit in Europe.

The lofty cliffs make from epic views of the sparkling Aegean. The volcanic landscape holds a rare beauty. (And also endows rare minerals, perfect for wine-making). There are sunset boat tours, villages dangling off cliff edges, and volcanic swimming spots. It’s without a doubt one of the best (which means the most popular and expensive islands in Greece).

Read more About the Best Islands in Greece

Where is Santorini?

Graal Müritz, Germany

There are many picturesque towns and villages along the Germany Baltic coast but the one that we love to spend time in is Graal Müritz. We first visited here in 2002, by chance as we were camping in the small town of Dierhagan around 3km’s up the coast. One activity we love to do then as we do is rent bikes and ride up and down the coastal bike road. It’s so much fun visiting different villages, towns and beaches along the way.

Graal Müritz has a stunning beach promenade, mixed with restaurants, cafes and shops alike. Our favourite two restaurants are; ‘The Sailor’ and ‘Fischhus’ both serve amazing food with great German beer.

The beach is perfect, soft sand and the water, while a little on the cold side is always refreshing. We always rent a ‘Strandkorb’ (Beach hut) for a couple of euros a day. But make sure you get there early to secure one. We often rent one for the duration of our stay, it means that in the evening when we are finished we can simply put all the beach toys inside and lock it up ready for the next day.

Finally, there is a long pier, leading from the main street, great for a gentle stroll and to capture that perfect photo as the sunsets.

From Scott from 4 Degrees of Destination.

Where is Graal Müritz?

Rome, Italy

With its unparalleled history and architecture, starting from the ancient Roman Empire and continuing right up through the medieval, Renaissance and Baroque eras, Rome is easily one of the most jaw-dropping cities in Europe, if not the world. What’s so amazing is that buildings from all of these different eras sit side by side and are sometimes literally built right on top of each other!

Take, for example, the Pantheon, a pagan Roman temple that has now been converted to a Catholic church. Or the Theater of Marcellus, a theater from the 1st century BC with an extra floor of Renaissance-era apartments built on top of it, which people still live inside today!

Allow yourself plenty of time to explore Rome’s nooks and crannies, as there’s so much to discover beyond the big-ticket attractions like the Colosseum and the Vatican. And of course, you’ll also want to stuff yourself with delicious Italian food at Rome’s many authentic restaurants. And if you’re pressed for time check out how to spend 3 days in Rome.

From Wendy Werneth Creator of The Nomadic Vegan.

Where is Rome?

Cesky Krumlov, Czech Republic

Cesky Krumlov is an idyllic, fairytale town nestled amongst the forested hills of South Eastern Czech Republic. Dating back to the thirteenth century, the town has absolutely everything you could hope for in a traditional medieval village. 

A huge imposing castle dominates the skyline, complete with a deep moat full of bears (that’s right – actual bears!). The town is filled with winding cobblestone alleys, traditional underground taverns, a spiralling central tower, watermills and luxurious hill-top gardens. You feel like you’ve stepped back in time, meandering through the narrow streets, across the wooden bridges and past the colourful traditional houses.

Climb the tower for a sprawling view of the surrounding countryside, or canoe down the twisting Vltava River that cuts through the town. Grab some traditional Czech food at one of the many fantastic local restaurants, and stroll down to the famous Eggenberg Brewery (built in 1625) to imbibe in some Pivo. At night you can head up to the castle gardens and catch a play in the outdoor theatre, or hike up the nearby Krizak hill (a 20 minute walk from the town centre), and drink some wine while watching one of the most spectacular sunsets you’ll ever see. 

The only small downside is that more and more people are recognising the sheer beauty of Cesky Krumlov, and during the peak season the town can fill up with day-trippers. It is absolutely worth spending a night or two in this magical medieval town; so you can wander the empty enchanted streets at night, and to properly everything that is Cesky Krumlov.

Via Dan & Ashlea from Dashing Around the World.

Where is Cesky Krumlov?

Isle of Skye, Scotland

Isle of Skye goes beyond being just another beautiful place in Europe, it’s somehow magical.  As the largest island in the Inner Hebrides of Scotland, the Isle of Skye is like no other. It transports you to another world with its breath-taking landscapes.  

The Old Man of Storr is an absolute must-see while in the Isle of Skye.  Here you can marvel at the enormity of the rock formations for which it is famous.  

Head further north along the coast and you’ll reach Kilt Rock where you can watch Mealt Falls crash straight onto the beach.  And don’t miss Quiraing for and absolutely stunning hike, particularly at sunrise.

Further south, you’ll find the enchanting fairy pools and to the east is Neist Point Lighthouse.  There’s plenty to do on the Isle of Skye but if you’re short on time, even two days in the Isle of Skye is enough to get a feel of this awe-inspiring island.

 Via Sophie from We Dream of Travel.

Where is the Isle of Sky?

Chania, Crete – Greece

If you’re looking for a pretty destination made of sunny days, unique beaches, and top-notch gastronomy, then you should definitely consider a trip to Crete’s most beautiful city, Chania. Chania’s Old Town is a stunning destination located on the Northwest coast to the island, about two hours away from the capital of Crete, Heraklion. The city portrays a unique and eclectic architecture, due to the several centuries fo foreign domination.  In fact, due to its strategic location in the center of the Mediterranean, virtually every civilization that dominated the area, ruled on Crete for different periods. That’s how the old manages to combine Venetian palazzi with Turkish balconies, churches, mosques, and even on of the oldest synagogues in Greece. The old town of Chania has different quarters, each of them with its own unique traits and beauty. West of the old venetian harbor, you can explore the elegant neighborhood of Topanas, once home to rich merchants and rulers in town. Many of the aristocratic mansions are now glamorous boutique hotels with fantastic views of the Egyptian Lighthouse. Towards the east of the city, instead, the alleys of the Splantzia, Chania’s Turkish quarter, are a hidden gem that not everybody manages to discover during their visit.  Here, trees and bougainvillea blossom in every corner adding a touch of color to one of Crete’s most romantic places to see. In the area, you can choose a local bar in 1821 Square and sit under the shadow of the plane trees to taste a glass of local wine and a selection of meze (delicious Greek tapas). The local laid-back and romantic atmosphere and unique beauty put have put Chania on the list of beautiful places to see not only in Greece, but also in Europe.

