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English in Italy | How Hard Is It to Italy Using English?

Traveling with only English in Italy

Can You Travel with English in Italy?

The number of people who can speak English in Italy is relatively low compared to other European countries. 

But does this mean you can’t travel to English In Italy?

Is Much English Spoken In Italy?

Many Italians are learning English in school, but even those who have studied it may not speak it well. This is because they have not been taught enough of it or they are not using it often enough outside class.

And locals speaking English in Italy isn’t as common as many would guess. Especially since Italy is one of the most visited countries in Europe. Right behind France and Spain (There are also great quotes about Spain). 

Let’s look at the numbers! 

How Italy’s English Proficiency Compares to Other Countries and Regions

Italy is a country where English proficiencyvaries widely from region to region. In the north, English is widely spoken and understood, while in the south, it is less common.

Overall, English proficiency in Italy is lower than in other countries in Europe, but it is improving. In a recent survey, 38% of Italians said they could speak English fluently, which is up from 34% in 2016.

Despite this improvement, Italy still lags behind other countries in Europe in terms of English proficiency. In the same survey, 62% of Germans said they could speak English fluently, while 44% the French. 

Italian English Vs the Rest of Europe

Recent estimates suggest that about 38% speak English. This means that Italy is ranked as one of the worst countries in the EU for speaking English.

Of course, this number is counting those fluent in English in Italy. But many Italians know some sort of conversational English. If only it is a few words and phrases. 

Do Italians Speak English Enough To Make Travel Easy

If you want to travel with only English in Italy. It is possible. And you won’t have a problem visiting Italy. And while the number of Italians speaking English isn’t the highest.

Most of the people you’ll be dealing with are in the tourist areas in places like the Roman Forum or Cinque Terre. And those locals have at least a conversation in English.

So don’t let the language barrier stop you from visiting this amazing European Country. 

English In Rome

In Rome, English is widely spoken in the business district, in tourism, and by people in the service industry. This shouldn’t be surprising since it is the capital of central Italy. However, outside of these areas, English may not be as common. 

English is more commonly spoken in northern Italy than in the south. In Rome, English is more commonly spoken by people who are younger or who have studied English in school. 

But people in the tourism industry commonly speak English, like tour groups. And people working at the city’s major attractions, and in restaurants. 

Do Locals Speak English in Florence

There is no definitive answer to this question since it depends on the individual. However, most locals in Florence do not speak English fluently. Although English is more common in Florence, and there are some great things to do in Florence Italy, than in many other cities in Italy. 

But this means that there may be some communication barriers, particularly if you do not speak Italian. 

However, most locals will help you out and will do their best to communicate with you in English. In addition, there are several English-speaking expats living in Florence, so you are likely to find someone who can help you out if needed. 

English In Verona

There are many English speakers in Verona, Italy. English is widely taught in Italian schools, so many people in Verona know at least some English. In addition, many people who work in the tourism industry in Verona know English well. This makes it easy for English speakers to find people who can help them get around and communicate in Verona. 

English In Palermo

English is not commonly spoken in Palermo, outside major tourist sites and restaurants. If you’re staying in one of the more popular neighborhoods, like La Kalsa or Ballarò.

Then you can expect some level of English comprehension, but few that have a level of a native speaker. If you venture outside of these areas, most people cannot understand you.

That said, it’s still possible to get by without speaking a word of Italian. If you have any problems with directions or restaurant recommendations, then just ask for help. People are friendly to tourists in Palermo.

English In Milan

Milan is a city of contrasts. It has an old-world charm and yet it is constantly growing with the latest trends in fashion and technology. The people are warm and friendly, but they can be reserved at first.

English is not widely spoken in Milan. Their first language will be Italian. Or maybe even Milanese, so don’t expect to find perfect fluency from most locals.

But because of Milan’s international status, it is easy to find someone who speaks some level of basic English. It is just a simple fact about Italy.

English In Naples

There are a lot of English speakers in Naples. You can find a lot of English speakers in the city center, in the tourist areas, and the business district. Naples isn’t the safest city to visit in Italy, so up your security to keep your belongings safe, but it is still worth visiting. I mean best facts about pizza come from Naples. . 

