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German | Europe’s Most Widely Spoken First Language

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Globally, English is the most widely spoken language across Europe, even when including second language speakers.  However, there is a far more important language to Europe. If we look solely at the first language speakers, that honor goes not to French, but to German. It’s a growing language globally, with surprising uptake in many countries, not least of all the US in this increasingly globalized world.

Which Countries are Native German Speakers?

Naturally, the first and most important country for German speakers is Germany itself. It’s the home of the language and the country most associated with modern German. Some 84 million people live in Germany, most speak it as a first language while some migrant populations speak it as a second language.

There is plenty of demand for German language tutors. Such tutoring jobs for a German speaker are more common than you might think. German is more widely spoken than most people realize; that’s why so many students seek one to one tuition and online language tutors.

● Austria: Germany’s nearest neighbor is a majority German speaker. With such close economic relationship, people traveling to Austria will always look for German language lessons● Switzerland’s population is 68% German speakers. That’s three times the native French speakers in the country and eight times native Italian speakers. Many people move there for work every year; they need German tuition to get by● Smaller countries Luxembourg and Liechtenstein are also majority German speakers● Some communities in northern Italy are strong German speakers, as area some areas of France, Romania, Czech Republic. Even when traveling here, you might need German tuition

That doesn’t include German speakers as a first or second language elsewhere in the world such as South Africa, Namibia, and Kazakhstan.

Why German is a Popular Language to Learn

Germany is one of the world’s economic powerhouses. As a founding member of the European Union, its strong business ties to the continental economic power is amplified globally. Well-known German brands include BMW, Volkswagen, BASF, Lufthansa, and supermarket chains Lidl and Aldi. German businesses employ some 700,000 Americans in the US alone. It is estimated that American businesses have employed some 700,000 Germans in Germany in return.

This strong economic tradition means that countries you might not expect to need German language increasingly see it as a useful language to learn. For example, it’s becoming popular among Japanese students as a second language due to these economic links. Now, some 68% of Japanese students will study in Germany or learn the language in Japan. With the changing face of the European Union as it forges a new path and new relationships, German is expected to become more important across the world.

Teaching German as a Side Hustle

If you’re a German speaker, either native or as a second language, you are in an ideal place for online tutoring. Students across the world are crying out for experienced, fluent or near fluent German speakers to teach them. From the US to Europe, across Asia to Japan, German is fast becoming a popular second language to learn.

The beauty is that if you take on a side hustle as an online German tutor, you don’t need to give up your day job. Online students need flexibility around schoolwork or jobs, (you can even do it while holding down one of the best jobs to travel) and so will you. You can teach German to students anywhere in the world so long as you can agree a mutual time to do it. If you’re a digital nomad, it will make a perfect addition to your lifestyle.

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