Written by Gabi Ancarola from The Tiny Book.

Where is Chania?

The Canary Islands, Spain

The Canary Islands are one of the most comfortable and yet exotic destinations in Europe. 

Not so many places around the world could actually be a perfect fit for both summer and winter holidays, but the weather on the Canary Islands is amazing all year round. Roads, infrastructure, currency – everything equals the European lifestyle on the Iberian Peninsula. And yet, technically, the Canary Islands are much closer to Africa than they are to Spain. Besides, the volcanic landscapes often make you feel like you’re traveling on the Moon. The Canary Islands are full of landscapes that look completely out of this world.

Three main islands that simply belong on your travel bucket list are Tenerife, Lanzarote, and Fuerteventura.

As the most touristic one of the Canary Islands, Tenerife offers a different experience depending on the area you choose for your stay. The South has the best hotels, parties, and restaurants, while the North is an epic place for hikers and adventure lovers. If visiting Tenerife one day, your route should definitely include Spain’s highest mountain Teide and one of the most magical forests in SpainAnaga Rural Park.

Fuerteventura is famous for its picture-perfect coastlines, fine sands, and blue waters. It’s the second largest in the Canary Islands with over 150 beaches, where you could find something for every taste. Corralejo BeachAljibe de la Cueva Beach, and La Concha Beach are a few of the top-ranked ones on the island.

Lanzarote is another one of the Canary Islands that has it all: you can find everything from exciting sightseeing to an epic beach experience or fine dining. You can’t miss Timanfaya National ParkCesar Manrique Foundation, and Mirador del Rio. (Not as beautiful as the National Parks in Utah).

The Canary Islands are one of those unique places that make you gravitate back all the time. You just can’t get enough of their beautiful nature, delicious food, and friendly locals.

By Anna from At Lifestyle Crossroads.

Where are the Canary Islands?

Ben Nevis, Scotland

In our opinion, a beautiful country is a combination of the natural surroundings, the culture, and the people. Scotland ticks all of these boxes, but it’s Fort William, home to Ben Nevis, which particularly stands out. 

Though there are plenty of reasons for a visit, one of the main draws is for hiking Ben Nevis, the tallest peak in the UK. This awesome trail brings you up to 1,345m and takes a good 6 hours to complete, yet every step is worthwhile.

The way up takes you along rolling Highland hills, and from the summit, you can see across to stunning Scottish islands and surrounding lakes. It one of the most iconic hiking routes in the UK!

Though it can be tackled at any time of year, best go April to October for the best conditions. Fancy a real challenge? Brace the Scottish conditions and go in winter, though this is reserved for more experienced outdoors people. 

Not a hiking fan? In Fort William and the surrounding area, you’ll be able to lap up the best of Scottish culture. Yes, there’s plenty of natural beauty, but you’ll also be able to find traditional foods, local distilleries and probably some of the friendliest people in the UK!

Josh and Sarah from the Veggie Vagabonds.

Where is Ben Nevis?

Capri, Italy

Capri is, without a doubt, one of the most beautiful places in Europe. Even the ancient Romans realized it, and came to the island for some R&R – and if it’s good enough for them, it’s good enough for us!

Situated in the Bay of Naples, and easily reached from nearby Sorrento or the Amalfi Coast, Capri is the jewel in the crown of Italian islands. Its reputation for old-school glamour, and being a second home for the rich and powerful, is nothing new. It was a holiday destination for the Roman emperors Augustus and Tiberius; the latter liked it so much that he built a villa there, and refused to return to Rome! You can still visit Villa Jovis, and realize exactly what Tiberius saw in it – the views across the sea are worth the trip alone.

These days, visitors come to Capri for high-end shopping, or long walks along the island’s southern coast which take you past lemon groves, and through pine forests scented with a sea breeze. Verdant greenery coats the land: for the best views, and to see the dots of whitewashed villas, you can take a chairlift up to Monte Solaro – Capri’s highest point. If you’d rather keep your feet on terra firma, head to the Giardini di Augusto, a beautifully-kept garden which overlooks the picturesque twists and turns of the Via Krupp walkway.

Capri was rumored to be the island of Greek mythology, where sirens called to sailors and led them to their doom. Visit Capri, and you’ll definitely feel a siren’s song of your own. The island’s beauty is beyond question, and you’ll never want to leave!

By Nicky from That Anxious Traveller.

Where is Capri?

North Wales, United Kingdom

Ancient castles, snow-capped mountains, magnificent waterfalls, glistening lakes and long sandy beaches – these are the things that make North Wales beautiful. There’s never been a better time to visit – 2020 has been designated Wales’ Year of Outdoors.

Opportunities for wild days out abound. Thrill-seekers can soar across an old slate quarry on a zip wire at Zip World, surfers hop on a board and ride the waves at Surf Snowdonia, and mountaineers, climb Snowdon, the highest mountain in England and Wales. Drive, walk or cycle along the 125km/75mile North Wales Way. 

Following the northern coastline, it will take you to Anglesey past the walled citadel of Conwy and a cluster of 13th-century fortresses forming a UNESCO World Heritage site. Foodie adventurers should make a pit stop at the Aber Falls Whisky Distillery, one of only four in Wales, to taste single-malt whiskey, award-winning Welsh gin, and liqueurs.

Check Out the  Full List of Things to do in Wales.

Where is Northern Wales?

Budapest, Hungary

Budapest is, without a doubt, one of the most stunning, culturally rich, and fun places to visit in all of Europe. The Pearl of the Danube, as Budapest is known, is full of charming and beautiful sites to see and things to do, so without further ado, let’s get started. 2 of the most beautiful sites in all of Europe are the Budapest Parliament building and the Szechenyi Bridge (AKA Chain Bridge).

