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My 5 Favorite Blogs of 2012

Nomadic Matt


Matt’s one of the top travel blog out there, and with good reason, Matt’s post always has useful information on budget travel, travel tips, and links to killer deals. Matt has traveled for over four years now, and his stories from the road just keep getting better and better.

Matt’s also my mentor. He has helped me build my niche and site. He also has given me insight on being a great travel blogger. I’ve gotten to know Matt over the last few months and I can honestly say that he’s a great guy. All this comes out in his writing, but even more so when talking to him. His feedback is always helpful, kept me on the right course, and you can tell he truly wants to see his students succeed.

Active Backpacker


If you’re not reading Active Backpacker, you need to start. Tom just completed a year living in Europe and his blog brought to light many of the best places to visit in Europe. However, Cinemagraphs are my new favorite thing at Active Backpacker. Tom’s doing something completely innovative in travel blogging and I think it could really take off.

What are Cinemagraphs you ask? A recent commenter compared them to the moving posters you see in the Harry Potter movies, and I have to agree. Check out the Cinema graphs at Active Backpacker.

One Giant Step


Gillian’s blog follows her and Jason journeys throughout the world as she experiences one adventure after another. They recently made the switch from taking extended trips to being full-time travelers. Gillian’s passion for traveling really comes out through her writing. It will be an interesting and entertaining ride to see what the future has in store for them.

She also just started a side project, The Global Book Shelf which aims to connect travelers to a world of stories.

Further Bound


In just 18 months, Hannah went from being 15k in debt to having an extra 15k to travel the world. Her blog has motivated me to save more and to work harder to make my dream my reality. Her and her boyfriend just started their long-term travels by moving to Goa, India, where they are immersing themselves in the culture, taking in all the sights, sounds, and experiences of the country, and living the type of life I envy.

Hannah’s blog is well written, informative, and motivational as well as just a great read. She does a great job of relating her dreams and feelings and I cannot wait to read all the random adventures that are going to happen throughout the coming year.

Hannah just started a rickshaw run with Sarah, from Sarah Somewhere, and Kim from So Many Places, which is a journey you’ll want to keep an eye on.

Expert Vagabond


The best thing about Matthew’s site is the pictures. He’s a suburb photographer. I really like his style, and It’s unbelievable how much color he can capture in his pictures. Matthew always seems to capture the setting and mood of an environment perfectly. He also has some great blog post and interviews.

You should also check out his Best Of section and read about some of his humorous stories.

There you have it! My top 5 favorite travel blogs of 2012. Do you read these blogs? What were some of your favorite bloggers and blog post of 2012? Let your vioce be heard in the comments below. Happy New Years, and may 2013 bring you some epic travels!

16 thoughts on “My 5 Favorite Blogs of 2012”

    1. Ha Thanks Gillian. I believe you are right, 2013 will be a great year for all of us. Can’t wait to see what the future brings for One Giant Step.

  1. Hey Stephen, great meeting you today! Have a good last night in nyc and safe drive home . Hope to meet up again but next time somewhere random in the world. Active backpacker seems cool, I will check him out.

  2. Thanks for the recommendations, I wasn’t aware of all of those sites. I’ll be sure to check them out.

    Happy New Year to you and all fellow travel bloggers.

  3. Isn’t it wonderful when people who live rewarding & inspiring lives (and write about them so beautifully) also turn out to be inspiring, beautiful people in real life too? The very best travel blogs are the one that reveal not just something about the world and give us ideas for our bucket lists, but also show us something about the people doing the traveling. I was familiar with and a fan of the first 4 blogs on this list, but will need to check out the fifth!

    1. I agree! I think that is one thing all these blog have in common. You can tell every one of them are wonderful people who want to experience the world, but also make it a better place. When your personailty comes through your writing it adds weight to your words.

      Thanks for the comment Steph.

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