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Traveling to Europe in the winter will leave you with unforgettable memories.

Europe in the summer is full of crowds, and you are often fighting through hordes of tourist.

However, Europe shows its true self in the winter, and its so beautiful its hard to the find the words to describe it. Making it one of the best times to visit the continent. Many people say that Europe shows its true self in the winter. These are great places to head if you are traveling to Europe this winter. For example 3 days in Rome during winter is unforgettable., especially during Christmas when there are lots of events. You might even get to see the Pope.


Palermo, Italy

Palermo has gardens, cathedrals, and markets to explore. The weather rarely dips below 60 degrees that makes it a great winter destination. The city also has open squares, beaches, and beautiful landscape surrounding the city. It a beautiful place to visit and there is a vast numbers of hotels in Palermo to choose from to fit every type of travelers’ needs. Backpacking Italy is a must for anyone heading to Europe.

Rotterdam, Netherlands

Rotterdam is a popular European hotspot. The city is beautiful and one of the most popular places to visit in the Netherlands. Rotterdam is home to some fantastic architecture and a lively atmosphere. Winter is the perfect time to visit Rotterdam.

During this time of the year, you can escape the summer crowds and get hotels in Rotterdam a lot cheaper. However, winter in the Netherlands is cold so make sure to pack warm clothing.

Bergen, Norway

You will want to visit Bergen at the start of December for the festival of lights. It is the official start of the Christmas celebration. Everyone gathers around the scenic lake to sing Christmas songs, as the massive Christmas tree in the middle of the water is lit.

It is a site so see, and one of the most popular winter festivals in Europe. Next the crowd gets to view a marvelous fireworks display. This festival of lights is a fantastic way to kick off the holiday season. Just make sure to book your hotel ahead of time. And finally there’s the Northern Lights in Norway that make it worth braving the cold winter.

Vilamoura, Portugal

Vilamoura is a perfect winter destination for you to visit for a few reasons. The first reason is that Vilamoura has some of the most stunning beaches in Europe which are still nice to visit towards the end of the year. It also has a full range of exciting nature trips.

Possibly the best reason to visit Portugal this winter is that the city is such a tourist hotspot that hotels are cheap. At certain times of the year, you can get a room for as cheap as $20. One of the best places to visit in Europe.

Lund, Sweden

Lund has many things that would draw travelers in the winter. A couple of the most popular reasons to visit is the National Park where you can embark on a brisk winter hike. You could also spend your time visiting the towering cathedral and castle to explore.

On the down-side Lund gets pretty cold in the winter but you can cozy up and get warm in your hotel. Plus, if  read all the fun facts about me, you know I am moving near by Lund.

Europe fantastic place to visit in the off-season and by visiting any of these destinations you will have a memorable winter holiday. Learn more about backpacking Europe travel tips and the backpacking Europe cost.

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