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Getting Off The Beaten Path Bucharest

When I think about my time in Bucharest the first thing that always pops into my mind in the atmosphere of the city. The city feels alive, especially in areas like the old town,  and has a unique charm.

Many people travel to Bucharest to see the famous sites. However, getting a local view of the city is more rewarding in my opinion. These are some ways to get off the beaten path in Bucharest.

Why Visit Bucharest


Before we talk about getting off the beaten track in Bucharest first, let’s touch base about why you should visit the city in the first place.

Bucharest is the capital of Romania and one of the most attractive capitals in eastern Europe. The city has a wild nightlife, traditional food, cool museums, and historical sites. The city is also fairly cheap, there are many Bucharest apartments for rent that will fit into your Europe budget. It’s easy to see how Bucharest appeals to any traveler.

Getting Off The Beaten Path in Bucharest

Head to the Parks for to People Watch

Not many tourists are aware, but Bucharest has some fantastic parks that are perfect for tourist. And of the best places to visit in Europe.

These parks are also great for picnics that appeal to the budget backpackers looking to pinch pennies, and there are somecafes with a beautiful lake view which are ideal for digital nomads looking to set up shop for the day.

During the weekend, the parks are filled with locals strolling through the paths and resting by the rustling water. These parks are an awesome place to meet locals, people watch and get a view of local life in Bucharest.

Street Art Tours


Another way to get off the beaten path in Bucharest is to take a break from the regular sightseeing stops and try something different. The street art in Bucharest has a unique style and taking an afternoon to learn all about the street art and artist is well worth your time.

There are many off the beaten track tours that will take you around and explain everything you can want to know about the street art all throughout the city – It is a beautiful city.

Craft Market

The parks are not the only part of Bucharest that becomes alive on the weekend. Just off Calia Victoriei, there is a craft market that lures shoppers into it.

From colorful plates, origami, candles, this market seems to have everything. The food around the market is also delicious so make sure you are hungry when you arrive.

This market is not touristy, yet it is very much alive, and home to a vibrant atmosphere as the locals selling them handmade goods.

The Old City


Visiting Bucharest old town is a bit touristy, but you can still get off the beaten path. If you go into the old city with the mindset of wandering down the alleys, venturing into the local shops, and veering away from the touristy cafes/restaurants. With this mindset, it is easy to get lost in the local life of the old city and get off the beaten path

Of course, it is important to learn at least some of the history of every country you visit which is why you should make sure to stop at the Museum and Parliament Palace which is one of the world’s biggest buildings.

Bucharest is a refreshing and lively city to visit when traveling through Europe. These are a few things you can do to break out off the regular tourist mold and get a more local view of the city.

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