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Exploring Tenerife’s wilder side

Attracting 10 million visitors a year, Tenerife is popular among holidaymakers from around the world, many of whom are keen to enjoy its bars and beaches. However, there’s far more to the vacation spot than simply sun, sand and sangria. This volcanic island in the Atlantic is also perfect for action packed adventure breaks.

Offering everything from challenging treks and tropical forest walks to scuba diving and windsurfing, it’s a superb choice for those who are after an active sojourn. So if you are enjoying Tenerife with your significant other or just backpacking Europe there is something for you to experince.

Explore the island on foot


Home to Pico del Teide, which is Spain’s tallest mountain, ideal for a hiking holiday. Boasting stunning scenery and a variety of ecosystems, it has plenty to keep walkers interested. With its drier climate, the south of the island is characterised by semi-desert scrubland. In contrast, the verdant north is home to laurel forests and green fields. Of course, there are plenty of peaks on offer too, and up in the mountains you’ll find the eerie lunar landscapes.

If you’re up for a challenge, take a trip up to the top of Mount Teide and, for a truly memorable experience, time your walk so that you make it to the summit in time to see the sunrise.

Get stuck into some water sports

The seas surrounding this Canary Island ( One of the most beautiful palces in Europe) have lots to offer too and windsurfing is a popular pastime. The steady trade winds that sweep across Tenerife provide the perfect conditions for this activity and are one of the reasons why keen surfers flock to the island from across the globe. A hub for the professionals is the beach in El Médano. Meanwhile, the next beach along to the north, El Cabezo, is renowned for the sport too. A number of international windsurfing contests are held there, including the O’Neill Tenerife Grand Prix.

To check out the island’s marine flora and fauna, it’s well worth spending some time scuba diving. The most popular dive site is by the town of Las Galletas. There, you can enjoy sheltered shore dives at the Playa de Las Vistas and feast your eyes on an array of sea life, including starfish, barracuda, trunkfish, squid and yellow-striped bass.

Check out Siam Park


If you love waterslides and generally splashing about in the sun, a trip to Siam Park is a must. The biggest theme park it’s located in the southern area, it offers a bit of everything including a floating market to a 28 meter high slide. Set in tranquil Thai-themed grounds, this water-themed tourist attraction has become one of the most popular visitor spots on the island since it opened in 2008. For more travel inspiration check out my quotes about adventure. Also, save some money with Airbnb promo codes.

Whether you’re staying on the island for a week, a fortnight or longer, you’ll find plenty of activities to keep you active and entertained. Make sure to add Tenefire to your bucket list ideas!

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