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The New York Experience – Things to do in New York

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The moment I arrived in the city at 2 a.m., the horrible weather had turned our 9 hour drive into 18 hours, I loved New York. The museums, the parks, and the skyline all contribute to the great atmosphere of the city. Plus everyone wants to spend New Year Eve in New York. I was in New York around 2 weeks, and still didn’t have enough time to explore everything there. However, I did get to experience some great things you should check outwhen you visit one of the most beautiful cities in the world.


Famous Ray’s Pizza, Vanessa’s Dumpling House, and the Tick Tock Diner; the food in New York City was mouth-watering delicious. I gained at least 3 lbs. in 2 weeks, making me nervous about what would happen to my waistline if I lived there. One thing is for sure, those 3 lbs were totally worth it.
I ate at a lot of diners, hole in the wall restaurants, and street vendors, but overall my personal favorite place to eat was the Outpost Café in Brooklyn. Not only did it have a unique atmosphere, a great vibe, and the finest coffee I had in New York, but the food was amazing. Here are my two personal favorite dishes.
Chili Mac
Imagine for a second, an oversized bowl of noodles covered by steaming chili and topped off with goat cheese. Now before you gag at the words “goat cheese” I want you to know that I’m not normally a fan of it either, but in this case it did nothing but enhanced the flavor. All the ingredients came together to make the best meal I had in New York. I’m usually a giving person but when my brother asked for a bite, I had to think twice before letting him get his grubby paws on this little gem. In fact, at this moment I’m thinking of hopping on a bus back to New York for round 2. The nine-hour bus ride is a small price to pay for this treat.
Bagel and Lox
Ok, if chili mac isn’t your thing, how about a toasted bagel smothered in cream cheese, piled high with smoked salmon, and sprinkled with chick peas. My stomach just growled. It only gets better when you squeeze a freshly cut lemon over it. Your taste buds will literally be exploding from flavor overload.


From spending an afternoon window shopping in Times Square to wandering Chelsea Markets and Highline Park, New York never runs short on things to do. Some of my favorites were the Statue of Liberty, the Twin Towers Memorial, and Central Park. The crowds are thick in New York, and around a lot of the downtown attractions you feel like a canned sardine, but it’s worth your time to fight your way through the crowds. I just scratched the surface of seeing all the sights, and I’m eager to go back to do some more exploring, but my favorite goes to Rockefeller Center.
Rockefeller Center
Getting an overview of the entire city at the top of Rockefeller Center was my favorite sightseeing experience. Timing had a lot to do with it. We went up as the setting sun lit the sky on fire and colored the city a bright orange. From the top of the building, you have a great view of the New York skyline and central park. It was as beautiful as anything you would see on a postcard, and a moment I won’t forget anytime soon. Moments like Rockerfeller Center always remind me why I travel.
You can buy your tickets online before you go to most of the major attractions. This usually lets you cut to the front of the line, freeing you from spending your whole trip waiting.
Ice skating
Skating under a massive Christmas tree while carols play in the background is a New York tradition, and though I hadn’t been ice skating in years, I wanted to do it. I nervously laced up my skates and hit the ice in Bryant Park. For not skating in years, I held my own pretty well. I didn’t fall and after a couple of minutes I felt a certain level of comfort. Not to say, I didn’t almost slam into many unsuspecting people (stopping was never my strong suite). Bryant Park also has some awesome shops to browse, and the hot apple cider is just the thing to warm you up on a cold day.


New-years-in New York
New York’s nightlife is insane! With so many pubs and districts to party in, it is impossible to experience it all in one visit. Whatever your style, New York has something for you. The Meat Packing District is the trendiest and where you can find a lot of clubs. Green Point and Williamsburg seem to have a hipster vibe. Clinton Hill seems to be an upcoming hot spot. Drinking is expensive in New York so be prepared to spend some money. It’s possible not to demolish your savings buy pre drinking at cheap bars like the Continental bar that offers 5 shots for $10 before heading to the more expensive places.
New York has a great atmosphere. The city is alive, a refreshing change of pace from small town life in Ohio (for a couple more months that is). While 2 weeks gives you a lot of time to take in the city, you could easily spend a couple of month in this mammoth city and not explore everything. It is the same as spending a month in Spain. However you slice it New York is one of the best places to visit in the United States.

What would you do if you only had 2 weeks in NYC? What would you add to this list or take away?

7 thoughts on “The New York Experience – Things to do in New York”

  1. Bryant Park was one of those delightful hidden jewels. I visited in spring just as the tulips were coming out. It was magical. Don’t think there’s a bad season in NYC. Where I’d visit? The Bronx Zoo and Little Italy (in the Bronx) are within walking distance of each other. So is the NY Botanical Gardens. Visiting these would make for two very full and delightful days.

    1. I spent New Years Eve in Bryant Park. I agree the place is a Gem. I’ll have to check out the Zoo and Little Italy next time. Thanks for the comment!!

  2. Chili Mac is making me so hungry right now. I didn’t even know that existed. New York has so much crazy delicious shit, I love it. Hope you’re doing well dude!

    1. Ha Leif. Go get some your so close. It is totally worth the subway ride to Brooklyn. I’m great man. How are you?? I’m missing NYC.

  3. I have visited Rockefeller Center, Statue of Liberty, the Twin Towers Memorial and the Central Park many times but this time I am going to New York with new york and niagara tours and to visit the Niagara Falls and Corning Glass Center is in my tour plan. Stephen! I am little confused; Can you guide me about attractions and adventure things to do there?

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