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Being a travel writer is an appealing vocation. You get some of the most beautiful places in the world, exercise your passions and help others along the same path, all the while praising the countries and cultures you love. And while it’s not as easy as it may seem, it is possible. The main problem is making your voice heard. In an industry with thousands of other blogs vying for attention, your blog is going to have to do something different, and that means carving out a niche that hasn’t been thoroughly explored yet. You need to identify what type of travel writer you’d like to be. Are you a hotel reviewer? A cultural explorer? Or would you like to provide the greatest travel hacks for readers?

Knowing what you’d like to write about is paramount to producing fresh, relevant content. Aside from that, you’re going to need the basic hardware and software components to get a blog up and running. A small portable laptop with a decent battery life is key since you’ll be on the road a lot. You’ll also need a secure webspace from a company such as this one to host your blog. You’ll then need a catchy name that will instantly let readers know what your blog is about.

A Backpackers Tale

Do your research

It is important to look at all of the other travel blogs. See what everyone else is doing, look where they’re travelling and what they’re writing about. Some blogs may focus more on reviewing food in foreign countries, while others will give advice about the latest and greatest parties happening throughout some of the most beautiful cities they visit. It’s important that you try to discern what hasn’t been spoken about or covered sufficiently, and steer your blog towards those topics.

Quality over quantity

Once you’ve found your niche it might be tempting to flood your blog with updates three times a day to keep your readers or viewers interested. While this approach is understandable, it will definitely be worthwhile to publish less content but of a higher quality. Recycle the time that you would use creating your pieces into refining them. After all, your readers will appreciate one great piece every three days as opposed to three mediocre pieces daily. But don’t wait too long between posts. google loves fresh, relevant content, so by posting consistently you’ll rate higher in Google’s ranking. This will also help your posts to draw in more readers and ensure that your blog grows steadily.

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