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A 2020 Guide to Food in Chicago

The first thing you probably think of when I mention food in Chicago is the thick layered deep dish pizza. Without a doubt, Chicago has some of the best pizza on the planet, and it is a must try item on any trip but for this post I want to move past pepperoni and cheese..

The windy city offers much more in culinary delights that just pizza and luckily there are so many hotels in Chicago that you can pick one near your favorite foods.

From odd sandwiches to vegan milkshakes let’s explore some of the best foods Chicago has to offer.

Where to take the Steak Lover in Your Family – David Burke’s Primehouse

steak-693312_1920For the steak eater in your family there is only one place to go.

This prime house focuses on aging their steak perfectly. Their ribeyes are aged from 28, 40, and 55 days which adds varying degrees of boldness and strength. What more could a carnivore ask of a restaurant?

Eat Chicago’s Best Sandwich – Cemita Atomica

Do you want the good news or the bad news first? Ok, let’s start with the good news. The Cemita Atomica is a massive sandwich. Between the crispy buns, you have avocado, cheese, herbs, meat and chipotle sauce. How awesome does that sound?

This massive sandwich is one of the best in the entire city.

Ready to hear the bad news? Well, only a few areas, like the West Polish Loop  have mastered this sandwich. So you need to make sure to do your research and find a place near you before sinking your teeth into this epic meal.

Eating the Best Sausage in the City – Bacon Guacamole Sausage

I am not a massive hot dog or sausage fan.

However, the Bacon Guacamole is an expectation to the rule. This gigantic hot dog is literally dripping in guacamole and chipotle sauce. It is also topped with cheddar cheese and poblano.

You will never look at another sausage the same way.

The Bacon Guacamole is an exclusive to the Haute Sausage restaurant.

The Best Mexican Food in Chicago

The windy city also makes some mean Mexican food. Many would say that Rick Bayless is Chicago’s champ in this department.

However, the area around 18th street in Pilsen is quickly taking over the title.

The best restaurant to satisfy your Mexican craving is Nuevo Lean but around this area it is impossible to make a wrong choice.

Get a Feast of Asian and Indian Food in Chicago

I have good news for those sharing my passion for Asian and Indian.

In the traditional American way, it is more food than any person should have in one sitting.But the meal is so amazing you will try to fit in every bite.

To experience this feast head to the area around West Rogers Park. Just make sure you wear baggy pants, and leave your belt at home.

Food in Chicago to Satisfy Your Sweet Tooth

donuts-268388_1280Chicago knows how to make some awesome desserts.

I could go on for ages about all the sweet treats in Chicago but here are a few items and one shop that are absolute must do’s when visiting the city.
First, let’s talk about the donuts. I know what you are thinking…. all donuts are the same.

Wrong, in Chicago they are so tasty that they are in a category all their own. Massive and smothered in chocolate you need to have at least one.

Make sure to get up early, grab your milk and head to the nearest bakery because most shops run out of them within a few hours of opening up.

The city also has some of the best milkshakes found anywhere in the world. I suggest checking out the Chicago Diner. Even the Vegan milkshakes here are mind blowing. Don’t believe me? Well, you will just have to try them for yourself and I know you will be a believer.

Lastly, you have to try Bang Bang Pie. This bakery and pie are so popular that lines are often wrapped around the street waiting for a piece.

Not only is Chicago one of the best cities in the world. Just make sure to plan some time exploring the most beautiful places in the United States to work off all those calories.

Chicago is a diverse city of different cultures. It is a melting pot for food around the world. The food is never a letdown, and after following this guide the only thing you will be disappointed in is your waistline

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