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When is it Faster to Take A Train vs A plane in Europe

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 A few days ago I stumbled upon this awesome chat from GoEuro and just had to write about it. When you are traveling time in the most important thing in the world. This handy guide will help save you time and squeeze out every extra second you can while backpacking Europe

So what it is? 

Well, it is a complete post highlights some places that are faster to travel by train that by plane in Europe.

This is something I debate while traveling Europe. Train or plane? Which one will get me to my destination faster, comfortably, and cheaper?

Think about it.

Taking a flight means a drive to the airport, getting there two hours before the flight, dropping off your bag, and going through security. Then you have the actual flight, customs, immigration, baggage claim, and the drive to the city. Are you really saving time?

Another factor to consider is the time it takes to get from the airport to the city. Many airports are at least a 30 minutes to an hour outside the city. Europe’s budget airlines flying out of smaller airports can be even further. 

I am always doing the math to see which route save time, money, and will be less stressful.

If the times are close, I always tend to choose trains. The plus side is that trains are often cheaper, have Wi-Fi, and are overall less of a hassle.

This post by Go Euro covers 14 popular European flights that are actually faster by train once you take into account the time that is eaten up at the airport.  

Take for example getting from Brussels to London. A lot of us would just book a flight right away without even thinking about a plane.  Surprisingly the train can take less than two hours, and the train arrives right downtown. 

When you take into account all the time at the airport, the flight takes about 5 hours until you land in Heathrow.  Plus, the train from Heathrow to the city takes 45 min.

Reasons like this are why I always prefer to take trains in Europe. I find trains less stressful than flight, and an easy way to get from A to B. Of course, certain trips. Like traveling to the best places to visit in Ireland, or tackled better with a car. 

Another plus of taking trains is that you get to see the countryside.  Landscape so stunning you have trouble coming up with the right descriptive words.  Oh yea, and there is more elbow room.


Instead of rushing around like you do in the airport you can spend time sitting reading, writing, or watching movies.

So these are reasons why I always consider taking trains instead of planes.

The post covers a lot of countries in popular cities in Europe from all different countries like Germany, Italy, France, and the Czech Republic. One – of the many – fun facts about me is that I love Italy. 

If you are heading to Europe this summer, I highly recommend checking it out.

I flying, and seeing the world from above, but I get tired of sitting around airports, dealing with baggage, and waiting in lines. While it does not seem likely sometimes, it is faster to take a train.

You deal with less stress, you end up in the middle of the city most of the time, and sometimes it is faster than flying.  Head over to the GoEuro travel planner and see for yourself. Check out more tips on how to travel Europe cheaply

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