These sites inspire awe at their sheer size, especially the Parliament building.

Located right on the Danube, this enormous Gothic structure stands out among all buildings on earth; there is really nothing like it.

In addition, two wonderful activities in Budapest that show off the city’s beauty are the thermal bathhouses and the Liberty Statue hike. Thermal bathhouses have been in Budapest for hundreds of years, and are still a great place to have a soak in the natural hot springs. The Szenchenyi baths are particularly beautiful in our opinion.

The hike to the Liberty Statue, which overlooks Budapest, is stunning as well, giving a bird’s eye view of the beautiful city, in addition to the enormous statue that stands atop the perch.

Another activity that is an absolute must in Budapest is a dinner cruise.

At night, the city’s monuments are lit up brightly and glow in the night sky. Seeing all of this while being served traditional Hungarian dishes while enjoying a Danube cruise is a particularly great experience. Budapest is a fantastic city full of incredible sites, adventure, and activities.

Do yourself a favor and plan a trip here as soon as you can! It one of the cool places to visit in Europe.

By Zach & Julie from Ruhl Of the Road.

Where is the Budapest?

Norwegian, Coast

Last summer I took a Hurtigruten cruise up the coast of Norway. This isn’t your traditional cruise ship; it originally operated as a mail boat stopping at every port all the way up to the top of Norway inside the Arctic Circle. It still stops at every port, but these days the comfort level is more cruise-like than in the past, only without the entertainment or gambling.

Entertainment simply isn’t necessary, though: the scenery is so breathtaking that it fascinated me for hours every single day on our week-long voyage. And when I say “every day,” I mean about 22 hours per day, since we did the route at the end of July, when there is barely any night.

For the first half or more of the voyage, the hills we passed – and the fjords we sometimes entered – were impossibly green and steep, with picturesque waterfalls and occasional isolated bright-red houses. Moving further north, the landscape became rawer, with more exposed rock and less green, but we still spotted those isolated little houses, and it was just as breathtaking.

The ports we stopped in – several a day – huddled along bays and up the sides of hills, often multicolored and charming. At some ports we stopped long enough to get off and explore historic cities like Tromsø and Trondheim.

Traditional cruise lines also travel up and down the Norwegian coast and any of them would offer the spectacular views I enjoyed, but most wouldn’t get in so close to the shore or stop in so many places. You can read more about my experience with Hurtigruten at this link.

Written by Rachel from Rachel’s Ruminations.

Where is Norway’s Coast?

Mallorca, Spain

The Spanish island of Mallorca is one of the most popular European vacation destinations and for good reason. Mallorca is the largest island in a chain that includes its sister island, Ibiza. And there are some amazing Ibiza Beach Clubs.. Set in the Mediterranean Sea, it’s easy to see why so many people choose this destination for holidays. 

The island is home to gorgeous coastlines that range from white sand beaches to rocky cliffs with intricate seaside caves and hidden coves. 

All of which provide amazing seascape views featuring the contrasting shade of blue waters surrounding the island. The crystal clear waters and protected coves make it a perfect place to take in some diving. 

However, if you’re looking for a more cosmopolitan feel, be sure to visit the capital of the island Palma. Mallorca also has a vibrant nightlife and amazing cuisine. If you’re talking about Beautiful Places in Europe, Mallorca has to be a part of the conversation. Mallorca’s one of the best places to visit in Europe during the summer. 

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Where is Mallorca?

Seven Rila Lakes, Bulgaria

Seven Rila Lakes in Bulgaria is an incredibly beautiful spot located high in the mountains in Bulgaria. Despite this, the location itself is relatively easy to access and complete with a cable car, so most of the hard work is taken care of for you.

Located only 80kms outside of Sofia this is a very accessible spot by car or local transport from Bulgaria’s biggest city.

Seven Rila Lakes is aptly named due to its seven individual but incredible sapphire-blue lakes sprinkled throughout the mountains and as you ascend the lakes start to reveal themselves one by one making one hell of a beautiful view once you finally arrive at the top.

The mountain is also inhabited by wild horses, which adds a different kind of experience because I have seen a lot of wild animals but never wild horses.

They are super chill and kind of approachable, but I did not see anyone get close enough to pat them.

Once you arrive at the mountain and take the cable car up, you will start the hike. It is about a 4 hour in and out a hike that is not overly strenuous, although a basic level of fitness will be required, especially in the summer months when the heat can get quite extreme.

No matter whether the hike is hard for you or a walk in the park, you will not be disappointed with the breathtaking views that await you from the summit.

By Dane from Holiday From Where.

Where is Seven Rila Lakes?

Copenhagen, Denmark

Copenhagen Denmark is among the most beautiful places in Europe, and it’s often overlooked for other capitals (One of the many things Denmark is known for). With dazzling canals, stunning architecture and so many things to do in Copenhagen, and shines for anyone who visits.

Some of the most beautiful images of Copenhagen are discovered in Tivoli Gardens. It’s the amusement park that inspired Walt Disney and the second oldest in the entire world. The old-world charm of Tivoli Gardens is unrivaled and the beauty of the grounds is something worth exploring for anyone who visits.

One of the most beautiful places in Copenhagen is Nyhavn harbor. It’s easily the most photographed location in Scandinavia and when you see it in person, you understand why. The pastel Nordic houses sit neatly along the calm waters of the canal that’s lined with sailboats and cafes. It reminds you of the maritime glory of the Danish Golden Age and provides a glimpse into the idyllic life of Denmark’s capital city – and there are a lot of great things to do in Copenhagen.

The beauty of Copenhagen exists along all of its grand waterways, canals and it even has stunning Baltic Sea beaches, as well as some of the best things to do in Estonia.. Spend some time at the harbor baths and the city’s man-made lakes. The way of life is simple and so is the beauty of Copenhagen.

Written by Derek and Mike from Everything Copenhagen.

