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8 of the cheapest ways to Travel Europe

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Europe is one of my top travel destinations. When I travel Europe cheap, often at a fraction of the price, it only makes it better.
It is also one of the places that people ask me about the most. One question that I have been asked over and over is, “Just how expensive is it to travel across Europe?”.

Although it is one of my favorite destinations, I have to be honest.

There are much cheaper places in the world to visit, but the chance to travel Europe is absolutely wonderful and should be experienced at least once by everyone.
Basically, if you let the expense of Europe dampen your sense of adventure, you will be missing out on a spectacular part of the world.

Plus, there are many ways to cut costs and travel Europe at a fraction of the price.

Let’s dive into a few travel tips and give your wallet a much-needed rest.

This travel guide will equip you with two things.

1- The best ways to travel Europe
2- Cheapest way to travel Europe

Cheapest Ways to Travel Europe

Mega Bus

If you get the right ticket, this is by far your cheapest option for getting around. At the moment, Mega Bus covers only the UK and a few surrounding countries in Western Europe, but you can’t argue with the price.

A trip can cost 1.50 Euro, however, it usual requires that you book at least a month in advance, especially when you travel popular tourist’s routes and major cities. This is by far one of the cheapest ways to travel Europe.

Some tickets from London to Paris only cost $10. That is borderline insanity! Hands-down, nothing is cheaper than the Megabus when you want to travel to Amsterdam, Paris, and Brussels. It is a good service to look at when backpacking Europe.

Eurail Pass

If you have limited time and want to move around quickly, Eurail is the best option.  Eurail Passes offer a variety  to fit almost any need.
You can choose between regional passes, global passes, (every country) or “build your own” passes. One of the top advantages about using Eurail to travel Europe is the amount of freedom you have.

Unlike Busabout which has set stops, Eurail allows you to choose your stops as you go. This great feature permits you to discover Europe at your own pace and style.
I love this aspect so much that Eurail is my favorite way to travel in Europe.

However, I strongly suggest using your Eurail pass only for traveling long distances so that you can make the most of it.

Of course, that doesn’t apply if you have unlimited travel days. Also, remember the passes give you a set number of days to travel the train networks.

The number of days depends on the pass, but range from the minimum of three to as long as unlimited travel for 3 months.

Act now and get EXTRA days on your Eurail Pass


This is a very popular mode of transportation among backpackers. Busabout have set routes throughout Europe, and most of their passes let you hop on and hop off whenever you want.

There are over 33 stops which cover many of the most popular places, as well as, a few cities off the beaten track. One of the best things about Busabout is that you see the same people over and over again. This allows you to really get to know other travelers and even develop long lasting travel friendships.

My first experience on Busabout was over 5 years ago, and I still am good friends with many of the people I met. Check out my full Busabout Review

Explore Europe cheap with Busabout! 


Budget Airlines

Budget airlines may be the best way to travel Europe on a limited budget. Airline companies like Easy Jet, Ryan Air, as well as a few others, compete with each other in offering the cheapest fare deals throughout Europe. I usual look at the airlines directly or use websites like Skyscanner and Orbitz to find cheap deals. Check out my full list of budget airlines in Europe.

Some of them are almost unbelievable; for example fares can be as low as $25 for a trip from Rome to Barcelona. Just remember to read the fine print to avoid last minute hassles.

Not following their rules could cost you a stiff fee in terms of penalty payments. Also, while it might be the cheapest way to travel Europe, it is my least favorite option for a couple reasons.

1-  You don’t get to see the stunning European landscape. One of the best parts about traveling around Europe is the vast and scenic beauty it has to offer.

2- Trains are a magnificent platform to meet other travelers and locals.

Personally, taking the trains has provided me many opportunities and unique experiences. I have some great memories of random dinners, epic nights out, great conversation, and unexpected hospitality from traveling buddies. While there it isn’t the cheapest ways to travel Europe on the list, it is the most fun!

Bike Around Europe

Rising in popularity is taking a few months and cycling around. This is one of the cheapest Europe Travel experiences you can have as the price of transportation is free, and the only limits of distance is how far and fast your legs can carry you.

I know some people that have cycled Europe and they loved it. The only downside they said is a lot of the time they where biking alone and at times this lead to them being lonely. However, if you have a partner then it shouldn’t be a problem.

Biking around Europe is also an amazing way to aviod gaining that travel weight.


This is Europe’s national bus service, Eurolines ,and falls under an umbrella organization for international travel. Countries in Europe have national buses meant to be used in their area, but for travelling across Europe, its not the best option.

As a rule, bus rides are always one of the cheapest way to travel Europe.

Buses cost less than taking the trains. A train from Berlin to Paris cost $248 while a bus ride on the same route will only cost $100.

The big difference between these fares might be enough for you to think about foregoing the luxury of having a roomy space on a train or a cramped one on the bus. It’s your choice and your money.

