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Gili T Hotel Review – Trawangan Dive Hotel

I’m a backpacker to my core. So backpacking indonesia was a no brainer. I have spent more night in hostels, crashing on couches, airport floors, and train stations in the last couple years than I have a warm bed. Don’t get me wrong, it is the way I love to travel and most of the time it leads to random adventures, new acquaintances, and fast great friends. They are a great option when traveling South East Aisa.

That being said, sometimes I need a break, a little privacy, and somewhere nice to sleep. When Chris from Backpacker Banter and I went to Gili T, it seemed like a perfect opportunity to treat ourselves.

Since both of us are in love with diving, we decided to opt for a Trawangan Dive.

Trawangan Dive Hotel Review


Tarwangan dive is in a great location. It is on the main street in Gili. There is only one main street and it is just a couple minutes from the beach. It is also not far from some wonderful nightlife spots.

The Rooms

The rooms in Gili T are gorgeous. Each room has double doors that opened up to a porch. It was a relaxing place to read. They also had one of the most comfortable beds I had slept in a long time. I wouldn’t recommend staying anywhere else on Gili. This room definitely made my time more relaxing, not to mention, it was the nicest place I stayed in Indonesia.

Gili T doesn’t really have good wifi, but Trawangan Dive had the best wifi I experienced on the island.

The Staff

It is a diving school so most of the staff are dive masters or people that worked on the dive boats. My type of people! The staff was extremely helpful and courteous. They also gave us the inside story to the best, yet cheapest restaurants around town.

One thing I liked was that they had a pool. I spent my morning working by the pool. Then, I simply walked across the road to spend my afternoon sipping a drink on the beach or going for a sunset snorkel. In short it was exactly what I wanted while on my break from backpacking. If you have some vacation plans to visit Gili, make sure to check out Trawangan Dive. It was one of the nicest places I have stayed all year. We had a nice relaxing atmosphere and a comfortable bed. This gave us the energy to check out all the things to do on Gili T

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  1. Very nice hotel. Unfortunately for those who have felt resorts and hotels in Bali would assume that the hotel is very simple. but sometimes things like that it is fun. because we can better enjoy the beauty and natural environment of exotic Gili. nice post. thanks for the information

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