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Headed to Virginia Beach? To have a stress-free vacation at one of the most popular beaches in the Mid-Atlantic, take a minute to check out this essential beach packing list.

Virginia Beach Packing Tips

Before I get into the list, let me lay down a few ground rules. Follow these simple guidelines to save time and money when packing for Virginia Beach.

  1. Email documents – Before you travel, always store or email yourself copies of your important documents like credit cards, airline tickets, hotel reservations, and IDs. If the worst should happen and you lose these documents, you’ll have helpful backups only a few clicks away.
  2. Know luggage restrictions – If you’re flying, make sure you know how much luggage the airline allows each passenger. This includes carry-ons. Having to pay extra fees for overweight baggage isn’t a fun way to start a vacation. Trust me.
  3. Check the weather forecast – Know what to expect before you go. The only thing worse than rain during a beach holiday is not being prepared for the rain. Knowing the weather will help you pick your clothes and plan activities before you even arrive.
  4. Pack light – For a beach holiday, packing light is essential. After all, you’ll mostly need T-shirts, shorts, and sunglasses.
  5. Don’t fill your suitcase – Chances are you’ll pick up a few items during your time at Virginia Beach. Make sure to leave some room to pack them.


  • Prescription medications
  • Credit cards – Try to use credit cards that offer travel rewards.
  • Cash or debit cards
  • Friends or family members – What’s a beach holiday without a few friends or family members to join in the festivities?


The tricky thing about creating a Virginia Beach packing list is that the length of everyone’s vacation differs. In this case, we’re making a Virginia Beach packing list for a week. If you’re staying for a different period of time, adjust accordingly.

  • Three pairs of shorts
  • One or two swimming suits
  • Seven pairs of underwear
  • One pair of flip-flops or sandals
  • One to two pairs of nice pants for dinners out
  • Two nice button-up shirts to go with the pants
  • Two dresses or skirts
  • Five T-shirts
  • One short-sleeve button-up shirt
  • A few pairs of socks
  • One nice pair of shoes for dinners out
  • Camera
  • Beach towel
  • Sunglasses


I have faith that you’re smart enough to remember your toothbrush and toothpaste, so I’ll leave toiletries up to you. However, one important toiletry item to remember is sunscreen.


I’m not a big fan of taking jewelry on a beach holiday. It’s easy to lose small things while traveling, especially when you add a lot of water and sand into the equation.

I would suggest only taking the jewelry you want to wear out for a nice dinner. When you aren’t wearing it, make sure to keep it in your suitcase.

Virginia Beach is an excellent vacation spot for those seeking a getaway. Follow this Virginia Beach packing list to remember everything you need.

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