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The Ultimate Black Friday Travel Deals

It’s here at last!

The shopping season. If you are looking for the best Black Friday travel deals, then you have landed in the right place.

Whether you are looking for the best gifts for the traveler in your family or looking to score some travel deals for yourself then get ready for some massive savings!

Here are the best Black Friday travel deals!  

Note: some of these links are affiliate links. You get the same great deal, but I get a small commission for your purchase. 

Best Black Friday Travel Deals

Backpacks & Gear

Travel Clothes


Flights & Hotels

For Travel Blogs

Ending Soon

Black Friday Deals Backpacks and Gears




WANDRD’s been featured on sites like Forbes, National Geographic, CNET, and more. The company offers some great backpacks that provide functional and stylish gear.

Durable and reliable, these backpacks are perfect for every scenario, whether you’re backpacking across Asia or hiking in the great outdoors.

Their line of backpacks is a great addition to any traveler’s arsenal.

WANDRD Black Friday Travel Deal From 11/29-12/5

WANDRD is offering 20% Off plus shipping. The first get 2,500 customers get a limited edition beanie.

Note: The two newest products (Duo and Fanny pack are not discounted)


Nomatic (Backpacks)

20190702_Nomatic_S_GarmentBag_AngleFront_1024x1024 (1)


Nomatic was born from an insanely successful Kickstarter campaign. The company focuses on giving travelers what they want and has gained hundreds of thousands of customers across the world.

Their backpacks are innovative and well-made. Making them one of the best backpacking brands on the market.

If all this sounds awesome, then you are in luck! 

Nomatic has a fantastic sale on backpacks this holiday season.

Nomatic Backpacks Black Friday Travel Deal

For a limited time, get up to 50% off. Yes, up to 50% OFF select backpacks and luggage!

This is a great chance to get the world wanderer in your family some new gear.

Nomatic also has some different sales going on for luggage, which we will talk about below.

For a Limited Get UP to 50% OFF HERE

Nomatic (Luggage)



Nomatic’s approach to luggage is that it should make travel seamless, easy to pack, and move around. All while keeping the luggage strong and reliable.

Full discloser I am a backpacker, surprise, surprise. So I haven’t used any of their rolling luggage.

But as I trust the brand, and since they have a great sale, I feel sale, including it.

They have three different sizes that range from check in to carry on

Nomatic Luggage Black Friday Travel Deal

As of right now, when you purchase Nomatic luggage, you get 2 accessories for free.

The deal is only for a limited time, so act fast! Check out it out here.

2 FREE Accessories With Luggage

Chrome Industries (Offer Dates: 11/28 – 12/04)



Chrome Industries is a newer company (they’ve been around since 1995). They offer a range of different backpacks as well as cool camera, laptop, messenger, and day bags. All of which have modern designs, offer exceptional quality and reasonable prices.

There Black Friday Deals are starting now and run through December 4th.

Chrome Industries Black Friday Sales

Chrome Industries is offering 25% Off Reg + 40% Off Sale plus Free Shipping on orders $50+.

Get 25% – 40% OFF

Boundary (Running 11/29- 12/2 )



Boundary has some of the most stylish and adaptable backpacks and camera bags on the market. 

There Prima modular system lets you adjust and reorganize the backpack easily. Personally, I love the style of the Camera + Travel Pack. 

The travel pack comes equipped with innovations like magnetic auto-lock buckles, charging pocket, and removable waist belt. The pack is made from 500D Nylon Kodra, has a 420 Tenacity Hypalon, and 210 Nylon fibers. 

They have a few packs to choose from and they are well worth checking out. 

And since you can change the pack around, they work to get as anything from a photographer’s bag to carry on luggage.  

Boundary Black Friday Travel Deals 

From now until December 2nd you get 20% off all Packs & Bundles and Up to 40% off Accessories and Apparel

Get 20% – 40% OFF

Black Friday Travel Deals On Clothes


Patagonia’s one of my favorite brands, for travel clothes, for a couple of reasons. First, they’re work on numerous projects that combat our environmental impact and promote responsible travel. (Many times your part of your purchases also go to these charities and organizations.)

Second, they have cool styles and great sales. They also have a large range of packs and travel gear. It’s a great brand to support while shopping for Christmas presents for the adventurer in your family.

Here are Patagonia’s current holiday sales.



REI’s one of the most established and respected outdoor gear and travel brands out there. Their website offers everything travel addicts covet from passport holders to backpacks; from water bottles to tent stakes.

REI opts out of Black Friday since 2015. And instead, they are gearing up for a stellar Cyber Monday. However, they still have some awesome things on sale, worth checking out, here.


