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Hacks for Traveling With Friends in the Middle-East


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Traveling the world with your friends can be incredible. Not only do you make long lasting memories, you get to experience new and exciting things alongside some of your favorite people. When it comes to traveling with your friends, there aren’t a lot of places as fascinating as the Middle East. 

However, it’s not always easy to go on adventures with a larger group of people. There is a lot of planning and negotiating and conversation that happens. Not to mention sometimes plans get pushed aside, or completely abandoned. In order to make your holiday go smoothly, we have put together a few hacks and tips for traveling with friends in the Middle East!

Plan Ahead and Get Everyone On Board

One of the most important things to remember when getting ready to travel with friends in the Middle East is to plan ahead. You don’t necessarily need to have an itemized itinerary, or very specific time slots for every activity, but a good, basic plan can go a long way. 

Make certain that everyone is on board with the activities and tours that you have booked. That way there are no surprises, or you don’t have one person refusing to participate in something. Not to mention some of your friends won’t be comfortable doing everything you may want to do. Being considerate of everyone traveling with you will make all the difference.

By planning ahead you can also get better deals on Flynas flights, hotel stays, as well as for booking tours. You can usually get a great group rate for tours and hotels (Like on a tour group like Intrepid tours review) if you book far enough in advance. Flights in and out of the Middle East can be long, so with a good plan, you can also arrange for everyone to arrive around the same time. 

Another factor for planning ahead is allowing everyone to budget. Not all of your friends make the same amount of money, so not all of your lodgings and activities will be affordable for everyone. If you are staying in Dubai, the prices will be different than if you are staying in Muscat or Riyadh.

Having all of your friends on board with all of the activities, lodgings, and being able to budget and save up where necessary will make traveling with friends in the Middle East that much easier. 

Have a Day Dedicated to Something Unique

There are lots of reasons to travel with friends. Whether you are on a reunion trip with college friends, or taking a trip to the Middle East for a bachelor party, it’s good to have something special to look forward to on your trip. 

So if you want to walk through the Rainforest in downtown Dubai, or drive dune buggies one the Red Sand Dunes outside of Riyadh, having a day planned for something incredible is a great idea for a group of friends. It’s also good to have one HUGE event planned, with several smaller fun things to do as well. That way there is less planning for the whole group.

Here are a few cool things to do as a group of friends in the Middle East: 

  • Dubai Camel Riding Tours
  • Kingdom Center Tower Region in Riyadh
  • Visit Emerald Water at Wadi Shab in Oman
  • Relax at Qalansiyah beach in Yemen
  • Desert Tours in Saudi Arabia outside Riyadh
  • So much more! 

It’s also good to note that the Middle East is not a small place. It’s a large part of our planet. That being said, if you’re planning on a few days in Abu Dhabi, then a huge event in Beirut there is a lot of traveling involved. Maybe look into blogs and transportation websites for tips on how to travel efficiently around the Middle East.

Don’t Overbook Yourselves

Ok, you have a plan, you have a few special days dedicated to unique experiences, and you have travel days all set up in between. Take a good look at everything you have planned out and consider whether or not it will be too much for everyone. Not all of your friends will be down for driving four hours a day, or flying constantly from one airport to the next for a fun thing to do. 

Be certain not to overbook yourselves on your holiday. Traveling with friends in the Middle East can be a lot of fun, but it can also be very exhausting for a large group. Planning down days, days where nothing is planned but relaxing or individual exploration, is very important. Not to mention time where you and your friends can spend a bit of time away from each other.

Patience is Key

No matter who you’re traveling with, or whether you’re traveling on $1,000 a day or $50 a day, there may be more than one bump in the road. Not everyone will get along, or agree on what to do or where to eat the whole of the trip. That means being patient with yourself and your friends is very important. 

One of the best hacks for traveling with friends in the Middle East is to take a few deep breaths, and try to find middle ground when it comes to group decision making. Not everyone will be happy with every choice! Which is completely ok. 

Patience is key when it comes to traveling with a group of friends. Especially in foreign countries, with lots of incredible things to do! 

Be Present

With all the planning, and patience, and fun things you may find that your trip with your friends goes by really quickly. Being present in the moment while traveling with friends in the Middle East is one of the most important things! Don’t worry about your Instagram feed or the thing you need to do next week. Simply be there, with your friends, and have fun!

Traveling with Friends in the Middle East Made Easy!

Now that you know how to plan out your trip, why you need to have patience, and having something unique in mind, planning your trip to the Middle East will be a breeze! 

Be sure to check with your friends that they are all on the same page about budget, activities, down days, and all of the amazing locations you can visit. By using these hacks, you’ll be ready to make memories traveling with friends in the Middle East that you’ll remember for life! 

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