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It’s Official, Croatia Rocks!

What are you doing right now? Yes, you! (Pointing at you) Well, whatever you are doing, you should stop, pack your bag, and head straight to Croatia.
Well, if the picture above didn’t already convince you, read my post Why You Need to Visit Croatia and you will see that I was shaking with excitement to visit this country.
When I finally visited Croatia, it not only lived up to my expectations, but it surpassed everyone of them.  The cities, landscape, and coast swept me off my feet.
Yes, Croatia is small, but it packs a massive punch. You will be entirely in love with the rocky landscapes, waterfalls, and beautiful people.
Let’s just look at a few of the places that makes this country kick ass.


Do  you like waterfalls, nature, and hiking? If you are shaking your head up and down in excitement, then I have the perfect place for you…. Plitvice Lakes.
The whole time I was in Plitvice, I was rubbing my eyes in disbelief. I walked across the rickety bridges, taking in the floating lakes, deep green woods, and countless waterfalls.  The lakes in Plitvice appear stacked.  Their crystal clear streams flows from one lake to another through a series of waterfalls that connect the them altogether.  As the water passes from one channel into another,  minerals and bacteria are released from the surrounding rocks and algae and changes the colors of these mystical cascades.
The day I visited, the waters were a bright blue that reflected the landscape perfectly. I honestly don’t think I have ever visited a more beautiful and peaceful place.
Many tourists who visit Croatia head straight for the coast, but I’m telling you, this is the place you will want to be.  This is the place that will make your trip memorable.
A lot of people visit Croatia and head straight for the coast, but I’m telling you, you will be missing out on something special.



Split has one outstanding characteristic: It is a city that is perfectly happy being itself. Split draws you in as one of its own. No one feels like a tourist in Split. The locals embrace travelers and immediately you feel relax, comfortable, as if you were sitting down with an old lost friend.  Insomuch, that it is almost dangerous for a traveler.  You feel such a feeling of home that you don’t want to leave.

Split is also a perfect place to launch out to the Dalmatian Coast.


My first thought when I saw Dubrovnik was that I wished I owned a company that made orange roof tiles (I would be rich).  My second thought – wow!
No city in Croatia is as popular as Dubrovnik. The town is incredible.  You can walk the medieval city walls, explore the old town, basically the whole city, or chill at a bar and listen to live music before heading out to experience its night life.
However, for everything Dubrovnik does right, I have one bone to pick with the city. It has become such a substantial tourist’s attraction that every single restaurant, shop, and café caters to them, making the city overcrowded with souvenir shops, ice cream shops, and pizza shops.  As a result, some of the charm of this medieval city is lost.  Still, if you are a tourist in Croatia, you have to visit Dubrovnik for a couple days.


Croatia’s coastline is amazing.  It is a combination of the rolling green hills of Ireland and the crystal clear waters of Greece.  Stunning!  I spent a week on the coast and was amazed every time I looked up.  I would bet you two Croatia Kunas that you could spend a year here and still not grow tired of its vivid scenery.  You would be insane to visit Croatia and skip it, and I doubt you are insane.
There are also some fantastic islands to explore like Hvar and Korcella, which was the home of the famous explorer, Marco Polo.
Just in case you couldn’t tell, I thought that Croatia rocked.  Even now, after a few weeks, I’m still going through withdrawal. I became more impressed each day and slowly fell in love with this tiny gem in the Balkans.
Treat yourself and pay it a visit. I know that I can’t wait to devour more of it in the future.
Croatia deserves for you to pay it a visit. I know that I can’t wait to devour more of it in the future.
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10 thoughts on “It’s Official, Croatia Rocks!”

  1. I have been when I was really little and when it was still called Yugoslavia, so I can’t really remember much apart from that my days were filled with swimming and eating ice cream. Would love to go back to see what it is like now. It looks stunning!

  2. Hi Stephen,

    loved your tips for Croatia, every time I read about this great country makes me want to go even more. I’m going there in september but I’ll only stay 6 nights, my plane leaves from Split and I definitely want to go to Plitivice lakes. I’ll be traveling alone and am wondering if it would be worth arriving in Dubrovnik (staying 2 nights) then going by bus to Split (staying 3 nights) and making a day trip to the lakes. Do u think it’s better to just stay in Split? I’m afraid I’ll have little time to visit properly :/

    Thank you

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