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Relax and rejuvenate with the Komodo cruise

Are you looking to relax and rejuvenate after a stressful period in your life or at work? If you are, consider taking a cruise on the Indian Ocean in the islands of Indonesia.

This cruise exposes you to a world you have not been before. Whether you choose a three day or a seven-night cruise, you will get back to your life re-energized and filled with vigor to tackle whatever life is short throws your way every day.

Here are some of the unique rejuvenating and revitalizing activities and relaxing sites you expect when sailing Komodo

Unique Colors of Nature

One highlight of the Komodo cruise is how much the colors of nature are emphasized everywhere you go. One of greatest highlight of unique natural color is the pink beach. 

The sand on this beach is a beautiful pink hue and you can sunbathe and take beautiful and memorable pictures for your social media and personal album. There is also a black sand beach that you can view from a vantage point or get to visit.

Beyond the beaches, you will also find other instances of unique colors in nature. You can collect the blue stones found on one of the beaches you will get to visit, that you can take back home with you as souvenirs from your cruise.

Best Spa Experience in the World

The Ayana hotels are a leading and well recognized hotel brand the world over. Their spas have won global awards for their professional and unique services.

On your cruise, make sure that you book yourself a massage session in the spa. Here, they fuse traditional techniques and products to ensure that you leave completely relaxed and energized. It is this fusion and high-quality service that has seen the spa innovate and becoming a leading spa recognized all over the world.
Since you are here already, take advantage of this opportunity and step into the spa.

Swim and Snorkel in the Middle of the Ocean

This cruise offers you opportunities to swim and snorkel in the vast and expansive Indian Ocean. Away from shore, the boat will anchor and let you have an opportunity to experience and become one with the massive crystal-clear ocean.

Once you dive into the waters, you will see schools of fish that you have not seen or experienced before. Rarely seen fish species such as the Manta Rays will swim alongside you in their natural habitat.
In the ocean, you will experience and see beautiful coral reefs that have existed for thousands of years now.

Become a Certified Deep Sea Diver 

The Komodo, will present to you the opportunity to test your swimming and diving skills with deep sea diving opportunities. There are some unforgettable Komodo Scuba diving – I highly recommend it.

However, you will not be allowed to dive if you are not a certified diver. To be certified, you need a short training session. You will be trained and receive your certificate which indicates that you are ready for an underwater experience.

Your underwater experience will be even better and more surreal the swimming snorkeling opportunity. Here you will get to experience first-hand how nature operates underwater. You will get to see all types of fish. From the biggest predator fish that eats all the fish in the ocean to the colorful fish and their survival instincts and mechanism to survive the big fish.

Stargazing on the boat’s deck

After a long fun-filled day, you will get the opportunity to lie on the deck of the boat and gaze into the dark sky at night. You will get to see the constellations and their reflections on the calm ocean waters. You will then go to sleep with the calming sound of the waves around you. It reminds me of hopping around the best islands in Greece.


Jump at the first opportunity you get to get into a boat for the Komodo cruise. It is a fun-filled experience that opens your mind to new opportunities to have fun and learn more about nature in the ocean and the numerous islands you get to visit.

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