Getting from Malaysia to Singapore is easier than you might think.

Bus from Singapore to MalaysiaHow to Get between Singapore and Malaysia

One of my many Malaysia Travel tips is just how easy it is to get to Singapore.

Transportation leaves from all over Malaysia to Singapore or vice versa frequently. I found the easiest way by bus. Depending on the company they leave hourly or half hourly.

The bus takes about 5 to 6 hours (including customs)

Customs is easy and most passports only require a stamp on arrival.

The buses are nice and spacious so no need to worry about be squashed in a tiny seat without any space for your legs or room to breathe for that amount of time. In fact there are so many buses going between the two cities each day that chances are you will have a lot of empty seats on your bus.

The bus from Kuala Lumpur cost around 30 RM (15 USD) From Singapore to Kuala Lumpur it’s a bit more pricey 30RM (25ish USD)

If buses are not your thing then you have other options. You can also take a train. The journey takes around 8 hours, and they have overnight trains if you are looking to save a little money on accommodation.

You can also consider flying. Check budget airlines like Air Asia from some cheap deals.

Malaysia is a great country where you can become a local, or even a world-class Squid Jigger.

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