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10 Free Things To Do in Seattle

In recent years, Seattle has earned a reputation of a vibrant and lively city. Artist and writers have been drawn to Seattle because of the lively, yet relaxing atmosphere. It is a city worth visiting, or a stop over city on a road trip to nearby hotspots like weird old Portland.

One of the good things about visiting is that hotels in Seattle are reasonable and the city offers a ton of activities that won’t empty your bank account.

Here are a 10 Free Things to do in Seattle.

Pike Place Market

free things to do in seattle Luckily one of Seattle’s most popular tourist attractions, Pike Place Market, is entirely free. Well, that is if have enough strength to resist the urge to shop until you drop.

This market has a massive array of stalls where energetic locals are trying to sell visitors everything from flowers to fish.

Pike Place Market is the longest running market in the entire country, and it is an important part of Seattle’s history.No visit to the Emerald City is complete without at least a stroll around the place. Plus, it is easy to fill up on the free samples alone.

Elliott Bay Bookstore

Free Things to do in Seattle

There are many ways you can enjoy this book store without spending any cash. This iconic bookstore is has a relaxing vibe to it, and it’s a perfect place to get cozy and read a few chapters of the latest releases.

Another perk is that the bookstore always has free events. These are with famous authors, local legends, or new writers starting to make their mark. Elliott Bay is an excellent place to relax, and it is a must for the reader in your family.

Free Wine Tour

Brace yourself because I am about to blow your mind. Did you know the great Beaches Seattle offers. But even better Seattle offers free wine? ( I told you to brace yourself)

At Chateau, Ste. Michelle, the largest winery in Washington, you can go on a free wine tasting tour.

What better way to spend an afternoon than sampling a bunch of wine for free?.

The best part is this tour happens every day.

Enjoy the Skyline

Well, you don’t have to break the piggy bank and go to the top of the space needle to find it. There are many parks and other areas that offer equally fantastic views of Seattle’s skyline for free. It rivals some of the things to do in Vancouver Washington.

Gas Park

6808816474_c2db3bddf9_h Since we are speaking of great parks, make sure to head Gas Works Park.

This place offers a stunning panorama of the city and a nice hill for a picnic. The area is unique and has little oddities like the playground made from old gas machines.

International Fountain

This entertaining fountain is like a free water park.

The fountain shoots water in every direction while staying in sync to music. While it is usually packed with children, it is still a great spot to cool off on a hot summer day.

Free Movies and Concerts

What is better after a hot summer day then cooling down by relaxing in a park as the sun slowly sits. Well, in Seattle if you relax in a park there is a chance that you will see a live band or movie.

Seattle Center and Bellevue are two of the main parks to watch concerts and movies in Seattle. All the movies are kid friendly, and they even have popcorn. Hanging out in these parks is a great place to meet locals. Plus, who doesn’t love free music? (This is one of the best things to do in Ruidoso as well)

Attend Festivals

However, there is much more to do at the Seattle Center than just movies in the summer.

It is one of the main gathering places in the city. And all throughout the year, there are festivals and events that highlight cultures all over the world. It is a great place to try various foods, foreign beers, and experience a taste of another culture.

Discovery Park

Discovery Park offers some of the most scenic nature and beautiful sights.

The park stretches over 500 acres and has towering forests, and rocky beaches to explore. It is entirely free and is perfect for those waiting to get out of the Seattle for a day trip.

Frye Art Museum

This fine art museum hosts collections from the 19th through 20th century. If you visit at 1:30 p.m. Wednesday – Saturday admission is free.

Seattle welcomes travelers with open arms and a city that lets you enjoy it without emptying your wallet. These are just a few of the many free things to do in Seattle. And don’t forget about the nearby things to do in the Big Sur area..

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