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Five Bucket List Destinations in Europe

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Europe is a breath-taking continent, a hotbed of history, cultural, wonderful sights and wonderful people. Its constituent countries dominate the list of most-visited countries by US citizens; if you were putting together a bucket list of travel destinations, full to the brim with adventure and history, an adventure vacation in Europe could well be for you. Here are just five amazing locations sure to make it on that bucket list.


Backpacking France Travel Tips

France is widely considered the romantic center of Europe, and for good reason. The capital, Paris, is an absolute must-visit on any European trip – from the dazzling lights of the Eiffel Tower to the winding rues of Le Maraise, Paris oozes character and cool. Take in the banks of the River Seine, experience the culture of The Louvre and the Pompidou Centre and be sure to visit Montmartre to hear Paris’ beating creative heart. Paris isn’t France’s only draw; the region of Provence, meeting the Mediterranean Sea at the southern coast, near the Italy Amalfi Coast, is full to the brim with tourist destinations and natural wonders alike. Take a sunny break in the Cote d’Azure, visit the world-famous Grenache and Syrah vineyards, and soak in the sublime beauty of the Southern Alps.


Provence borders another crucial destination country, rich in history – Italy. Rome precedes itself; Italy’s capital, and the capital of the ancient Roman Empire, is one of the oldest surviving cities in Europe, and home to culture and historical wonders. The Colosseum is one of Rome’s biggest tourist attractions, the near-intact remains of a Roman amphitheatre – the largest ever built, and completed in 80AD. For a more provincial cultural experience, take a detour to the Amalfi coast, a beautiful retreat on the southern coast and the birthplace of Limoncello.


The peninsular country east of Italy, Greece is a real draw for European travellers with cultural monuments stretching back over millennia – not to mention the climate. Greece’s capital is Athens, another ancient city at the foot of the famed Acropolis, itself containing the breath-taking Parthenon temple. And there are a lot of interesting facts about Athens.. Over 100 miles off the coast of mainland Greece lies the island of Santorini, and increasingly popular location in the Aegean Sea and a beautiful place to soak in the rays.

United Kingdom

The UK is not just good for rain and breakfast tea; its an island of outstanding natural beauty and European history. London is a given for visiting, but why not try a little further out? Bath is a beautiful Roman city in the south-east of England, famed for its Roman baths built on prehistoric hot springs. North of the border, Scotland’s capital Edinburgh is a cultural hotbed overlooked by St Andrew’s seat; and a short hop further north delivers you to the Highlands – stunning countryside and massive mountains to behold alike.


Croatia doesn’t make it onto many European travel bucket lists – a cruel omission, as it contains such incredible locations as Dubrovnik and the Plitvice Lakes National Park. The former is a Renaissance city on the on the coast of the Adriatic, with impressive stone walls and an entirely pedestrian Old Town. The latter is a national park containing 16 lakes and unbelievable waterfall formations, a natural beauty in the centre of Europe.

A Backpackers Tale Italy

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