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Intrepid Travel Reviews – Should You Travel With Intrepid Tours?

In this Intrepid Travel review, we will go in-depth on what you can expect with one of the top tour companies on the market today.

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While I don’t go on tours constantly, I do enjoy them. Tours are a great way to make long-lasting friends and a fantastic way to see a country.

Over the years, I have heard tons of feedback about Intrepid from friends and fellow travelers. Finally, decided to take a tour with them.
What was an it like on a Intrepid Tour?

Was it the tour good value, and would I go on another tour with Intrepid? Let’s find my overall experience of traveling with them in my Intrepid Travel review.

Intrepid Tours Review

Why Choose Intrepid?

Let’s get the suspense out of the way. I loved the Intrepid travel tour. It exceeded my expectations; the guide was awesome, and it was awesome value for the money.

In this Intrepid Travel review, I want to discuss four big reasons I think choosing a tour with Intrepid will be a good option for my fellow travel junkies.

1. Responsible Travel – The first reason is that one of Intrepid core beliefs is responsible travel. They really care about supporting promoting and respecting the cultures they are taking people. It is one of their main practices at Intrepid and from what I have seen it is something they take seriously.

2. Off the Beaten Path – The second reason in this Intrepid Travel review is something I consider vital for every traveler, and something that travelers don’t focus on enough. Which is going off the beaten path.

Intrepid loves going off the beaten path. Intrepid knows the importance of seeing the main sites.

However, they also know that some of the best travel moments are finding that hole in the wall café, or in exploring the charming shops down a cobblestone street. Striking the balance between seeing the main sites and getting off the beaten path is rare. Intrepid Tours knows the importance and manages the balance well.

3. Small Group Travel – Another reason is Intrepid promotes traveling in small groups. This is something I am passionate about because it makes the tour more personable.

When you travel in small groups; you get more inmate experience. I built lasting friendships with your tour mates because I was able to get closer to them since the group was small. We also got to see and do a lot more activities because there were fewer people to wait on.

I love traveling in small groups and my preferred mode of travel on a tour.

The last reason is are the travel deals they offer. Intrepid knows that you are trusting them with the money you have worked and saved for this trip. Intrepid offers some incredible deals a lot and let offer things like Up to 25% Off Last Minute Deals!

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Intrepid Travel Reviews Pros/Cons

Intrepid Travel Reviews

Intrepid Tour The Pro’s

Awesome Tour Guide – I wasn’t sure what to expect from Intrepid. However, by the end of the tour I was pleasantly surprised. The tour guide was extremely knowledgeable, friendly, and loved hanging out with the group.


I never get nervous about traveling alone. In a decade of traveling I have never had a problem ( Knock on wood). However, I am not nieve enough to think that having a problem isn’t possible.

I get a lot of emails every week asking me questions about traveling safely. For travelers who are concerned about traveling alone, I always recommend that they start out with a tour while they get their travel legs. The small groups aren’t overwhelming and you still get the security of traveling in a group.

Personal Freedom

Another great thing that needs to be mentioned in this Intrepid Tour review is that it is not mandatory to travel with the group all the time.

I could enjoy some solo time on my own in my bedroom or any other café of my choice. I had tours that hold your hand the entire time and plan everything from what time your are eating your first meal to when you have a bathroom break.

Travel is about freedom, discovery, and exploration. Intrepid Travels knows that and gives some personal freedom to explore on your own.

It is our holiday, and we should enjoy it the way we want, right?

No Planning Worries

Travel Planning is a HUGE part of my life. It is something I do almost daily. As you can sometimes imagine, it gets exhausting, and I want a break.

That is a massive pro of going on a tour. I can let Intrepid most of the planning for me. I can sit back and enjoy visiting a foreign country stress-free about where I am head tomorrow because Intrepid has figured it out for me.

You don’t to worry about the small issues of hiring a transport or booking hostels etc.

Intrepid worries about things, so you don’t have to. It is nice and relaxing.

Intrepid Tour Con’s

Trips are Less Frequent –Intrepid doesn’t run as many tours or have as many options for leaving as some tour companies. However, it is only slightly smaller and not a problem. Currently Intrepid Travel has over 800 tours Explore the scenic, wild and largely undiscovered island of Madagascar or have a food adventure in Peru with Intrepid.

Tours are More Expensive than Solo Travel- As we have seen tours, offer a lot of perks but they are more expensive than if you did the trip on your own. Tours have their place but if you are on a super tight budget wait for Intrepid Tours to offer a deal or you might consider traveling solo.

As a travel blogger, it is my job to help people make the best decisions while traveling.

I loved traveling with Intrepid, and it is easy to see how they have earned their sterling reputation. I will use them again in a heartbeat, and they are a wise choice for people looking to do a tour.

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If you don’t think Intrepid is the company for you, then you can also check out G Adventures and Busabout. They are a couple other companies that I highly endorse.

Have you traveled with Intrepid Tours? What did you think of this Intrepid Travel Reviews? Leave your own Intrepid Tours Reviews in the comments below.

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  1. This is great info. I’ve been scouring for a straightfoward honest review. What i’m grappling with is whether to part with my money and book it now (in April to go in september to india) or wait to see if there is a discount. I have it in my head that there may be…

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