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Hi, I’m Stephen. I’ve spent over 1,700 days traveling 60+ countries. I want gift you with some of the best travel advice, backpacking tips, and recommendations I’ve learned along the way.

I would like to thank you for all the helpful tips and motivation you've given me to do something I've wanted to do for a while! When I first had the idea I wanted to travel I was very apprehensive, but after going through all your material I now know that it is something that I can do by myself.

What this Course Will Teach YOu

Earn Free Flights

I show you how in the last 3 months I’ve earned over $2,500 in Free Flights.

Racking up hundreds of thousands of miles is a huge game for me. A game I love to in. Together will will explore how to play this game and start flying for free

Save time and money

What’s the best bank account for traveling? How to find the cheapest flights?

The course will give you the tools you need to save you time and money on the road.

Point You in The Right Direction

I don’t claim to know everything about travel. No one does.

But this course will provide you will helpful insights and resources to point you in the right direction.

Setting a Budget

Setting a Budget One of the most important parts of planning any trip is knowing how much money you’ll need.

 We will talk about setting budgets, expenses you might not be aware of and more. Plus, I give you inside access to how much I actually spend while traveling the world.

Plus Personal Recommendations

I’ve spent a lot of time traveling the world! And I can’t wait to share my favorite countries, cities, and more! These are the places I visit over and over again while I explore this wonderful world!

Why Partner with Me

I always want to hear from travel-related companies about what they have to offer, their promotions, trips, adventures, and experiences that my readers might find of interest.

I create content before, during, and after my travel experiences, and partnering together; we could be a dynamic team to extend your reach by thousands.

If you are a reputable travel company and would like to talk about ways we could partner, now or in the future, don’t be shy. Let’s get a conversation going.

I already have partnered with several travel companies, hostels, and adventure tourism groups from around the world.

I believe that together we can create a win-win relationship between you, me, and my readers.

There are many ways to partner with A Backpacker’s Tale.


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