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4 Alaskan Adventures for the Ultimate Vacation

What  Alaskan bucket list idea appeals to you?  I mean, Alaska is a land of vast wilderness filled with dense forest, rocky plains, and snow-capped mountain ranges. Much of Alaska’s landscape is untouched.

It’s a land where wolves and grizzlies roam freely, and where huge whales migrate down the coast. This frozen land is perfect for travelers seeking adventures and to escape the 9 to 5 that drives most of the working world. If you’re in search of a new adventure, here are some are some of the most exciting things you can do on a trip to Alaska.

4 Alaskan Adventures for the Ultimate Vacation

Alaskan Adventures

Whale Watching

Alaska has a variety of whale watching experiences. There are whale watching tours at many of the towns and cities along the coast. These tours let you see humpback, orca, and beluga, and gray whales. These gentle giants are simply a must-see when visiting Alaska. There are many places to do this throughout the state, but Juneau is the most popular launch point for whale watching. Another fantastic option is an Alaskan cruise that shows the beauty of the glaciers and water.

Get Into the Wild

Alaska is filled with some amazing hiking. My favorite place to go hiking in Alaska is Denali National Park. The park encourages visitors to have unique and authentic adventures. There are no roads, hiking trails, or campsites deep in the park. In fact, the park rangers make it so that you hardly even run into other hikers and campers. Only a certain number of people can enter a section at once, so your odds of bumping into other travelers are slim. No trip is complete with a wild Alaskan adventure.

You have to forge your way through the wilderness, conquering glacier streams and bear country, and you even have to build your own campsites. Camping and hiking in the middle of nowhere in Denali is the ultimate Alaskan adventure. Its a great place to sit and read some quotes about adventure!

Road Trip

Alaska is full of some epic road trips that lead through thick forests, along the beautiful coast, and into towering mountains. These trips can last from days to weeks, and they’re a great way to see the countryside. A couple of popular road trips in Alaska are through some of the national parks and of course the Seaward Highway, which shows off the beauty that the country has to offer travelers.

Alaska Train

If hiking isn’t the adventure you’re after, then see if the best quotes about hikes inspire you. Or if there’s another way to see the wildlife and natural beauty here. The Alaska train offers many journeys throughout the state that take you away from the road and into nature. You can catch glimpses of wildlife such as moose, wolves, bears, and elk, just to name a few. The train even has a dome car, so you can take in a 360-degree view of the amazing landscapes. This is one of the most scenic Alaskan adventures that state has to offer,

For those seeking an adventure in the great outdoors, it’s harder to find a better place than Alaska. The country is teeming with epic landscapes and vistas to explore. There are always deals floating around that will save you money on some of the best things to do, including these four unforgettable Alaska adventures (Adventures like on our list of things to do in Moab Utah).

What are you waiting for? Get your Alaska adventure started, and get ready to experience some of the best nature America has to offer.

Which Alaskan Adventure looks most exciting to you?

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