English in Venice

A minority of people in Venice, Italy, speak English. In the city, you will probably find people who are fluent in Italian and English. However, outside of the city center, you may find that English is less common. 

English In Turin

English is a minority language in Italy. About 5% of the population speaks it, according to the 2016 census. English is less common in Italy than Spanish, which is spoken by about 12% of the population.

English is more commonly spoken in the north of Italy than in the south. In the north, about 7% of the population spoke it, while in the south it is spoken by about 3%.

They teach the English language in schools throughout Italy. There are also many English-language schools in the country. 

English In Genoa

There are many English speakers in Genoa, Italy. The city has a large English-speaking expat population, as well as many Italian students who are studying English.

There are also many English-language schools in Genoa. In addition, the city has a large tourist population, and many of these tourists are English speakers. 

English In Bologna

Bologna is not a tourist destination in the sense of Venice or Rome. But it is an excellent place to come and learn about the history, culture, and traditions of Italy.

It is not as common as in major cities like Rome and Florence. 

But English is understood. At least to a degree, at most of the major Bologna attractions, hotels, museums, and restaurants that cater to visitors.

Bologna also has its unique dialect called “Bolognese”, which is spoken by locals. You’ll be able to recognize it because it uses a lot of onomatopoeia (words that imitate sounds) such as “Mangia” (it means “eat”) or “sto al bar” (“I am sitting at the bar”). It’s fun to listen to people speak this language!

Can you travel Italy Only Speaking English?

English in Italy

Yes, I have spent over a year traveling around Italy. (And my Italian is terrible). And I have never had any major problems. I have never missed a train connection, missed flights, or been unable to order food. I’ve never had an issue getting a bus ticket or train ticket. Or even navigating a train station. 

There are many English speakers in Italy, so you will find English speakers in most places. And while many of them have had an English course, you may find that some Italians are not as fluent in English as you are. So they may not understand everything that you say. It is a good idea to learn some basic Italian phrases before you go, so you can communicate with locals more easily. 

Do They Learn English In Italy

Some people in Italy learn English, while others do not. It depends on the person’s age, location, and motivation. 

Young people in Italy are more likely to learn English than older people. This is because English in Italy gets taught at the age of 6. 

People who live in big cities are more likely to learn conversational English than people who live in smaller towns. People who are motivated to learn English are more likely to learn it than people who are not motivated. 

Is There English on Public Transportation and Street Signs?

Yes, there is usually English in public transportation and street signs in Italy. And if they are not, the words are close enough to our English counterparts that it is easy to understand. 

However, there may be a few cases where the translations are not entirely accurate. So it is always a good idea to have a very basic knowledge of Italian to understand the signs. 

And, of course, there may be some exceptions in rural areas. 

Do I Need to Learn Italian to Travel in Italy?

No, you don’t need to know Italian to travel to Italy, but it can come in handy. Many Italians speak English, but some don’t, so it’s always a good idea to know a few key phrases. 

Basic Italian Words and Phrases for English Speakers

Even if you can travel with only English in Italy. I believe it is important to learn a few basic Italian Phrases. This is important anywhere you are traveling in the world.

Whether it is southern Europe, Western Europe, or even Latin America. You don’t need to become a master of the Italian Language. But just learning Italian basic phrases can get you some extra brownie points. And can help you get around a bus station, navigate a day trip, or talk with local authorities if something happens. 

Ciao! – Hello!

Buongiorno! – Good afternoon!

Buonasera! – Good evening!

Come stai? – How are you?

Bene, Grazie. E tu? – I’m good, thank you. And you?

Io sto bene. – I’m good.

Non c’è male. – Not bad.

Purtroppo – Unfortunately

Per Fortuna – Fortunately

a favore di (votare) – in favour of

Sono contento. – I’m happy.

Sono triste. – I’m sad.

Mi dispiace. – I’m sorry.

Prego. – You’re welcome.

per favore – please

A che ora è l’alba? – When does the sun come up?

A che ora è il tramonto? – When does the sunset?

Qual è la tua nazionalità? – What is your nationality?

