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How to Get Great Work Done While You’re On the Road

Are you trying to get work done away from the office? Whether you’re a full-time digital nomad or you’re traveling for a meeting and need to pull together some reports, the challenges are the same. Working on the road means dealing with distractions, poor connectivity, and a lack of tools at your fingertips. Here are

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Travelling by train

Exploring Europe: Is Buying A Eurail Pass Worth it?

What you need to know What you need to know What you need to know Is a Eurail Pass worth it?  If you are planning an Europe adventure it is an important question to ask yourself.  After all, as backpackers, we thrive saving every penny we can.  Finding the cheapest way to get from A to

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10 Reasons to Visit Costa Rica

Costa Rica is a mesmerizing and wonderful destination to visit. Aside from the beautiful places, there are many activities that you can do. There are both Costa Rica trips for families and adventurous travelers like myself. Imagine a place with active volcanoes, stunning waterfalls, and a vibrant culture to explore, which it is on my 2015

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Backpacking Indonesia: A Full and Complete Travel Guide

Backpacking Indonesia is a take a journey into a different world. I have spent months backpacking Indonesia. I’ve had wild adventures with Orangutans, explored remote villages in Wakatobi, and gone surfing in Bali. However, I have only scratched the surface of the adventures, and rich culture that backpacking Indonesia has to offer travelers. This post

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