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2020 Guide to Using Kayak Explore Before we dive into Kayak Explore, I will say that in my line of work I fly a lot! These days I average about 55 flights a year. Like many of you, I am obsessed with finding insanely cheap flights. When searching for a flight I spend hours sitting

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Tracing the Highlights of Mexico’s Coastline 

Road Tripping Through Down Mexico’s Coastline Assuming you start at the south of Mexico with a car rental it’s easy to work your way up along the highways, but you’re likely to divert off the planned route as you spot those viewing points and jewels along the road that you just can’t miss taking a

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The Big Apple from the Water

7 things to see from the water while sightseeing in New York City The Hudson River and East River form the two sides of Manhattan’s peninsula.  To the south, the Upper Bay separates New Jersey from New York and offers tourists looking for something different a chance to see Manhattan, Jersey City, Brooklyn and other

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Skydiving in New Zealand

Six Travel Destinations for 2018

A passport is an extremely valuable commodity that can open the door to new experiences.  It is the first step in traveling the world. After you have a passport  you can hop on an different airlines from Qatar Airways to Delta and soon you’ll be arriving half a world on the edge of endless adventures.

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Parasites- a traveler’s not-so-best friend

This is a guest post by my friend and fellow blogger over at Jenny D’s Remedies. It’s full of useful info to help make you aware of parasites while traveling.  Did you know that around 85% of people will have a problem related to parasites at some point in their life? Parasites can have major effects on your

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