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I have a confession….. I’m an adventure addict!

Yep, I admitted it.

Somewhere in my past someone pushed the adventure drug on me and after just one hit, it became a lifetime addiction. Since the moment that addiction took hold, my goal has been to live my life on the road as one nonstop adventure. Last week I sat and tried to pick out my greatest adventure, and after an hour I realized that I couldn’t.

You see when I first started traveling, roughly seven years ago, the world opened up in ways I couldn’t have imagined. I was young, a dreamer, and driven. At the same time I was lost. I didn’t know what to pour my passion and drive into. Then came traveling, and suddenly all the places and adventures I’d read about my whole life became tangible.

The countries and experiences were no longer storybook tales. They were only a plane ride away and traveling them became as much of a reality as getting up and going to work every morning. I remember that moment as if it were yesterday; the moment I chose a life as an adventurer.

I made a promise I would grow, learn, and better myself through every experience. I would live this wonderful life as if each day held a new exciting journey.

I don’t believe life is a journey to be lived with a few exhilarating adventures as milestones. Instead I choose to live life differently. I try to find the adventure in every country, travel mistake, or cup of tea with locals.

Running Of The Bulls

Yes, I’ve had the adrenaline rush of running up the cobblestone streets of Pamplona, Spain while glancing around me to see 12 massive bulls. This is one of the most proud facts about me that I love to tell people about.

Camping in Alaska

I’ve heard the boisterous roars of the crowd when entering the Running of the Bulls arena. I’ve waded through glacier streams of Alaska, camped under the shadow of Mt McKinley, and have been startled by a grizzly bear who was watching me eat a chocolate bar.

Mongol Rally

I’ve driven one-third of the planet, from London to Mongolia, across 23 countries in a beat up and clutch-less Kia Piatcana that had to be push started for 7,000 of those miles across desolate plains, snowcapped mountains, and vast wilderness. Plus being stranded on the side of a road for over a day in Kazakhstan.

Dreams to Come

And I still have dreams, massive dreams that fuel my passion for adventure and life; dreams such as gazing upon Mt Everest from a base camp, driving a rickshaw the length of India, taking in the view from the top of Mt Fuji, and cage diving with sharks.

However both, adventures past and the adventures soon to be, are just small chapters in this personal epic I am crafting. My greatest adventure is living my life by this code: Live in the moment, face your fears, and never give up on your dreams. Those are the lighthouses of my life.

I never take for granted how lucky I am to life this type of life.  That doors open, like skydiving, and experiencing the glow worm caves of New Zealand.  I am living my dream, and my life without regret.

They give me the drive to dream big, steer me in the direction I’m headed, and form the person I am becoming. You ask what my greatest adventure is. My answer is this very moment, living life chasing my passion, and living with no regre

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