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Small guide to Get from Cancun to Tulum

Tulum is less than 1 hour 50 minutes from Cancun by road 307 from the Cancun airport to Tulum, for this you will need a transportation service because it is the easiest way to get from Cancun to Tulum and in this post, we will tell you why.

Tulum is very close to several attractions of the Riviera Maya, so, transportation service is surely already and is in your plans for your next trip to this beautiful destination.

One of the advantages you will have is that your flight will surely arrive directly in the city of Cancun, which will allow you to get to know the city and the best attractions in and out of it.

While you know the city you have to know that the best transportation options will always be local, because the big agencies can offer attractive prices, however, the service is much better with the local agencies in Cancun, because, the people are usually quite friendly and are much more empathic with the customer (consider it)

Tips Before Traveling to Cancun

Before you venture out to see the ruins of Zama, the rustic streets and dive in one of the nearby cenotes, you should know that Tulum is a very different city in atmosphere and location than Cancun. Find out more in our post about Cancun vs Tulum.

While in Cancun you can stay in one of the best hotels in the Caribbean Sea, in Tulum you can find yourself in paradise if you stay in some cabins near the sea. 

Usually, if they are near the sea, they are less than 10 minutes away from the archaeological zone, which you’ll love because you’ll arrive quickly and won’t have to fight for hours waiting at the entrance. Just by leaving early from your hotel room or cabin, you’ll already be enjoying this beautiful place, so you should consider your schedule very well in case you ask for a shuttle service or something like that.

You should know that diving in the city is very well known, however in some of the most beautiful areas you will not find this equipment, so we recommend you to leave Cancun with a snorkel or diving equipment ready (if you can’t buy it, you can rent it).

Change your money from USD to Pesos, and if you don’t have physical money try to get some from the ATM because being such a small city, it is challenging to find establishments that accept payments by credit card or dollars.

The entrance to the archaeological zone can only be paid in pesos, so before your trip, you should consider it.
When you arrive in Cancun and before traveling to Tulum, get a Mexican national chip that gives you internet access and phone calls, you can find them at Oxxo stores, supermarkets, 7eleven, and other convenience stores.

Tips for Transportation from Cancun to Tulum

Remember that the way from Cancun to Tulum is 1 hour and 50 minutes, you can get a non-stop Cancun to Tulum shuttle service to make your arrival to the site so fast that you almost don’t feel like you were sitting for a while.

Within your transportation package, if you do not want to make additional stops, you can buy some snacks and drinks (although some offer them as a courtesy).

Once in the city, you can get an open transportation service that will take you to every destination you want to know in Tulum, even though you will always have the ideal local option of getting to see the city by bike. (one of the most popular activities in Tulum, aside from partying in Mexico)

In Tulum there is no Uber service or other known applications, so we recommend you look for local options before you travel, also remember that the faster you book before your trip, the better.

What to do in Tulum

One of the most exciting activities you can do in Tulum is to visit the archaeological zone that we have already mentioned, where you can discover an ancient Mayan settlement and wall. For this activity, we recommend that you purchase a tour guide service to learn more about the subject.

Visiting or looking for things to do in the center of the city will be the closest thing you have to civilization because this place is entirely Boho-Chic. Both the hotels and most of the establishments that are in this place are ecological, and their constructions are beautiful but rustic, although nothing far from our century.

Downtown Tulum is also ideal if you want to find restaurants, small shopping malls, supermarkets, and banks.

What Places Can You Visit on the Way from Cancun to Tulum and Back?

Playa del Carmen and Riviera Maya are the places we recommend you to visit if you want to make an express stop, either to see the best attractions or the beaches. 

Also, in Riviera Maya at night, you can find theme parks like Xplor Fuego and Xochimilco. You can also visit the complexes of JOYA, where you can find a lot of attractions.

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