Ride Shares

There are a number of websites like Bla Bla Car that offer hitchhiking rides throughout Europe for little payment plus the price of fuel. You basically find a ride on a website where people post where they are going. This mode of travel isn’t as consistent as Europe trains, cheap flights, or companies like Busabout; but it is cheap and entertaining.

This route is not totally free, but it is safer then hitch hiking as you can get references from previous travelers.

It is a cheap and easy way to see Europe, and you also a good way to meet locals, or other travelers.


The best things in life are free and hitchhiking is free travel. Hitchhiking is popular in Europe, but still, as the saying goes, better safe than sorry and always remember, there is no rule that says you have to get in a total stranger’s car just because he stops.
I’ve known a lot  of travelers that have hitchhiked around Europe and been completely fine.

When Hitchhiking you should always listen to your gut. Its important when traveling around some of the best places to visit in Europe.

It you get an uneasy feeling about a ride then don’t take. Europe is very safe overall, but that doesn’t mean that hitch hiking doesn’t care certain risk.

Like anywhere, booking a month before is the best way to get the cheapest prices when traveling Europe. Budget airlines, Mega Bus, and National Buses top the list of cheap travel but have less charm than Busabout and Eurail.

Sometimes booking last minute means you get rock bottom prices, but it is never certain.

It pays to have a plan and an itinerary to follow, especially when you are on a tight budget.

If you understand your options, you can be thrifty and yet enjoy, explore, and be adventurous. After all, that is what traveling is all about. So there you have it.

Europe is accessible, affordable, and waiting for your arrival. and travel Europe is cheap and easy if you know what you are doing.

Other cheap ways to get around in Europe are tours. A couple tour companies in Europe I love are G-Adventures (  G Adventure Tours that are 25% Off ) and Intrepid Travel (Up to 25% Off Intrepid Tours)

Use these 8 of the cheapest ways to travel Europe to save some money!


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      1. Eduardo escalona

        We want to go to Europe is our first experience but we want to do as an adventure what do you think about it?

  1. Round the World we go

    The Megabus is a greeat way to travel cheap. The best thing is they do offer times during the night, so while you catch up on sleep, you can arrive in a new country as you wake

  2. Round the World we go

    The Megabus is a greeat way to travel cheap. The best thing is they do offer times during the night, so while you catch up on sleep, you can arrive in a new country as you wake

  3. Hitchhiking is probably the cheapest way to travel in Europe but we prefer and use a lot car sharing, it’s simply amazing and makes so much sense to share the journey somewhere with someone else, not only it is cheaper for everyone, but also good for the environment 🙂

  4. Useful tips! Thanks for sharing! Has anyone heard of manyship.com & have tried them. My mates were telling that they pay for carrying goods while travelling and their delivery charges are lesser than regular courier services..

  5. Quite useful, thanks. It is obvious that hitchhiking is a risky way to travel, buses are extremely uncomfortable for long distances… Nevertheless, using such transport sometimes could be justified taking into account it’s price. Renting a car is more comfortable (for short distances, at least).

  6. Awesome tips! Me and my friend Brianna are currently driving from Russia to the UK (so we do have a vehicle) but we’re doing everything else in our power to try and travel Europe for free. So far it’s working and we’re picking up hitchhikers for good karma 😀

  7. Friends we family of 7 will be traveling on 8th June 2017 to London for 3 days then in Paris for 2 days ->Lucerne 3 days-> -> Venice 1 day ->Rome->2 days . Can you help me to organize this Tour that is Transport ,Sight seeing,fooding, lodging, in a economy family budget . If there is any night journey which will save the lodging cost . I think my last sentence will clear my idea .In the group we are 2 males 53 , 2 women 52 years, 3 youth 25 years .

  8. My daughter and I are travelling together from Paris to Luxembourg to Frankfurt to Belgium to Amsterdam. We will part in Amsterdam to go home to our respective destinations. Short notice for the mom who is only joining her adventurous young daughter of 20 coming from her London adventure with friends, in Paris. I’m getting nervous here…Please advise me on the best way to nail it at an inexpensive cost. I thank you in advance.

  9. Thanks for these tips! Just came back from an Adventure Trip to Asia and Europe is next but all of these tips have been bookmarked for future!

  10. I am currently in SongYuan China and I want to travel to Paris soon, your post is most inspiring and informative. Thank you so much. You don’t maybe have some tips for traveling around China to save money, because here travel is a bit expensive, and as I am new to traveling abroad, I am from Cape Town South Africa originally, I am having some difficulties finding good deals, as most internet sites are blocked by the Chinese Government. Any advice is appreciated.

  11. Some good ideas, been reading the reply. I would like to add a word of caution, mentioned above are people sharing costs by carrying packages or passengers helping share fuel costs.
    All fab ideas and good for the environment.
    However check with your vehicle insurance before you do. As you may not be insured to do so, accepting payment (payment might be a bought cup of coffee or cash)or carrying goods for payment may be classed as bussiness use.
    The long and short is if your not correctly insured you might not relise until your in an accident.

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