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The Best Hostels in Europe

The Best Hostels in Europe


Note: If you have stayed in place you consider the best hostel in Europe and think it should be added to the list please contact in the comments below and let me know about! 

There is no shortage of the best hostels in Europe. Thousands of backpackers flock to this continent yearly to experience the sights, history, food, and nightlife of Europe.  Many of these travellers opt to stay in hostels that are much cheaper than hotels and guest houses. Myself included. I often stay in hostels when backpacking Europe.

Staying in Europe hostels is where I became a true backpacker, and started learning life lessons while traveling the world. I’ve spent almost a year of my life living in hostel dorms in Europe. Some of these hotels were fantastic, others were not so much.

For this post, I asked some of my fellow travel bloggers to share the list of hostels in Europe that they have been to and asked them to explain what set these hostels apart.

A Complete List of the Best Hostels in Europe


Art-Hostel-Sarajevo-Design-HostelWhat makes this hostel stand out from most other hostels I’ve stayed at is the cleanliness, location, and atmosphere.

First of all, it is so centrally located.  You’d be hard-pressed to find a better location anywhere!  You’re near the shopping, bars and clubs, and many historical markers.

It is also in a very safe part of the city.  The hostel had an apartment type feel, despite the fact that I stayed in a dorm.

The staff makes you feel like part of their family immediately upon walking through that door.  I must thank Larissa at The Blonde Gypsy for tipping me to stay there on my last minute trip to Sarajevo.


It had everything.  Free wifi, a clean and cozy kitchen and sitting area, and a staff who made sure you had the best time possible in Sarajevo.  It is not the biggest hostel by size, but the rooms felt large and the beds were unusually comfortable for a dorm.

I love when hostels have beds that are almost like ‘pods’.  It makes me feel like I have my own space. Which is an important factor when finding the best hostels in Europe.

Save money and book your stay at Franz Ferdinand Hostel early!

St Christopher’s Inn Canal, Paris, France

Best Hostels in EuropeI am not a major fan of hotel chains, but one I do really like is St. Christopher’s. Their hostel in Paris is one of my favorites.  Far enough outside of the city that you don’t feel overwhelmed by the busy streets of Paris, but downtown is still only a short metro ride away.

This hostel in Europe also has a rich atmosphere, and is always full of backpackers. Seriously book this hostel early. It took me three trips to Paris before I got a room and I think it is one of the best hostels in Europe.

Perks of St Christopher’s Inn

One of the things I love about St. Christopher is that each bed has a curtain that can be pulled shut for privacy.  They also have a bar and restaurant that gives you deals if you are staying at the hostel.

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Book your stay early at St. Christopher’s and save money.

Generators Hostel, Dublin, Ireland

5 (3)This place was created for backpackers and flashpackers alike and it shows. There are sockets everywhere, great social spaces, a café and rooms that are modern and efficient.
The employees are nice and the décor is funky. As soon as you walk in, you’re swept up by the atmosphere! Located just near the Jameson Distillery and the water, the hostel is a perfect place to stay in Dublin!

Perks of Generator Hostel

There is free Wi-Fi that works everywhere even if it’s a huge hostel, there are laundry machines, a hostel shop for travel accessories you may have forgotten, each client gets a big locker under the bed.

Jennifer Doré Dallas – Moi, mes souliers  Generaor Hostel, Ireland.

Save money and book your stay early at Generator Hostel in Dublin.

Generator Venice

Another hostel I really like is the newest Generator hostel in Venice. It has all the perks of a Generator hostel. The food is good. It is also just a short boat ride from St. Marks Square.

If you are headed to Venice make sure to check out Generator hostel. It is one of my the newest and best hostels in Europe. This is a great base for  spending 2 days in Venice.

Seven Hostel – Sorrento (Sant Agnello) – Italy

3212888_13_zThis places rocks! You’ll almost never guess it’s a hostels in Europe and you’ll feel more like you’re in a hotel for hostel prices. The atmosphere was very friendly, people having a drink in the social spaces, chatting or reading books in the huge garden chairs.

I loved the value for your money and although the hostel is one Circumvesuviana stop away from Sorrento, it’s still quite easy to get around!

The rooftop terrace is the bomb, you get a nice view over the region and can sunbathe or have a drink! Free WiFi, great restaurant with themed cheap nights, friendly staff makes this a fantastic hostel in Europe.

Jennifer Doré Dallas – Moi, mes souliers

Check out Seven Hostel

Hostel Happy Days Roma – Rome, Italy

top hostels in EuropeHostel Happy Days Roma in located in downtown Rome on the 4th floor of an old-style building. The staff there is a lot of fun, and we awoke on a couple occasions to find vodka available with our morning coffee and biscuits, which then turned into straight vodka shots for breakfast! haha.