Where is Copheagen?

Salzburg, Austria

Salzburg, Austria, was my first stop on a grand European summer backpacking trip, and it has held tightly to my heart ever since. Even today, with a much better camera and photography skills than I had a few years ago, the photos from Salzburg still bring me so much joy to look through.

But what makes it so stunning? No matter the season in which you visit, the mountains lush with greenery or dusted with snow are something at which to be marveled. Salzburg isn’t as touristy as many of the surrounding areas, but it offers just as much, if not more, beauty, without the crowds you might find in slightly larger cities. If it’s a true old European vibe with modern amenities you want in a city, Salzburg is truly a must-visit.

Salzburg is an easily walkable city, so depending on whether you take a stroll through Mirabell Gardens, or even a day trip via bus to Lake Königssee, a national park in Germany, you’ll find ways to fill your time here without worrying too much about transportation. If you’re headed to Salzburg in the winter, you’ll find some great opportunities for snow sports as well. Like winter in Boston..

Whatever time of year that you decide to visit, be sure to take a train to and from your future destinations. 

Not only is it a more sustainable way to travel, but it’s also one of the most stunning ways to see beautiful Austria

Written by Alysa from Voyaging Herbivore.

Where Are the Salzburg?

Rhine Valley, Germany

The Rhine Valley in Germany is one of the most beautiful places in Europe. The Rhine River winds gently through a steep valley. At the river’s edge are tiny towns and villages with steepled churches and half-timbered houses. 

The hills are covered in lush forests and patches of striped vineyards. This is prime wine-growing country and it is easy to spend days sampling wares and wines from the different wineries. Atop the hills are perches more than forty medieval castles. 

The easiest way to see the valley is on a Rhine River cruise. Boats ply this stretch of the river daily in season (late spring – early autumn) between Koblenz and Rudesheim. Koblenz is a beautiful town with lovely buildings and a cable car that goes from the river bank in town across the river to a fort up on the hill across the water. 

This is also the start of the Moselle River, and you can take a separate cruise there. Other delightful villages to visit include Boppard and Bacharach. Many of the castles are also open to visitors. 

Some have been converted into hotels and staying in an ancient castle with views of the river is a wonderful way to appreciate their beauty. Top picks include Hotel Schonburg in Oberwesel, Hotel Castle Liebenstein in Boppard, Burg Reichenstein Hotel in Trechtingshausen and Stahleck Castle Hostel in Bacharach. There are also caravan parks on the water’s edge along the way for those on a tighter budget. 

Another highlight is Lorelei Rock, an enormous outcrop where legend has the siren Lorelei luring sailors to their doom. Every stretch of the river in the Rhine valley is incredibly picturesque, so you will not be disappointed.

James Ian from Travel Collecting.

Where is Rhine Valley?


Pyrenees, Spain and France

The French Pyrenees are a mind-blowingly beautiful part of the world to visit. This lofty mountain range runs along the French-Spanish border for around 430 kilometers and are full of snowy peaks (even in summer), and some of Europe’s rarest wildlife, including vultures and brown bears. 

Unlike the better-known and more visited French Alps, they have a wild, brooding feel. They receive fewer visitors than the Alps, and when we explored the Pyrenees by road bike recently, it was often half an hour before we came across another vehicle. This part of the world is a paradise for outdoor enthusiasts, including skiers, climbers, hikers, and cyclists. 

For cyclists, the must-do peak is the Col du Tourmalet. It’s one of the three most famous climbs of the cycling world (the others being Alpe d’Huez and Mont Ventoux). At 2,115m, the Tourmalet is the highest road pass in the Pyrenees. At that kind of altitude, you can feel there’s less oxygen in the air, so climbing it by road bike is a real challenge. For those not so keen on cycling, don’t miss the view from the Pic du Midi. There’s a cable car to the summit from La Mongie (on the way up the Col du Tourmalet), and the views are out of this world.

By Clarie Dewey from Epic Road Rides.

Where is Pyrenees?

Sarajevo, Bosnia

Sarajevo is one of the most beautiful places in Europe. The capital of Bosnia has a scenic old town and is surrounded by green rolling hills and forested mountain slopes. Therefore it’s a great city where you can enjoy both cultural and outdoor activities.

Sarajevo is a very multicultural city with a bit of a troubled past. Several interesting museums tell the stories of the Bosnian war and the siege of Sarajevo that lasted almost 4 years. Traces of the war are still visible, but the young city has overcome its struggles and is now a center of peace and reconciliation where mosques stand alongside churches.

In the city’s architecture, you can see the different time periods in Sarajevo’s history. The old town lets you travel back to the Ottoman times while the Austro-Hungarian houses dominate in the newer shopping streets. Tito’s socialist flats still stand tall in the suburbs.

Beyond are Bosnia’s mountains. Within an hour, you can be on top of mount Trebevic with the abandoned bobsleigh track from the 1984 Olympics or at the ski resort of Bjeljasnica. The center of winter sports in winter or a hikers paradise in summer. There is no other capital in Europe that holds so much history lessons and where nature is so nearby.

By Ellis Veen from Backpack Adventures.

Where is Sarajevo?

Black Sea Coast, Bulgaria 

The Bulgarian Black Sea coast is beautiful and well worth a visit during the warm months. Whether you love a great beach, exploring history or both it’s a beautiful place to visit.

Starting in the south of the Bulgarian Black Sea coast, beach lovers will find a laid-back vibe in Sozopol. This beach town offers lazy days on the beach, long casual dinners and traditional Bulgarian dancing at restaurants. The quaint old town features restaurants nestled in cliffs with amazing sea views. Sozopol’s history dates to antiquity and thanks to excavation efforts you can spend time exploring that history.

Further to the north just past the metropolis of Burgas is the crazy beach party scene in Sunny Beach. Sunny Beach is definitely one of Europe’s summer party capitals. Clubs and bars are full partygoers starting in June. By July and August, they pack the town. But party crowd aside, Sunny Beach was specifically built (and named!) as a modern tourist holiday town because of the endless sand beach on the Black Sea. It’s gorgeous.

