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Camping Checklist: Essentials Needed Hiking In The Great Outdoors

The pandemic has brought international travel to a halt. On the brighter side, travelers now have the opportunity to explore their own backyard. There’s a spike in domestic travels, and people are increasingly choosing outdoor adventures like hiking and camping.  

If you’re looking to explore the great outdoors, you’ll need these key essentials when you go hiking. 

Hiking Clothes

Before you go on a hike, check the weather. Wearing weather-appropriate clothing is essential for a comfortable hike. Opt for athleisure clothing that’s made of moisture-wicking materials. Wear hiking pants made of the same material.

This ensures that you’re protected from the weather throughout your hike. Remember to carry protective gear like a hat, hiking belt, and a rain jacket. 

Hiking Shoes

Wearing appropriate shoes for hiking is important to protect you against any injuries. Choose the type of shoes most suitable for the place where you’re going. While sturdy running shoes work well for an easy walking trail, an intensive trek may require specially designed hiking boots. 

Hiking boots are designed with rigid outsoles and deeper lugs on the bottom to reduce the stress on your feet and prevent slips. Choose a pair that has enough room in the toe box. Look for ankle boots that fit you perfectly while you’re wearing a pair of woolen socks.


You need a good quality backpack to carry all your other essentials for the hike. Choose a lightweight, weatherproof bag. If you don’t want to carry a separate water bottle, opt for a backpack that’s designed around a hydration bladder.

This makes carrying water more comfortable. Make sure your backpack has small compartments inside to carry smaller things like house keys.


Water is one of the most important essentials to carry when you go hiking. It’s always better to carry more water than you need since you can’t predict how long the hike will take. If you’re going on long hiking trails opt for a hydration pack, like you are embarking on some of the best hiking at the Grand Canyon.

It’s a backpack with a water pouch and an attached tube to drink from. A hydration pack stores more water and is ideal for long trails.

Insulated water bottles are also great if you want to keep your drink icy-cold. If drinking directly from a natural water source is your idea of fun, then purchase a water filter straw. These straws filter the water as you drink directly from the source. 

Healthy Snacks

Just like water, it’s important to carry the right snacks when you go on a hike. A strenuous hike may leave you feeling hungry and tired midway.

Make sure to carry a mix of healthy nuts, fruits, and energy bars to replenish yourself. 

Portable Phone Charger

You’ll need to carry a portable charger, especially if you plan to take photos using your phone. With a portable charger, you can charge your phone in the middle of the forest.

These lightweight chargers are easy to carry and don’t take up much space in your backpack. For an eco-friendly option, choose a portable solar charger.  


If you’re going camping in the wilderness, a headlamp is a must to keep you safe at night. It’s advisable to keep it handy even on a day-long trek.

You may need it in case your hike takes a few hours and you’re hiking till late evening. 

First Aid Kit

Blisters, cuts, and splinters are common problems hikers face, especially when breaking in a new pair of hiking shoes.

Be sure to pack a small first aid kit with your hiking gear. A kit containing band-aids, pain killers, antiseptic, and medical tape come in handy if you bruise yourself along the way.  


Though this equipment is often overlooked, a whistle is very handy, especially if you lose your way or get injured. A few loud whistles will signal other hikers nearby that you need help

Sunscreen And Insect Repellents

While going on a hike, don’t forget to pack your sunscreen. You don’t want to get sunburnt on your hike. Re-apply your sunscreen every few hours for optimal sun protection. To keep away the bugs, carry an insect repellent spray.

Compass or Map

Your GPS is unlikely to work in the wilderness. That’s why you’ll need to carry some old school equipment that can help you find your way back if you ever get lost.

Keep a compass and a map of the park to ensure you can safely find your way back home if you get lost in the woods.  


If you’re planning a hike in the great outdoors, remember to carry these essentials. To ensure a safe and hassle-free hike, make sure your clothes are weatherproof and wear the appropriate hiking shoes.

Don’t forget to carry enough water and some healthy snacks. And most importantly, breathe in the fresh air and imbibe the peaceful vibe. Don’t forget to take some Instagram worthy pictures!

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