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8 Ways To Beat The Jet Lag And Enjoy Your Vacation

8 Ways To Beat Jet Lag And Enjoy Your Vacation


Those who have traveled over multiple time zones know the feeling of jet lag all too well!  

Being jet-lagged is bothersome, and it can cause many problems for a short duration like sleeping problems, fatigue, lack  of appetite, and more.  

Jet lag occurs because our body can’t adjust outright to the new time zone where we arrive. There are a lot of ways to  reduce the impact of jet lag on the quality of our lives.

For example, use the best blackout shades for good sleep or  consuming small amounts of water frequently to stay hydrated, etc.  

Note About Traveling During Covid-19

We are trying to stay updated with the latest travel restrictions during this crazy time, of the coronavirus, that has hit the tourism industry hard. 

But as rules for visiting a destination change quickly, it is important to check with your government websites to see the latest travel restrictions, requirements, and travel advisories. 

They will have updated information on the latest covid 19 vaccine, whether or not you need to present a negative covid 19 test. 

Travel Plans can change quickly, I’ve had 4 flights canceled, so stay updated with the latest travel advisories before you start booking things in your destination.

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8 Ways To Beat Jet Lag And Enjoy Your Vacation

Here, we shall discuss 8 ways that help us beat jet lag, ensuring our enjoyment of the vacation we have been looking  forward to. 

1. Adapting to the new time zone at the earliest helps in reducing the duration of jet lag. Modern gadgets update  time by themselves, but if you have an analog watch or clock, update the time to the new time zone once you  depart. 

If you eat and sleep according to the new time zone, you will beat jet lag faster.  

2. Sleeping time management calls for special attention. You should plan to sleep according to the new time zone.  Ensure that you carry noise-canceling earphones, eye masks, earplugs, and comfortable pillows or cushions for  traveling. 

After arriving, you should try to avoid the urge to nap in the daytime of the new time zone. This can  make sleeping difficult later on.  

3. We always neglect hydration when traveling. We tend to drink less water to avoid going to the washroom often.  Dehydration is responsible for making jet lag severe. Please carry sufficient water. You can also fill up the empty  bottle at airport terminals. You may buy packaged drinking water if needed but make sure to consume enough  water all through your travel to reduce jet lag.  

4. Exposure to light can do wonders to jet lag. Our body reacts to sunlight in a typical way. When we are exposed  to light, it reduces melatonin hormone production and makes us less sleepy. When traveling to the east, you can  expose yourself to the morning light to reduce sleepiness during the day. If you have traveled to the west (Are you doing all the things to do in Moab Utah) and  need to stay up late, get more artificial light at night. 

There are different types of artificial lights available in the  market. For example, headlamps, lightboxes, etc., can help you get the light you need to expose yourself to even  when there is no sunlight.  

5. Caffeine is your friend when you want to beat jet lag. We accept that caffeine will not cure jet lag, but it will  surely keep you alert in the daytime and increase your focus. There are studies available in the market, and one  such study found that 300 mg of slow-release caffeine enhanced the alertness of east-bound travelers. 

You can  choose from many different food products that contain caffeine like coffee, tea, sodas, energy drinks, and some  chocolate bars. The one thing that you should consider is the amount of sugar that you consume with these  products. Too much sugar is not healthy.  

6. Sleep may be the most vital thing in the reduction and cure of jet lag. To ensure the best sleep, you should  organize your sleeping space well and ensure that you have a comfortable sleep at all times. T

he air conditioning  in your room should maintain a comfortable temperature which should neither be too warm nor too cold. Turn  your phone to silent and turn off the alarms for a good sleep. You can also ask the hotel staff not to disturb you  while you sleep. 

Try traveling with stuff that helps you sleep at home. Some people enjoy sleeping in white  noise. The sound of a fan or rainfall can promote better sleep. Home feels great, and bringing any connection to  your home like scented candles, light blankets, etc., can help you sleep better.  

7. The melatonin hormone helps us have a comfortable sleep. You can try melatonin supplements to promote  sleep. 

You can take melatonin at those times when you want to sleep. Please remember not to take more than 5  mg of melatonin at a time, or you may suffer from some unwanted effects.  

8. You may discuss with your doctor about sleeping medication. If you are affected with insomnia due to jet lag,  these medications may help you get some much-needed sleep. Sleeping medications have side effects. 

Discuss  that in detail with your doctor before using any medicine. Sleeping medicines will not help you through with  your daytime jet lag symptoms.  

9. Remember, jet lag is not something that can be avoided all together although frequent travelers experience milder  symptoms. So, don’t worry about jet lag ruining your vacation and fly to the dream destination keeping the tips provided  above in mind and acting on those.

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