And at the southern end of Sunny Beach is Nessebar Bulgaria. Nessebar is an outdoor museum where you can explore the ruins of centuries years of occupation. Thracians, Greeks, Romans/Byzantium’s and Ottomans all left their mark on this town – and their ruins are all on display.

Varna is further north on the Bulgarian Black Sea coast. The central Varna beach and its oceanside boardwalk were built to cater to beach vacationers. The promenade is lined with restaurants, bars and clubs. These bars provide drink service on the large and wide beach area. And then many of them turn into nightclubs after dinner. Varna also has its share of and colorful history to explore including the Roman Baths of Odessos.

Summer on the Bulgarian Black Sea coast belongs on your bucket list!

Via Matt Wald Check Out All Their Bulgaria recommendations. 

Where is the Black Sea?


Malta is an archipelago nation in the Mediterranean, situated between Sicily and the northern coast of Africa. It is known for its rich and varied history, which you can find reflected all over the island – from the monolithic temples of the prehistoric era, to the legacy of the Knights of St. John. 

Malta has at different points been ruled by the Phoenicians, Carthaginians, Romans, Byzantines, Arabs, Normans, Ottomans, French, and the British, and each of those eras has left a mark on the culture of this amazing place. These days, it is an independent nation and a member of the EU.

The climate of Malta is sunny year-round but relatively mild for the most part, and the landscape is wild and beautiful. The cities on the main island of Malta are as varied as the history, from the Baroque city of Valletta (“A city built by gentlemen for gentlemen”, as is their motto), to the ancient walled city of Mdina, called the Silent City and accessible only by foot or horse-drawn carriage, to the small beach towns in the north of the island. With the variety of outdoor adventures, sunny beaches, and history, Malta is a great choice for a family trip.

If you’re looking for gorgeous scenery, a short trip to one of the two other islands of Malta will give you even more of it. The famous Blue Lagoon is on Comino, and while the Azure Window unfortunately crumbled into the sea in 2017, it is still worth the trip to Gozo to see the view at the ruins.

Malta is not the best-known destination in Europe, but the fascinating history and unique scenery should put it near the top of any list of must-see European countries!

From Dani Ward at Diapers in Paradise.

Where is Malta?

Meteora, Greece

Meteora is arguably one of the most exciting destinations to visit in Greece. Located in the middle of mainland Greece, in the western region of Thessaly, far from the sunny beaches, the mountaintop monasteries at Meteora are a marvel of human creativity. As you’ve probably guessed, the monasteries are built on the top of huge rock pillars, above the towns of Kalambaka and Kastraki.

The towering rock formations soar as high as 400 meters. The first mountaintop monasteries were built by Greek Orthodox monks in the 14th century. Instead of building inside the caves, the monks constructed the monasteries on top of the enormous sandstone pillars as sanctuaries where they could live an isolated life in a profound relationship with the higher power.

When you see those amazing clifftop monasteries so high up, you really wonder how they managed to build them. They must have risked their lives! Furthermore, the only access to the cliff tops was by climbing long ladders which were lashed together or getting hauled up vertically alongside 400 meters by large nets. The monks were not only very fit, it seems that they had a secret passion for extreme sports!

There used to be twenty monasteries, where today only six remain. However, they are still active and two are inhabited by nuns. Luckily you don’t have to risk your life anymore climbing up the cliff on an unsteady ladder.

Visitors can now use staircases to climb up the cliff. It’s a dynamic climb up but once you arrive on the top, you suddenly realize why the hermits of the early Christian era were so determined to reach Meteora’s peak. Here in Meteora one can actually feel very sacred energy and get the sensation that your prayers will reach God more quickly.

From Mind the Travel.

Where is Meteora?

Madrid, Spain

One of my favorite places to visit in Europe is without any doubt the capital of Spain: Madrid. What makes the Spanish capital one of the most beautiful places in Europe?

Despite lacking the beaches of Barcelona, Madrid is one of the best places to visit for Spain-lovers because of its amazing tapas culture, world-class museums, and nightlife. It is a great place to spend for a month in Spain. On top, Madrid is the ideal base for day trips to some of Spain’s most emblematic gems such as Segovia, Toledo or Avila.

Some of the best things to do in Madrid include visiting the Prado museum filled with some of the best art pieces in Europe, walking in the elegant Retiro park, enjoy hot chocolate and churros at San Gines bar and stroll through the narrow streets of Malasana neighborhood.

But it’s when you finally make it to Debod Temple, an original Egyptian temple in Madrid, that you realize that Madrid is one of the must-visit places in Europe.

If you are looking for the best neighborhood to stay in Madrid, I recommend La Latina as you’re close to the most important sites and the best tapas bars in Madrid.

From Paulina from Paulina on the Road.

Where is Madrid?

Ring of Kerry, Ireland

One of the most beautiful places in Europe has to be the Ring of Kerry in Ireland. This 179-kilometer-long circular scenic drive in County Kerry is a stunning part of Ireland and one that has to be seen to be believed.

Part of the drive is included in the famous Wild Atlantic Way as it skirts along the Atlantic Coast. And there is so much to see and do along this beautiful scenic drive. Many people begin their visit to the Ring of Kerry in the town of Killarney, a quaint town with plenty of hotels, pubs, and restaurants to suit all needs.

From Killarney, you can go either clockwise or anticlockwise. Places to stop along the route include the town of Kenmare, Muckross House, Ross Castle, the Torc Waterfall, and Ladies View, a panoramic viewpoint. Other places of interest include Derrynane House, the home of Daniel O’Connell, an important figure in Irish history, and you must visit the Gap of Dunloe, a small, narrow mountain passage that separates the MacGillycuddy Reek Mountains from the Purple Mountains. It cannot be driven in cars, so you need to walk, cycle or take a horse and cart part of the way into it. However, motorbikes can pass through the Gap of Dunloe.

