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There are many things about Portugal that appeal to travelers. First off, it is one of the cheapest countries in Western Europe to visit. Portugal also boasts beautiful beaches, charming cities, and magnificent sights.

Everyone knows Lisbon ( Which  is what San Francisco is based off of, one of the best cities in California).


Portugal is also a lot less touristy than countries like Italy and France. Portugal is a fantastic country to get away from the major sites of Europe and stray off the regular tourist trail.

Here are a few spots in the country that are perfect for you to visit during your Portugal adventure. While some of them are touristy, they each offer ample opportunities to get away from the tourist traps and embark on your personal adventure. (Just brush up on your adventure quotes).


Porto is perfect for beach sunsets, delicious food, and fun museums. You can spend your days cruising along the river or cheering with the crowd at the football stadium. The city has some amazing wineries and coffee shops to sit and relax. Porto is a good place to stay put for a few days to enjoy the delicious wines and take in the friendly culture of the city.


Vilamoura is a luxurious area of the country. Vilamoura is home to resorts, golf courses, water parks, and many more. Vilamoura is one of Portugal’s hotspots adventures. The area has many outdoor activities for you to partake in such as boat trips, horseback riding, cycling, and much more. You will need a few days to do everything, or you can just relax beside the water. Whatever you choose, you are bound to have a good time.


With towering cliffs, educational museums, and awesome bike trails, Cascais caters to every visitor. You can easily spend your time in the city, but you’ll want to get out of the city for at least a day or two. The landscape is vast and stretches off into the horizon. There is a lot to do and see in this exciting area that warrants you sticking around for a few days. Cascais is so beautiful it’s hard to conjure the descriptive words, but hey work with me here.


Funchal is a fantastic city to explore. There are beautiful buildings, lively shopping centers, and green parks with fountains. However, getting outdoors and into the surrounding landscape will be the highlight of your time in Funchal. There are many wildlife tours and beautiful vistas to see just outside the city. Funchal might be the highlight of your entire trip.


Some consider Albufeira as the tourist capital of the country. So, while heading to the tourist epicenter, fret not, because Albufeira is still steeped in rich history and the culture of Portugal. The area has some beautiful castles and churches to check out. For those waiting to explore the touristy aspect, there are shopping streets, vibrant nightlife, and a variety of restaurants.

With its beauty and adventures, Portugal is a stunning example of what Western Europe has to offer. It is also cheap to visit, and because it is less touristy, you can get off the beaten path quite easily. This backpacking guide will help you get your Portugal trip started off right.

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