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Experience Special Sardinia By Boat 

Experience Special Sardinia By Boat  Table of Contents The Italian island of Sardinia is definitely one to add to the bucket list. The second largest island in the Mediterranean Sea (after Siciliy), it is located North of Tunisia and West of the Italian Peninsula and represents one of the 20 regions of Italy. Sailing to

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5 Best Countries to Visit in Europe in 2022

5 Best Countries to Visit in Europe (2022) Table of Contents Picking the 5 best countries to visit in Europe isn’t easy. And let’s come clean. You can pick every single country in Europe and have an argument for why it is the best country to travel to in Europe.  Over my travels, I’ve visited

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Is Malta A Country Worth Visiting? (New 2021)

IS MALTA A COUNTRY WORTH VISITING? Table of Contents Is Malta a country worth visiting? Is it one of the most underrated countries in the world? Today I want to introduce you to a country that will surprise you. This is a Mediterranean country packed with ancient ruins, Medieval cities, stunning coast, crystal clear water,

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Packing for Europe

Backpacking in Europe Packing List | Save Time and Money Packing

Backpacking in Europe Packing List | Save Time and Money Packing https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=syVGAtcWZYU If you’re a backpacker and you want to travel to Europe, it’s important to do your homework, especially when it comes to your backpacking in Europe packing list! Europe is a lot more than just beautiful scenery, monuments, and natural wonders. There are

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102 quotes about adventure

133 Adventure Quotes About Life, Love, and Travel

133 Adventure Quotes About Life, Love, Travel and Nature (New 2020) Adventure quotes help inspire us, fuel our dreams, and give us the courage we need to face our fears head-on. As adrenaline junkies, we’re often faced with pushing ourselves past the uncomfortable and into the unknown. I used quotes about adventure to help me

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Hong Kong Island

The 38 Most Beautiful Cities in the World (With Pictures)

38 MOST BEAUTIFUL CITIES IN THE WORLD (WITH PHOTOS) With 195 countries spread across our blue rock, narrowing down a list of the most beautiful cities in the world was a monumental challenge. Luckily, I wasn’t alone. I gathered some of the most well-traveled people on the planet in my quest to find the world’s

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getting married in Sweden

How to Get Married in Sweden as a Foreigner

How to Get Married in Sweden as a Foreigner So you want to get married in Sweden!? Congrats! And welcome to the club. I’ve recently went through the process, and it’s not nearly as confusing or arduous as you might think. Actually, Sweden is one of the easiest countries in Europe to get married in. So lucky for us

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Where to Stay in Rome: 19 Hotels and Neighborhoods (NEW 2020)

Where to Stay in Rome:  19 Awesome Hotels and Neighborhoods  “Where to stay in Rome?” it is a question we’ve all asked ourselves before traveling to the Eternal City. And if you’re pondering that question yourself then you’ve landed in the right place. Below we will discover 12 of the best places to stay in Rome. 

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