The Ring of Kerry is a landscape filled with natural beauty and differing landscapes around every corner. From lakes and the Atlantic Coast to mountains ranges, rivers, and scenic views, the Ring is one of the most beautiful places in Europe and the world.

By Cath from Travel Around Ireland.

Where is Ring of Kerry?

Cotswold, Uk

With absolutely beautiful preserved medieval villages and a stunning countryside, visiting the Cotswolds is the most quintessentially British experience. 

The Cotswolds is an area in the South West of England that stretches across six counties between Stratford Upon Avon and Bath. 

Rushing rivers pass through typical stone villages, each surrounded with rolling green hills and farmland. Each village is nestled amongst nature and no place is short of things to do and explore.

In the evenings you can retire to country pubs with burning fires and great tea rooms too. It is such a cosy experience in the winter and equally as lovely in the summer. In winter you can spend time exploring the Christmas markets and paths lit with fairy lights. 

Make sure to warm up with a visit to the Cotswold distillery as well, and try all their spirits. In summer you can get adventurous with all the water sports that they have on the lake. No matter what time of year you visit, make sure to leave plenty of time for walks through the different villages, nature and even to visit a palace!

The Cotswolds is only a 2 hour drive from London, so it’s very easily incorporated into a London trip. And there are a lot of fun things to do in Cotswold with kids.

Written by Nava from Traveling Mad Mum.

Where is Ring of Kerry?

Bavaria, Germany

Fairy-tale castles, soaring mountain peaks, charming villages and green forests, makes Bavaria one of the most beautiful places in Europe. As Bavaria is the largest state in Germany, you’ll find lots to see and do. It’s home to the vibrant city of Munich, where the world-famous Oktoberfest is a festival to mark on your calendar. Although Munich is a beautiful city, with a charming old quarter, lovely architecture and excellent museums, Bavaria’s true beauty reveals itself in the countryside.

The Bavarian Alps is home to several Bavarian castles including one of the most famous castles in the world, Neuschwanstein. This fairy tale castle was built by King Ludwig II, who was a fan of German opera composer Wagner and designed to castle as an opera set. Sleeping Beauty’s castle in Disneyland was inspired by Neuschwanstein. Tour the castle to see it is grand Throne Room, theatrical grotto and lavish Minstrels’ Hall.

The highest peak in Germany is also in the Bavarian Alps. Mount Zugspitze is a wonder of nature, and the journey by cogwheel train ride and cable car to the top of Germany shows off breathtaking views of Bavaria. The top of the mountain is the highest point in Germany and has stunning views of the best mountain ranges in Europe, including Austria, Italy and Switzerland.

Written by Christina from Travel 2 Next.

Where is Bavaria?

Wroclaw, Poland

The university city of Wroclaw has received several awards over the years, from being the Capital of Culture in 2016 to being the Best Europe Travel Destination in 2018. This does not come as a surprise for those who have been to this less-traveled capital of Lower Silesia in Poland, which has a lot to offer for a price that will not break one’s savings. 

Here, the average cost of accommodation is around 16EU for a shared dormitory at a hostel and 31EU for a double room at a hotel. Here, one can indulge in traditional Polish meals for 8EU a day.

A city with a complex past, Wroclaw has been under the rule of eight different kingdoms, resulting in its fascinating architecture. 

Each building here has a story to tell. Walk to the center of the Old Town Square and you will feel like you have entered a storybook with the colorful facade of the Baroque buildings that will surround you. The most prominent of these buildings is the Ratusz, Wroclaw’s Gothic Town Hall which was built in the 13th century. Even if you are not leaving Wroclaw for a day trip to nearby towns, it is still worth visiting the city’s train station which looks like a medieval castle from a fairytale.

One of the most famous tourist attractions in Wroclaw is its population of dwarf statues which decorate the Old Town. Rocker, baker, farmer, wizard… There are around 163 official dwarf statues all over Wroclaw, each with its own occupation and story to tell. 

Counting the “illegal” dwarves of Wroclaw, there are over 300 scattered all over the city, but only 52 are listed on the tourist center’s free map so always keep your eyes peeled for a dwarf lurking in the corner. 

Proudly showing their individuality, these dwarves were created as a means of protest against communism by the Orange Alternative back in the 80s. What started with one Papa Dwarf multiplied into one of the city’s best attractions.

Karolina from Lazy Travel Blog.

Where is Wroclaw?

Plovdiv, Bulgaria

Bulgaria is one of the most underrated countries in Europe, probably because it is situated “behind the shadow” of many world-famous destinations nearby. But it is a hidden gem. Located on the eastern part of the Balkans, the country features unexpected variety of natural landscapes and amazing culture.

While you travel around Bulgaria, you can find the oldest living city in Europe- Plovdiv. If you like beautiful mountains- go south of Plovdiv to the stunning Rhodope mountain land, where you can find some of the wildest forests on the continent and the unique ethnic local culture. Or hike two of the highest mountains in the Balkans- Rila and Pirin. Then, turn eastward to the Black Sea coast, where you can play on some of the most beautiful beaches in Europe! And that’s not all- everywhere you will enjoy the local people’s warm welcome and hospitality.

The country is famous for its roses and rose oil. But that’s not the only reason to visit it. For the wine lovers, Bulgaria has one of the best wines in the world. It is called “Mavrud” and is highly evaluated. And for foodie travelers- they would also find a real treasure in this country, the unique Bulgarian cuisine, especially if they enjoy it in a local traditional atmosphere.

By Krasen at Journey Beyond the Horizon.

Where is Plovdiv?

Austrian Alps, Austria

Europe has no shortage of gorgeous natural scenes, but few are as stately and majestic as the Austrian Alps. Located primarily in the Austrian state of Tirol, the Alps look like something right out of a children’s storybook. You’ll find snow-dusted mountaintops, cozy valleys, smiling locals, and the welcoming feeling that life is simple and joyful here.

