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Delve into this Europe travel blog and you will discover many of the treasures this fascinating part of the world holds.

I’ve traveled Europe on countless trips, for a combined total of over 2 years. More than any other place I’ve visited Europe continues to have the biggest impact on my life. 

It is a part of the world that has captured my imagination, reshaped me as a person, and inspired this life of endless meandering. And I am sure Europe can have the same impact on you!

So what makes Europe special? Why should you choose to venture to this part of the world? Well, Europe is a hodgepodge of cultures, the landscape is stunningly diverse, and the food is so tasty you can get fat guilt free. As a bonus, it is always easy to find someone incredibly friendly that speaks at least conversational English and the massive network of trains and planes makes it a breeze to get around.

In these blog post about Europe, you will find practical information that will help you keep more moolah in your wallet and also give you insights into destinations. Whether you are craving information on the cheapest way to get around, how to plan an itinerary, the cost of traveling to Europe, or just looking for fun stories there is something for you.

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Europe Travel Blog

SafetyWing: The Best and Cheapest Insurance for International Travel

SafetyWing: (The Best Insurance for International Travel) Trying to find the best insurance for international travel, then get ready for a treat. Over the next few thousand words, we’ll do a deep dive into one of the newest players on the market – SafetyWing. 2020 hasn’t started out the smoothest for

10 Awesome Things to do in Estonia (New 2020)

10 Things to do in Estonia (New 2020) Few people I have met on my travels know about all the things to do in Estonia. This is a shame because the country is amazing.  The country has found a fantastic balance between modern technology, history, and nature. I suggest adding Estonia

Drone shot of amazing Croatian island

The 20 Best Islands in Croatia to Visit (March 2020)

The 20 Best Islands in Croatia  (With Pictures) Looking for the best Islands in Croatia? Are you wondering what’s the difference between Hvar and Vis?” Or looking for the best beaches? This post answers those questions and more.  The problem with the islands on the Dalmatian coast isn’t a problem at

The 21 Most Beautiful Cities in the World (New 2020)

The 21 Most Beautiful Cities in the World (With Photos) With 195 countries spread across our blue rock, narrowing down a list of the most beautiful cities in the world was a monumental challenge. Luckily, I wasn’t alone. I gathered some of the most well-traveled people on the planet in

Macedonia Guide

Skopje: The Complete Travel Guide to Northern Macedonia Capital (UPDATED 2020)

Skopje Macedonia: The 2019 City Guide Reasons to  Visit Skopje Not Overly Crowded With Tourist Awesome Food Cheap Great Local Food Fun Day Trips Hundreds of Statues Iconic City Pin this Post Skopje Macedonia’s capital city, isn’t anything like I expected.  To be honest, I wasn’t sure what I was picturing in

30 Best Things to do in Turkey (NEW January 2020)

The 30 Top Things to do in Turkey From your first moments in Turkey, you start to realize you’ve landed somewhere special. Cities like Istanbul’s have an atmosphere, unlike anywhere else in the world.  The country has endless things to do that cover thing like cities built deep underground to

Best Day Trips from Dublin

The Ultimate List of Day Trips from Dublin (NEW 2020)

The 25 BEst Day Trips from Dublin (NEW 2020) Today you’re going to discover the best day trips from Dublin. Many of us that travel to Ireland’s rocky shores use Dublin as a home base – if only for a part of our trip. And why not? Dublin’s smack dab in

Blasket Islands

55 Best Places to Visit in Ireland

Finding the best places to visit in Ireland isn’t easy. But after a lot of work here are the 55 top places to visit when traveling in Ireland.

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