Io sono americano. – I am American. 

posso chiederti un favore? – can I ask you a favour?

More Questions About English in Italy Answered

English in Italy

Can you Get a Job Teaching English in Italy?

Yes, there are teaching jobs for teaching English in Italy. Especially as a native English speaker. Of course, many of these require that you have a certificate from an International Tefl Academy. 

The downside is that these jobs as an English teachers are highly coveted. And many times they go to an Eu Citizen who already has skills in English teaching. 

If you are looking for a way to live in Italy, then an Au pair might be a better option. 

But that doesn’t mean getting becoming an ESL teacher isn’t worth it. They need TEFL teachers all over the world. From Southern Italy, Latin America, and South America. 

Speaking Only English in Italy Itinerary

Lots of places! 

  1. Rome
  2. Florence
  3. Venice
  4. Lake Garda
  5. Santa Maria
  6. Milan
  7. The Italy Amalfi Coast

Teaching In Italy. Do I need a TEFL course?

Teaching English in Italy is a great way to travel. You get to live in another country, meet new people, and explore a new culture.

As an English teacher in Italy, you will teach English to non-English speakers who want to learn the language. You will usually work in a classroom setting with one or more students at a time. And teach them many things related to English grammar and vocabulary.

What is Tefl? 

TEFL is an acronym that stands for Teaching English as a Foreign Language. It means you work as a teacher in a language school or public school. Instructing non-English speakers on how to read, write, and speak English.

Not exactly, but it is highly recommended. There are some private language schools or English-language schools that will accept you without one.

But most require it because they want to ensure quality education for their students. A TEFL certification will help you get your foot in the door at a school that requires it. In addition, having a TEFL certificate will show you have taken steps to learn about teaching English. And have invested time and money in the program.

Of course, if you have a master’s degree, or are looking to teach at an Italian university, a TEFL course won’t help you. You need to have the right credentials to get a teaching job at this high level. 

And an English teaching job isn’t the only way to stay in Italy for an extended time. You can get a job for travel, or even teach private lessons in English online. 

You could get a student visa and study for a bit at an Italian university. You could even stay with an Italian host family. One of the best ways and quickest ways to learn about Italian culture

Best Place to Live In Italy for English Speakers

If you’re looking for a great place to live in Italy as an English speaker, then you’ll want to consider moving to Rome. The city is home to a large expat community, and English is widely spoken.

Plus, there are plenty of opportunities for work and fun in the city. It is just one of the fun facts about Rome. And you have magnificent sites like St Peter’s Basilica and the Vatican Museum. Plus you are near the Italian Embassy, Italian Ministry, and Ministry of Foreign Affairs. 

Can I speak English in Italy?

Yes, you can speak English in Italy. English is a commonly spoken language in Italy. Well, commonly enough for travelers to get around. 

Do They Speak English In Venice?

The short answer is yes, most people in Venice do speak English. However, it’s always a good idea to brush up on some key phrases and vocabulary before traveling to a new place. This will help you get by and communicate with locals more easily. 

Do They Speak English In Genoa Italy?

Some people in Genoa, Italy speak English, but it is not as commonly spoken as it is in other parts of the country. If you are visiting Genoa and do not speak Italian, it would be a good idea to bring a translation app or phrase-book with you.

Do They Speak English In Spain?

Yes, they do speak English in Spain – making it easy to month in Spain

Do I Need an English to Italy Dictionary?

If you are planning to travel to Italy, you will probably find it helpful to have a dictionary that translates English words into Italian.

However, you may also find an online Italian dictionary that can help you translate words on the go. Nowadays, we have tons of best travel apps that make it easy. Just look at how easy it is to plan a trip with Google Maps. So there are a ton of Italy Dictionary apps or google translate.

How many people in Italy speak English?

They use the language in important sectors such as medicine, tourism, and the law.

Many Italians are bilingual and can use both English and Italian. This has been beneficial for the country as it has helped improve their English skills, but it has also made it difficult to learn Italian.

Whether you are traveling from the best places to travel to in United States, The United Kingdom, Australia, or New Zealand. Your English in Italy is enough to get you around the country, from Lake Como, or San Gimignano.

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