The Austrian Alps can be a great place for a relaxing holiday, but most people visit in search of adventure. During the summer, hiking is the best thing to do. You’ll find a wide variety of day hikes as well as long-distance tracks that can take multiple days or even weeks to complete. In addition, other outdoor activities like camping, rafting, canyoning, rock climbing, and paragliding are popular. If you’re really feeling daring, you’ll find hundreds of so-called via ferratas in the Austrian Alps. These are protected routes in the mountains where adventurers both hike and rock climb with the help of steel cables, hanging bridges, and ladders on the edges of cliffs.

When winter arrives, snow-lovers hit the slopes on skis and snowboards. Skiing in the Austrian Alps is world-renown not only for the challenging routes, number of resorts, and affordable prices but also for the magnificent scenery. You’ll ski over translucent blue glaciers, through evergreen forests, and down to the mountains huts in the valley for a fun Après Ski party complete with swinging beer steins and sing-a-long songs.

If you love the outdoors and are drawn to the mountains, add the Austrian Alps to your bucket list right away. There are few places on earth that can rival their natural beauty and wild spirit.

Written by Casey from Carefree Compass.

Where are the Austrian Alps?

sassi di matera italy

Many places are famous for their beauty. But the first time we saw the Sassi di Matera, the “old town” area of Matera in southern Italy, we couldn’t believe we’d never heard of this stunning location before.
Humans have lived here for almost nine thousand years, making it one of the longest continuously occupied places on Earth. And over the course of those eons, the residents slowly created an amazingly beautiful town.

Located in a “gravina,” or ravine, it is the area’s “tufo” — a soft, white rock made of compressed volcanic ash — that gives the area its unique beauty. Early residents began hollowing out vast caves in the rock, and also used the same stone to build structures above and around those caves.

From the outside, the area now looks like a cross between Bedrock, the town in the old Flintstones cartoons, and Ape City from the original Planet of the Apes. But the interiors are still often caves, though now much nicer, a restaurant as nice anything you’ll find in Rome. Even five-star hotels. It’s the perfect melding of nature and man.

The Sassi is stunning almost any time of year or day, but the “golden” hours of morning and evening especially bring out the loveliness of the tufo. At these times of day, the white stone glows in the sunlight as if lit from within.

Take the time to explore in these twisting cobblestone streets. Yes, you may get lost at some point, but just keep walking: eventually you’ll find modern civilization again.

But before you do, take the time to linger, because you’ll be lost inside beauty itself.

Brent and Micheal from Brent and Michael are going places.

Where is Sassi Di Matera?

Cinque Terra, Italy

I have long had a love affair with Italy. I have been to many cities in Italy like Florence, Siena, Lucca, Venice, Rome, and the Italy Amalfi Coast. I have tried for years to get to Cinque Terre many times and finally, it worked out last year. It was so worth the wait! From the minute I landed in Monterosso, I was enchanted. Although busy during the day, after the cruise crowds disappear, it becomes the most magical village that you never want to leave.

During the day we would grab books and leave our cute hotel, the Hotel Villa Steno, and head to the beach. We’d rent a chair for about $15 and set up shop to swim, read, and sunbathe. Lunchtime would find us heading to Pan Fritto for the most delicious focaccia and a coke with gelato to follow afterward.

After the beach, it was time to wander the cobblestoned roads and look down little alleys to find a good place for dinner. We found some excellent pizza, pasta, and fish in Monterosso. And plenty of gelatos!

One day we took the ferry to the other towns of Cinque Terra. Each had its own charm and beauty. I am sure I would have enjoyed staying in any of them. Everywhere there was a photo op – the colorful houses, the fishing boats, clothes hung from the lines outside a window. And always the beautiful views of the sea! Cinque Terre was full of exquisite beauty in every town, every street, and every house.

Sometimes you wonder if something will live up to your expectations when you have wanted to see it for so long. The beautiful towns of Cinque Terra exceeded mine -with every turn I saw a picture-worthy view. And the sunsets and night views were spectacular too!

We stayed there for 3 days but I will definitely return. Cinque Terra stole my heart and the beauty of the area and the chill lifestyle is calling me back for another, longer visit soon.

Pam of Travel Hacking Mom.

Where is cinque terre?

Lake Bled, Slovenia

Visiting Lake Bled is like stepping right into a fairytale. From Slovenia’s capital of Ljubljana, it’s an easy bus ride to the destination, which can be explored in many ways. 

Take a short boat ride or paddle out to Bled Island, cycle around the lake, or even do a little hiking. 

When I was there I hiked up the 2,480-foot Velika Osojnica for stunning views of Lake Bled and the surrounding mountains. It’s highly recommended!

By Jessie from Jessie on a Journey.

Where is Lake Bled?

Bergamasque Prealps, Italy

Italy is a beautiful country, no doubts about it. The most famous areas are certainly the center and south, where the most beautiful cities and towns are. Being myself from central Italy, I cannot agree more. But I also live in the north of the country, so I would like to show you a region that is not as renowned as it should be: the Prealpi in Lombardy.

Prealpi literally means “before the Alps,” and it encompasses all that hilly areas dividing the big mountains from the flat Pianura Padana. Lombardy has probably the most beautiful of such a region. Comprised from Lake Maggiore to the west and Lake Gard to the East lay some beautiful towns. My favorite is Varese, with its seven lakes and the UNESCO World Heritage Site of Sacro Monte. 

Once built as a weekend destination for rich people from Milan. This town has today plenty of villas and parks, which gave her the nickname of “Garden Town”, which – funny enough – is similar to a nickname for Chicago.”. The most famous lake in the Prealpi is Lake Como, a popular destination for members of the international jet-set (anyone said, George Clooney?).

Going further east, Brescia and especially Bergamo are two little gems worth a visit if you decide to stay some nights in the region. And do not forget that Milan is normally only one hour away from these towns, but also Venice and many skiing places are just a few hours away. If you have not yet, the Prealpi in Lombardy is one of the beautiful places you should visit soon.

