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Swimming with Dolphins in New Zealand

Swimming With Dusky Dolphins in Kaikoura

“Today was the day”, I thought, “time for swimming with dusky dolphins in Kaikoua” My arms were crisscrossed on the railing and my eyes were glued on the pod of dusky dolphins swimming next to the boat. A dozen dolphins are enough to make a pod, right? It can only make one of the most

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Announcing My First Ever New Zealand Tour!

4 Tips for Booking Cheap Flights (New 2020) Have you heard the latest news about my New Zealand tour? ( If you read the title of this post then you have heard the news)  In March 2017, I am running my first reader tour through the beautiful country of New Zealand! And I want you

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Fighting Wanderlust and Moving To New Zealand for a Year

Today carries an equally exciting/scary feeling in the air. As I sip my coffee and stare out the window onto the runways of Bangkok Airport I can’t help but come face to face with the transition I am undergoing. In just a few hours I will be sitting on one of those planes and heading

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Hobbiton – Traveling through the Shire in New Zealand

My all-time favorite travel movie is the Lord of the Rings trilogy. These movies spoke to my wandering soul long before I even knew I was a traveler I wanted to backpack New Zealand. Therefore, you are probably not surprised to hear that visiting the emerald fields and rolling hills of Hobbit shire in New

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