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4 Things to Consider When Picking Eyeglasses As a Backpacker

A backpacker’s life is fairly unpredictable. One day you might be climbing a mountain or canoeing down a river and the next you might be relaxing by the sea or exploring the winding streets of a a beautiful city. If you do wear glasses, then it’s an important thing to get right. 

Taking care of your eyes ensures that you see all of the detail and beauty that the world has to offer. We recommend taking a look at Eye Buy Direct, as they have a wide range of glasses that can be bought at a reasonable price from almost anywhere in the world. They also have lots of options to adjust to the sun, prevent glare, etc. 

As a backpacker, here are some things you may want to consider when picking your glasses.


Perhaps the most important aspect of glasses for a backpacker is their durability. You want to be able to get involved in all of the activities that the world has to offer without worrying about breaking your specs. You need them to be able to withstand the elements such as rain, sun, and dust. 

If you drop them or even step on them, they should be up to the task. Some materials are more durable than others, read this article to help you to decide what’s right for you. 


Nowadays, glasses come with a range of coatings such as anti-scratch and anti-glare. Although this may cost more upfront, it will make your glasses last longer. 

Furthermore, anti-glare will be important to protect you from bright sunlight. You can also get filters for blue light. If you spend a lot of time on your laptop or phone whilst you travel then this may be a good investment. 

Sun Protection

It is important to protect your eyes from the sun. Especially if your home country doesn’t see a lot of it, you will not be adapted for the bright light. UV damage can strain your eyes, cause cataracts, and even lead to cancer. 

Make sure you are protecting yourself. You can get some glasses that darken to stop light going in, preventing the need to buy two pairs. This will also ensure that you are always protected without the need to keep swapping pairs. 

Whatever you decide, make sure you are prepared for the sun. And make sure whatever glasses you use to protect your eyes match your prescription. You don’t want to have to choose between seeing properly or protecting your eyes. 


You may be thinking that style is less important when picking glasses for traveling. After all, you’re packing minimally, and fashion may not be at the forefront of your mind. 

However, it is important that you feel confident whilst backpacking. You have lots of places to go and new people to meet, and there’s no escaping an accessory that is on your face. 

In the years to come, you will be looking back on photos of you all around the world, be sure you have chosen glasses to suit your face shape. You can learn more about picking out a style for your face here.

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