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Looking For A Great Place To Explore This Summer? How About Montenegro?

With the Internet at their disposal, many travellers spend copious amounts of time researching the various components of their holiday separately in an effort to save money, shunning the traditional package holiday in which all arrangements are taken care of at an inclusive price.

However, package holidays that can be booked online are worthwhile options that can make your vacation fun and hassle-free. If your preference is to escape to a destination that avoids hordes of holidaymakers yet is affordable and exciting, Montenegro should be top of your list and there are some persuasive reasons why.

Here are some reasons to visit when backpacking Europe.

Stunning diverse landscapes


Situated in the south of the Adriatic Coast, the ‘Pearl of the Mediterranean’ offers one of the most diverse landscapes in southern Europe, despite its diminutive size (the country covers only 14,000 square kilometres). From unspoilt sandy beaches to crystal-clear lakes and densely-wooded forests to stunning mountain ranges, every inch of this beautiful country is worth visiting and, being small, you can experience the range of landscapes within a day with little travelling.

A pleasant climate

With a Mediterranean climate on its coast, Montenegro enjoys average summer temperatures of 27°C, but holidaymakers who wish to explore the country on foot or bike may prefer the slightly gentler climate in May-June and September-October, although the sea remains warm enough in which to swim during these months; accommodation prices also fall at these times.

Affordable for all budgets

Visiting more popular European destinations often means parting with large amount of spending money, but in Montenegro you may be pleasantly surprised by how much you return home with.

While enjoying the stunning scenery will, on the whole, cost nothing, to explore Montenegro properly can still be achieved for minimal prices; wandering the medieval ramparts of Kotor, for example, will cost approximately one Euro, while a zip line ride over the breath-taking Tara Canyon – the deepest in Europe – is a bargain at 10 Euros. With restaurants and accommodation only charging modest fees, and discounts offered widely for students, you can enjoy your vacation without the need for scrimping.

A safe destination for travellers

Montenegro has low crime rates and is regarded as extremely safe for travellers, including all-female groups (Unlike if is it safe in Mexico City). As with all destinations, care should be taken in towns where large numbers of people gather, to reduce the risk of pickpocketing.

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With such persuasive reasons for holidaying in Montenegro, it is perhaps surprising that this beautiful country remains largely undiscovered but would make an excellent alternative to the packed Mediterranean resorts with which holidaymakers are more familiar.

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