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Part time jobs for full time travellers

During the coronavirus pandemic, borders across the globe have been impacted and closed to international visitors.

However, there may be signs that this trend is starting to reverse, despite the continued uncertainty and the potential impact of local lockdowns across the globe. Take South Africa, for example, which is tentatively reopening its borders and one of several measures aimed at easing the impact of lockdowns.

This may create an opportunity for aspiring travellers in the near-term, but what are the best jobs to do when looking to see the world and earn a viable income stream? We’ll explore the best options below!

Invest in Currency Trading

Let’s start with a basic assertion; as the best and most viable income streams for travellers are passive and capable of thriving without regular human interaction.

This is where currency trading enters the fray, as this provides an accessible, 24/7 way of generating income across three geographical sessions and any time zone in the world.

At the same time, the rise of online and mobile trading platforms has completely digitised forex trading, while providing aspiring and part-time investors with access to the same analytical tools and technical indicators used by professionals.

This means that investors can effectively automate a high volume of informed and effective trades, while deploying risk management tools such as stop-losses to automatically close positions when they reach a predetermined level of loss.

Engage in Travel Blogging

When travelling the length and breadth of the globe, you’re bound to experience new cultures and sensory experiences. These can be rewarding and educational in equal measure, while providing you with wisdom that can transcend your years.

You can leverage this to create a viable income stream too, by creating a fun and unique travel blog that shares your experience with the rest of the world.

This can be an incredibly empowering pastime, and one that immortalises your unique experience and uses both words and breathtaking imagery to engage and inspire your target audience.

This type of blog can also be monetised with relative ease, either through paid (and targeted) advertising or by creating guest post opportunities. As your blog builds its profile, you’ll generate higher advertising revenues and sell publishing space to quality contributors from across the globe. 

Teach English as a Second Language

While English is the most widely-spoken language in the world, the vast majority speak this as a second dialect.

More specifically, just 33% of the one-billion strong English speakers in the world consider this to be their native language, and this highlights the need for people to teach the dialect in emerging countries across the globe.

This depends on where you’re travelling too, of course, but regions such as Southeast Asia have a high demand for English teachers across a broad range of ages.

Most will require you to have at least some form of supporting qualification to undertake a teaching post, with a TEFL course capable of providing such accreditation. In places like Korea, there’s also a demand for private tutors, although once again you’ll require dedicated qualifications to operate overseas.

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