By Odoardo.

Where are the Bergamasque Prealps?

Madeira, Portugal

Madeira Island is known as the “Pearl of the Atlantic,” and it truly deserves this title.

It is a small Portuguese island famous for its beautiful mountain ranges, cliffs, volcanic lava pools, banana fields, exotic gardens, waterfalls, Madeira Wine, and…  Cristiano Ronaldo. The famous footballer was born and raised on Madeira, and now you can sleep at his hotel, visit his museum or see one of his many murals and monuments.

The landscape of Madeira is truly breathtaking and very varied. Some parts of the island remind you of Thailand, while some others look more like Iceland. It is a true heaven for all hikers, and it is impossible to see them all during one short trip. You can hike in the mountains or on levadas, which are small irrigation channels which now serve also as touristic routes through, among others, the UNESCO protected, primary Laurisilva forests.

Madeira Island is simply a beautiful and unforgettable European destination, and it is definitely worth to add it to your bucket list.

Written by Edyta, author of Say Yes to Madeira.

Where are the Madeira?

Ille-Sur-Têt’s Organs, France

Ille-Sur-Têt’s Organs (les Orgues in French) are incredible rock formations and a unique landscape in France. Forged by centuries of rain, pouring over the sand and clay cliffs, the Organs were chiseled by erosion, creating a spectacular scene. 

The rocks look like organ pipes, with the highest “pipes” measuring 12 meters. This type of formations are known as fairy chimneys or hoodoos, similar to the ones in Bryce Canyon is the US. Wandering through this impressive landscape, surrounded by the nearby mountains, is an incredible experience.

The site is pretty small, and the area with the rock formations is limited. It takes around an hour to visit the Organs. 

There’s a trail leading you from the entrance to all the main viewpoints. The path is easy and well maintained, so the whole family can go. You should also consider stopping by the city center, typical of Pyrenean villages, and take a stroll through its small streets. You can also do some trekking in the area, to the Canigou peak.

Written by Julie from Julie Around the Globe.

Where are les Orgues?

Langjokull glacier, Iceland

Accessing Langjokull glacier involves an incredibly scenic 4-wheel drive over mountains formed of jet black lava, punctuated by tranches of pure white snow. Arriving at “base camp”, at the foot of the glacier itself, the view somewhat resembles a large killer whale.

Listen to the wind roaring through the valley and over the ice, whipping your hair, then watch the sun briefly illuminate the entire glacier before it is eclipsed by the thick marching fog.  

In the middle of this lunar landscape, miles from humanity, you would be forgiven for feeling as if you are on another planet. Especially when you enter the portacabin, perched next to the ice, and kit up in full body waterproofs/spaceman outfit.

Feel the levels of excitement rise as you board a semi-aquatic monster truck and head off over the ice sheet. Sky and land fuse into a single milk-white world as you wallow along the surface of the glacier.

Disembarking onto effectively a skating rink, the raging wind can make it hard to remain upright. The cold chills to the bone but does not diminish the sense of awe at the sheer expanse of the ice you have just crossed and the blinding whiteness surrounding you.

Adding spikes to your boots you are then taken inside the glacier itself. A tunnel, takes you down into a subterranean world of frosted corridors. Travelling under the ever-thicker ice roof above, take a thousand photographs of the ancient crystals as you wander around this watery labyrinth. 

This was a truly unforgettable journey over and inside one of the most isolated and beautiful places on Earth.

Written by Helen from Holiday from Hels.

Where are les Orgues?

Positano, Italy

One of the most beautiful places in Europe and possibly even the world is Positano, Italy. This small village is located along the magical Amalfi Coast and is a travel destination that will charm you at first sight. 

The village is situated within the towering mountains of Italy’s coast, and the buildings are built vertically into them. The mountainous landscape is very unique and adds an exciting, unexpected element to this European hot spot.

Below the mountains are the pastel-colored houses and a rocky beach. The beach is full of colorful umbrellas, and the water is a stunning aqua blue. From the beach, you can look up towards the whole city and get blessed with a magical sight like no other. People from around the world flock to Positano to see the beauty of this village.

Beyond its beauty, there are also a ton of things to do in Positano. From hiking the path of Gods to eating a fresh pizza to swimming in the aqua blue waters, and more! Be sure to add this beautiful European destination to your travel bucket list today! 

By Samatha Karen from Sam Sees World

Where is Positano?

Mykonos, Greece

Known as the Greek island where the rich and famous holiday automatically makes Mykonos intriguing places to visit in Europe.

And while Mykonos isn’t cheap, there are ways to travel around the island on a budget. I know, because I’m not rich and I’ve spent a good amount of time on the island. 

And each year thousands of travelers get lost in the island’s maze of alleyways, relax on the pristine beaches, and take romantic photos at the islands most iconic sites.

Couples flock to the picturesque villages, honeymoon hotspots, and seaside neighborhoods. 

Mykonos is also known for its wild nightlife that draws a big backpacking culture to certain parts of the island. Mykonos is a hub for summer parties with famous DJ’s headlining the packed clubs during the summer months. 

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Where is Mykonos?

And there we go! With the help of other bloggers, we’ve discovered over 40 of the best places to visit in Europe. Through the cobblestone streets of charming cities to climbing glaciers; from quaint medieval villages to fairytale lakes, these are the best places to visit in Europe. 

What do you think of these top 50 places to visit in Europe. Which place would you check off your list first?

7 thoughts on “The 50 Best Places to Visit in Europe to Visit In 2020”

  1. Love this list! I already knew about most of these places but there were a few unexpected surprises in there 😍My bucketlist has definitely grow in the last 20 mins 🙂

  2. Love this list! I already knew about most of these places but there were a few unexpected surprises in there ?My bucketlist has definitely grow in the last 20 mins 🙂

  3. Great blog, thank you. Have you been to all of these places yourself? We are in the Cotswolds UK and live and work in the beautiful town of Chipping Campden.

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