They cook up a huge pasta dinner (free for guests) just about every night which was a huge plus considering the cost to eat out in Rome. Undoubtedly the best hostel I stayed at during my stay in Italy.

Perks of Hostel Happy Days

This is one of the hostels in Europe has many perks including. 

Free pasta dinner!
Fast internet
Smoking room for smokers (since it’s on the 4th floor)
Free breakfast.

Tom Edwards, Tune Up & Travel

The Yellow. Rome Italy

Coolest hostels in EuropeThe Yellow is one of my best hostels in Italy, and one of the best party hostels in Europe. In fact The Yellow was voted  the #1 hostel in Rome. just one of the facts about Rome.

The staff are beyond friendly. The hostel has a fantastic vibe, and a central location. They have a bar, a dance floor, and beer pong table. It is a great place to make friends, and party.

Perks of The Yellow

The yellow has a lot of perks. It is a only a short walk from the main train station. The Yellow has beer pong, drink specials, and a decent price from normal hostels in Rome. It was one of my favorite hostel in Europe last year.

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Want to stay with them? Then book your stay for The Yellow here.

KingKool Hostel, The Hague, the Netherlands.

7847505_33_y (1)KingKool Hostel is a creative, atmospheric and fun hostel in Europe with a traditional backpackers vibe.

The owner of the hostel, a relaxed surf dude in his thirties, traveled all around the world and knows what backpackers need. Together with his family and a limited budget, he designed and built everything himself, resulting in a highly personal hostel.

KingKool offers a variety of cool rooms such a bunny room, a dorm room fully covered with posters of naked Playmates; a capsule room, a room which resembles a Japanese capsule hotel or an urban camper room, where you spend the night in an indoor camper.

The hostel is perfectly located close to the main sights, the vibrant Grote Markt square and the famous Dutch music club ‘Paard van Troje’. If you’re looking for a chilled-out place to stay in The Hague, KingKool is your hostel!

 Perks of KingKool Hostel

Free KingKool city map, free WiFi, large kitchen, Outdoor Terrace

Manouk Bob, Bunch of Backpackers

 Hostel Tamka in Warsaw, Poland

a_rec_tamka_big (1)We had a memorable experience at Hostel Tamka in Warsaw and would love to
come back some day. The kitchen was the major attraction and we cooked
there every night. The Hostel is located close to the old city and major
tourist attractions. The rooms are small but comfortable and overall it is
great value for money.

Perks of Hostel Tamka in Warsaw, Poland

The hostel has Wi-Fi, common room, kitchen, information desk, beautiful
garden and washing machines with tumbler.

Nelieta Mishchenko – Nelmitravel.com 

The Skyewalker Hostel, Isle of Skye, Scotland.

Best hostels in EuropeWhich other hostels in Europe has a cheeky ex social worker owner who left the bright lights of Glasgow for a secluded rural life on the Isle of Skye; a conservatory shaped like the infamous 90s British TV show, The Crystal Maze and is named after Star Wars?

The Skyewalker Hostel is the friendliest hostel I’ve every stayed in. Like most islands in Scotland you need to a car to get about effectively or you can enjoy the breath taking sights of Skye during the ‘twenty’ minute walk to the local pub (it took us ‘city folk’ waaaaay longer than that).

What more could you ask for in one of the best hostels in Europe

 Perks of Skywalker Hostel

Not only is it friendly but there is a large kitchen with leftover freebies (those Cup-a-soups went down well after several pints and star gazing!); a social area with books and guitars and most importantly a very cool conservatory shaped like a large golf ball. Don’t believe me? It was voted the ‘Best in Scotland’ in 2012 and 2014! Making it one cool hostel in Europe.

Gemma, Two Scots Abroad

Arka Barka Hostel, Belgrade, Serbia

What makes the Arka Barka Hostel in Serbias capital Belgrade so special? It is a floating hostel at the river Danube situated in one of the most beautiful central city parks. Besides the fact the it’s owner is a very nice person, the place is so unique because it combines the urban comfort of contemporary architecture with the exotic feeling of living at the river.

 Perks of Arka Barka

The Hostel offers free wi-fi and comes up with an awesome big terrace to chill and hang out. There is also a direct bus connection to the city centre, which makes the Arka Barka the ultimate place for everyone who wants to be close to the city without staying in the centre.

Clemens Sehi, Anekdotique Travel Site,

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What do you think? What are some of the best hostels in Europe where you have stayed?

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  1. Some of my favorites include Haggis Hostels in Edinburgh; PLUS Berlin; Yoho Hostel in Salzburg (mostly because they play the “Sound of Music” twice a day!); and Villa Saint Exupéry Beach in Nice, France (they have free dinners and a really great free walking tour).

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