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53 Best Places to Visit in the United States (UPDATED 2021)

53 Best Places to Visit in the United States of America There are countless best places to visit in the United States, from the thick canopy-covered jungles of Hawaii to the salt-sprayed coastlines of the Atlantic. The vastness of the US makes it a country awash in almost every type of landscape imaginable. But with

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My Ongoing Adventure of Life

I have a confession….. I’m an adventure addict! Yep, I admitted it. Somewhere in my past someone pushed the adventure drug on me and after just one hit, it became a lifetime addiction. Since the moment that addiction took hold, my goal has been to live my life on the road as one nonstop adventure.

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My Scariest Adventure Travel Moments and Why I Love Them

4 Tips for Booking Cheap Flights (New 2020) “Running an adventure travel blog means that I often find myself in less than ideal circumstances, random encounters, and sticky situations.” I’ll admit, sometimes I get nervous, have minor freak outs, and get scared, (the secret to success is to carry many pairs of fresh underwear), but

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Mongol Rally: The End Of The Road.

I gazed out of the tent into barren plains of Mongolia. Nothing moved except the icy fog of my breath against the first rays of dawn. I wiped away the layer of frost that had settled on my face. (Ok, just a tad overly dramatic but it was one of the coldest nights of my

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Mongol Rally: Gulp, Lost in Mongolia!

A lady in a hazmat suit unnecessary sprayed our tires to prevent us from bringing foot and mouth disease into Mongolia.  She shot a look of disdain to all four of us Cads and Bounders, our Mongol Rally team, all of us sporting ridiculous hats we had picked up over the last 40 days of

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Mongol Rally

Mongol Rally: Stranded in Kazakhstan

Table of Contents We hit our 17th straight hour in the car as the clock rolled over to 10 p.m. I took a drink and rattled the Red Bull can to make sure there was still some left before setting it down.  Red Bull is one of the four Mongol Rally food groups. The others

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