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Backpacking in the Middle East- Things to Know

Travel to the MIDDLE EAST – EVERYTHING YOU NEED TO KNOW Travel to the Middle East is to venture to a mysterious land or unknown country is one of the most exciting things to do in life, and not everyone can do it. Just the thought of being in places like the Middle East is

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Hong Kong Island

The 38 Most Beautiful Cities in the World (With Pictures)

38 MOST BEAUTIFUL CITIES IN THE WORLD (WITH PHOTOS) With 195 countries spread across our blue rock, narrowing down a list of the most beautiful cities in the world was a monumental challenge. Luckily, I wasn’t alone. I gathered some of the most well-traveled people on the planet in my quest to find the world’s

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Mongol Rally: My Last Name is Perfect for Borders!

4 Tips for Booking Cheap Flights (New 2020) I have finally finished the Mongol Rally. Adventures like this is why I still love traveling! If you haven’t noticed, I am way behind on telling this tale of motoring mayhem. I barley done sharing what happened during week one. The reason I’m behind is simple. I’m exceptionally terrible

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