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Key Things to Know before Booking your First Family Adventure Holiday

From desert island hopping, to off-piste skiing and trekking through the desert, going on an adventure holiday with your family is one of the most amazing breaks you can have. Although you might be super excited to book your adventure holiday, don’t rush into it before thinking about these key things first:

Rocky Mountians

Travel Insurance

One things that’s for certain when it comes to booking an adventure holiday, insurance for international travel is a must. Whenever you travel abroad you should be taking out the correct travel insurance but this is especially important when going on an adventure holiday. Speak to your insurance provider before you go about the different types of activities you’re going to be getting up to on your holiday and organise the correct cover so that you can get involved in all kinds of activities without worrying whether or not your insurance cover you. There are some specialist insurance providers for skiing and adventure holiday like dogtag.co.uk which should be checked out. Accident happens, just remember your adventure quotes and move on.

Some Adventures Aren’t Kid Friendly

Although you might want to go visit the Lost City of Inca and trek through the Bolivian Mines, your children might not find it so thrilling. Although older children might find South America really interesting and amazing, it’s probably not the ideal location for those with younger children. Try and think about the interests of your whole family when booking an adventure holiday. From going on safari in Africa to visiting America’s West Coast, there are all kinds of different adventure holidays to choose from. Be sure to check them all out at Grand American Adventures to find the perfect one for you (Maybe it is checking off all the best things to do in Moab Utah).


Although adventure seeking holidays by nature are meant to be adrenaline fuelled ensuring that you feel safe whilst on them is essential. Be sure to check out all the safety precautions and small print before booking your adventure holiday as if you’re not convinced the trip appeals to your whole family or will be safe for all family members then don’t book anything as you probably won’t be able to get out of it at a later date.

Considering all these key factors before booking your adventure holiday is vital. Be prepared with the correct clothing and footwear for the types of activities you’ll be going to get up to. By following these travel tips, you’ll be well prepared for the family holiday of a lifetime.


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