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Interview: Chris Stevens from Backpacker Banter and Epic Gap Year

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I’m starting a new section on this blog where I invite adventure travelers like myself over for a little chat.

Adventure Travel - Chris Stephens

We are going to kick it off with my good buddy of mine Chris from Backpacker Banter.

I met Chris earlier last year in Ireland, we became quick friends and traveled later together later that year in Thailand, and Indonesia. Were almost died in a tropical storm.

He just started a new website called RTW Backpackers (which I am proud to be a part of) which hooks travelers up with some sweet trips.

First of all I I know your awesome bro, but for anyone who doesn’t introduce yourself and your blog

How long have you been traveling?

This time around….I’m in my third year of continuous travel!

What is Your Favorite Country and Why?

Hmmmm…this is a tough one! I really love Australia because it has so much to offer, despite being heaps expensive!

To be honest I love a lot of places for their mixture of surf, sun and fun – spots like Bali, Ecuador and Peru all stick out.

Give Us A Travel Highlight of Yours.

Scariest Travel Moment?

Breaking my face on my surfboard was more painful than scary – I snapped my cheek bone in two and broke my nose…I was lucky not to get knocked unconscious and drown to be honest!

Still…it hasn’t tainted my love for hitting the waves! You got me addicted to scuba diving!

What are your favorite dives spots?

hahahaha – I just had a flashback of you getting narked in the Similans! Funny times!

Dive wise I’ve been lucky enough to hit some great locations – like Koh Tao, Koh Phi Phi, Gili T, The Great Barrier reef and Byron Bay.

Every spot is special for it’s own reasons though.

You Stared a New Website Epic Gap Year. Tell Us About That?

I’ve spent the last 4 years having some amazing adventures and working with a heap of great travel businesses across the globe.

I also get heaps of emails each day from readers asking how they can travel the world or who I recommend for things like diving and surfing, like the massive waves on Hawaii’s Northshore – so I thought why not just set up my own booking agency so I can help my readers out directly!?

A simple thought but ALOT of work!hahaha!

The aim of it though is to help people indulge a passion, learn something new or open up an alternative career choice focusing on surf, snow, dive and adventure.

Think surf instructor courses, dive certifications and home stay language experiences…

What Sets EGY Apart From Other Sites?

Everything on the site is personally recommended by myself or one of my amazing blogger friends.

I think that’s what people really value, everything is tried and tested by real on the ground travellers, not simply being sold to you by someone who has targets to hit.

Lastly, biggest item on your bucket list and why?

My working holiday visa in New Zealand is the biggest one still to do I think – it’s been put off for nearly 3 years now simply because I’ve been grasping heaps of opportunities and embracing the spontaneity of life!

It’ll get done though, I love NZ!

So what do you think about Chris and his projects?

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