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An In-Depth Budget Airlines Europe Guide

There are many budget airlines Europe that help travelers speed around the continent. While traveling Europe by train and bus is a wonderful experience I recommend to everyone, it is not always the best option. These low cost European airlines are a valuable resource for travelers that are pressed for time, or want to zip across Europe to a festival or celebration.

Time is always a factor when backpacking, and budget airlines in Europe cut down on travel time without the hefty price of an expensive plane ticket.

Many people believe that it costs an arm and a leg when trying to purchase a plane ticket. At times, that may be true, unless you know where to find insanely cheap flights or low-cost airlines in Europe. After reading this post about budget airlines Europe and learning a few new tricks up your sleeve, you’ll be flying high after the savings you’ve made.

budget airlines Europe

Budget Airlines Europe

Here is a list of cheap European airlines below are just a few low cost European airlines that you may are cheap and reliable for inter Europe flights.

Aer Lingus

A nice budget airline that can help you plan a cheaper trip to Europe. They can even help with looking for car rentals or hotels. The plane cabins can be a bit small, but as long as you are aware of this when purchasing your flights you should have a wonderful experience. Most reviews note on the punctuality as well as the kindness that the flight attendants exhibit. Aer Lingus has a sterling reputation as a low cost European airline.

Air Berlin

When it comes to backpacking, a little less leg room isn’t too much of a hassle. Especially when you can save some money going around the world and instead it can be directed towards fun activities or local cuisine. Air Berlin can assist in finding long haul flights or inter Europe flights. They are even helpful in finding flights beyond Europe to continents such as Asia or Africa.


This airline is easy to use, as well as affordable. They have great low fares when it comes to traveling across Europe. Although, do make sure to take note that they do not offer tickets for connecting flights, and they advise those who do need to connect to average in a two hour connection time.

Many reviews love to comment on how the aircraft’s are new and clean, and even the staff is accommodating. EasyJet is one of the best low cost European airlines and often has inter Europe flights on sale or for cheap. Easyjet is a great source for cheap European flights. I like to use easyjet to save money. I love saving money, which is just one of the many fun facts about me.


For a budget airline, Germanwings tends to take the cake. They not only have connecting flights, but they can check your luggage through to your destination! Another possible pro or con, depending on how you look at it, is that they have open seating! So if you want the best pickings, make sure to arrive early.


There tends to be a love and hate relationship with this airline. The perks are the prices, but many say they get you with hidden fees. If you read the fine print and book online, though, you should be okay. Ryanair might be the cheapest provider on  this list of low cost airlines and offer low cost inter Europe flights. They are perfect for getting around some of the best places to visit in Europe.


One particular website that is particularly useful when searching for cheap flights within Europe is webjet.com! From Amsterdam to Zagreb, they have a great search engine in narrowing down the right flight for your trip. Peak season tends to be from June through mid-September, however, and they strongly suggest booking in advance to score the best deals.

These are the most popular Budget Airlines Europe has to offer. But now lets talk about all the tips and tricks you need when flying low cost airlines Europe style!

Tips for flying low cost airlines Europe

1- If you do connect flights, be certain to give yourself space-cushions. Just in case a delay may occur, and you won’t miss your next flight

2-  To get the lowest prices, make sure to book way ahead of your departure date

3- Planning to check in a bag or two? Pay the online fee. Prices tend to hike themselves over a period and you may find yourself paying more on your departure date at the airport

4- Speaking of bags, don’t assume that your bag is considered a carry-on. Budget Airlines in Europe tend to use smaller dimensions for carry one baggage. Be on the safe side and read the baggage policy

5- Pack a few snacks, that way you won’t have to fork out any Euros for pricey airplane food

6- When it comes to budget airlines,  how to find the descriptive words… deadlines are to be taken seriously. If they say to come an hour ahead to check-in, and you only show up forty minutes ahead of schedule, you may miss your flight

7- Another tip is to ignore this budget airlines Europe post and use flight search engines. Do your research and use websites like Skyscanner, or Kayak. Sometimes they have better deals than the low cost European airlines.

8- Just be careful to take note of the terms and conditions, because with cheaper flights may come stipulations such as being non-refundable or unchangeable.

9- Make sure to do your research before booking your inter Europe flight. One-way airline tickets within Europe may be cheaper than paying for round-trip.

While not always the cheapest option budget airlines Europe are a good choice for people trying to travel quickly. If you have time and are trying to save every buck check out other options like Eurail. If you can’t find a good price on using budget airlines then you can always try Kayak Explore.

How did you like this Budget Airlines Europe Guide? Have you flown with any of these low cost airlines in Europe? 

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