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Driving the East Coast Australia

One of the most popular things to do in Australia is to rent a car and drive the east coast. It is something that I am personally looking forward to while I am here on my work visa. The east coast is perfect for driving, and even if you are a low-cost backpacker, you can get a deal on car rental options in Australia.

So what will you see when driving the coast of Australia? Well, let’s take a look at some of the best spots when driving the east coast.

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Great Coastlines and Beaches

Australia is known for its stunning beaches, cool water, and amazing surf. You will see all these things and more as you head up the east coast. Coastal activities include surf lessons and rentals for diving equipment.

Some of the best beaches in Australia are on the east coast. Don’t pass up Mission Beach in the north, as it is amazing, yet many travelers and backpackers miss it.

Another good beach is Airlie. It is a two for one. Not only do you get a picturesque and relaxed beachside town, but also a stunning and unforgettable beach.

Charming Small Towns

Places like Byron Bay are a traveler’s best friend. Byron is a place where backpackers linger because they never want to leave. You have the beautiful small town on the beach with friendly people, many of whom are fellow travelers, and the amazing ocean views. Byron, about an hour south of Brisbane, is a must on any east coast Australian road trip.


Brisbane is one of the major cities in Australia and is also growing in popularity. It is a major backpacking area because of the surrounding beaches and awesome nightlife. It is quickly become a hip city in Australia, and it is one that you won’t want to miss. If you’re not sure where to fly in to Australia to start your trip, consider Brisbane for a home base.

Fraser Island

This remote island, which was named a World Heritage site, is growing rapidly in popularity. It is beautiful and practically empty; you get to see the raw beauty of it. Fraser Island is a bit of a mystery as it is the only sand island in the world that has a rain forest growing on it.

Great Barrier Reef

When driving the east coast, you have to make a pit stop at the Great Barrier Reef, preferably as the grand finale when traveling from south to north. No reef is as famous as this one, and it is well worth stopping for a visit. If you are a scuba diver or enjoy snorkeling, you will be in heaven.

As you can see, the east coast has a ton of stuff to do on a road trip. We only touched a fraction of it. The east coast can take as little or as long as you want to drive, but I wouldn’t rush it. Take some time and relax along the beautiful Australian coast.

Right now there are a number of flight deals available during the northern hemisphere’s winter, making a trip Down Under an affordable reality. Take the plunge and tell us what you think of these stops when driving Australia. What places would you recommend?

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