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Travelling to Nags Head? You Wouldn’t Want To Skip These 6 Attractions

Nags Head is one of the most popular places to visit in North Carolina. Studded with beautiful beaches, stunning views, historic lighthouses and many more attractions, Nags Head has plenty to offer to its visitors.

However, to make the most out of a trip to Nags Head, one must keep a few of the most charming and adventurous places in mind. Speaking of the same, the following list of six top attractions will give you an idea.

1. Cape Hatteras National Seashore

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If you are a fan of stunning beaches and breathtaking views, the Cape Hatteras National Shore must be on your itinerary. Being the first National Seashore of the country, it holds great historical significance, which is another factor that charms tourists from across the globe.

The seashore is spread over a stretch of 70 miles, passing through three islands, namely Bodie, Hatteras, and Ocracoke.

It’s located at a small distance of 4 miles from Nags Head town.

2. Seagreen Gallery

This is a great place for anyone who has an affinity for reused, recycled and repurposed items. The Seagreen Gallery in Nags Head, North Carolina has a variety of items made from objects ranging from sea shells and driftwood to tin cans and license plates.

Indeed, it’s a creative heaven with artworks that will blow your mind. Most tourists who visited this place found it rich with utterly unique items that one may not find anywhere else.

For a better idea of what’s inside the gallery, here’s a sneak-peek.

3. Jockey’s Ridge

For all the adventure lovers, here’s a spot where sand meets the sky. Housing the highest sand dune on the East Coast, Jockey’s Ridge is a natural wonder that is constantly getting more adventurous with time.

Whether you want to partner with the strong winds to have an unmatched kite-flying experience or to hang-glide over the sandy dunes, this is the perfect place in Nags Head.

Jockey’s Ridge is a state adventure park spread over an area of 426 acres. Certainly, that’s a lot of space for wind adventures. Apart from that, here you can also enjoy some of the most beautiful sunset views.

4. Outer Banks National Scenic Byway

Here’s another perfect spot for those who love a breathtaking view. The National Scenic Byways Program presents America’s finest roadway, coupled with several lighthouses, dunes, beautiful beaches, marshes, wildlife, and unique culture.

Located at Whalebone Junction, the National Scenic Byways Program is the northernmost entrance to the Cape Hatteras. This enables the place to attract more visitors from Nags Head.

The entire byway is spread across a wide stretch of 142.5 miles. If you have enough time to explore the place thoroughly, the Bodie Island Lighthouse and Chicamacomico Lifesaving Station are places that you must check out.

5. Jennette’s Pier

If you are traveling to Nags Head and if you love fishing, Jennette’s Pier is a place that you can drop by. With some of the best sunset and sunrise views in the town, occasional whale watching, unmatched fishing experience, and a 1,000 foot-long concrete & wood structure to beautify your walks, Jennette’s Pier has a lot to offer.

Here’s the list of pass prices for different purposes:

For adults:

  • Fishing pass: $14
  • Walk-out pass: $2

For children below 12 years old:

  • Fishing pass: $7
  • Walk-out pass: $1

6. Dowdy Park

Perfect spot for times when you need to relax with your family or friends. The Dowdy Park covers a stretch of over 5 acres, including an amphitheater, green space, a fitness trail, basketball and pickleball courts, and other sports playgrounds.

It’s a popular site for local events and festivals. If you’ve found yourself the right Nags Head vacation rentals for your trip, you can visit the nearby park for a relaxing evening.

Nags Head is undoubtedly a great place to visit, and when you are traveling to North Carolina, it’s best to explore the riches of this beautiful town. In this post, we mentioned a few of the top attractions that you may consider.

Hopefully, this was helpful.

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