Black Friday Deals on Travel Amazon

Save up to 35% on Columbia outerwearHERE

Up to 50% off men’s and women’s clothing and more from Our BrandsHERE

VacBest Compression Bags, Travel Space Saver Bags for Clothes (12 Travel) ($7.21 $13.99) – HERE

Travel Wallet RFID Blocking Document Organizer Bag, Family Passport Holder ($8.44 $17.99) – HERE

Osprey Packs Porter 46 Travel Backpack ($104.95 – $139.95) – HERE

Black Friday Travel Deals On Flights & Hotels


Expedia is a giant in the travel sphere. You can book hotels and flights. They have low prices and a massive range of options.

Expedia has a range of different Black Friday Sales for the USA and Canada (Like Lake Louise in Canada) that cover everything from hotels to cruises to flights. Savings range from $50 to 60%, so there are loads of savings to be had.

Popular Expedia Black Friday Travel Deals

Get up to 60% off hotels (Available: 12/25/19 – 12/28/19)

Get $200 off flights (Available: 12/2/19 all day)

Get up to 25% off on activities (Available:12/2/19 all day)

Get $100 off flights (Available: 11/29/19 all day)

Check Out all the Expedia Deals


Booking.com is the leading provider for hotels on the web. In the neverending online search to find the cheapest hotel, booking is the 1st place I check.

Booking has an exciting new Black Friday offer! Please find the offer details and tracking link below.

Booking dot com Black Friday Travel Deals

This Black Friday (29 November), Booking has up to 25% off all tours and activities.

Shop and Save Bookings Deals

Hotels Dot Com

Hotels.com is also offering great last-minute discounts in top cities in the US and Canada! Customers can save big when booking their next getaway in New York, Las Vegas, Montreal, and more.

Be sure to check them out and take advantage of these great deals!

Popular Hotel Black Friday Travel Deals

Thanksgiving – Save up to 30% off at Hotels.com. Book by 11/28, travel by 12/27

US – Black Friday Sale – Save up to 60% on select hotels. Book by 12/2/2019. Travel by 3/31/2020.

Shop and Save Bookings Deals


Groupon Getaways are an epic way to save money whether you are traveling close to home or thousands of miles away. You can get nearby hotels for hundreds off or get a fully booked trip that includes hotels and flights. (Many of which are incredible deals.) 

Groupon’s great for families, couples, and solo trips.  

Popular Groupon Black Friday Travel Deals

There are endless deals all across the world. Check out the latest deals below. 

See the Latest Groupon Getaway

TrustedHouse SItters

Ok, ok, not a hotel but as it is accommodation it deserves a spot in this section. Trustedhouse SItters is a great way to travel the world and save some cash. How does it work?

Basically, it’s a market place of house sits around the world. In exchange for them letting you stay in their house for free you usually have to feed and water pets. Or take care of planets. Each one house sit is different. But it is a great way to travel the world cheap

Trustedhouse sitters is the best house sitting company out there. And have a vast network of house sits, and active community.  And one of the great alternatives for Airbnb.

Trusted House Sitters Black Friday Travel Deal

From now Friday 29th November – Tuesday 3rd December 2019 you can get 25% discount on sitter, owner and combined annual memberships

Get 25% Off Trusted House Sitters

More Hotel and Flight Deals


Test your luck with Lucky Draw  Valid: NOW – Dec 1st

Discount Promo Package
Valid: NOW – Dec 1st


  • Hotels: BLKFRI8
  • Tours & Tickets: BLKFRI20
  • Trains (China, Korean, and UK trains only): B5THKD15
  • Airport Transfer: 95BFAT
  • Car Rental: EASIRENT

Check them Out Here


The week of Black Friday & Cyber Monday is here!

Visit the link below to see can reveal our amazing Black Friday deals.

Kayak will be updating the deals during the next week so keep an eye on this page.


Skyscanner ( My favorite flight booking site) Has a range of offers you can see here.

Skyscanner Black Friday Deals

Top Black Friday Flight Deals for 2019 from the US!

Black Friday Travel Deals For Travel Blogs



Imagine video lessons from experts who share their secrets, habits, and strategies that have helped them springboard to the top of their chosen careers. I can’t get enough of Masterclass, and watching one with my morning coffee has become part of my morning routine.

The “teachers” are impressive with huge names like Gordon Ramsay, Neil Gaiman, and Malcolm Gladwell – to name a few. You can learn everything from crafting a story to composing a film score; from cooking to poker.

They have lessons on everything from writing, photography, cooking, and more.

Masterclass Black Friday Sale  (Buy one Gift One)

For the few days, they have a buy one, gift one to your friend — basically, 50% OFF when you team up with a friend and split the cost.

Get Two For the Price on One

Pro Writing Aid (50% OFF Until December 2nd)

Top view shot of woman sitting at table with laptop and coffee writing on notebook. Female making to do list on diary.

Prowriting aid is one of the best writing tools on the market. It helps your style, grammar, structure, and lets you know your sentence readability or if you sentences are “sticky” – which is to say, boring. 

The editor also checks for overused words, transitions, and cliches.
Nowadays, I write everything in prowriting aid and grammerly. 

Prowriting Aid Black Friday Sale 

Right now, you get 50% OFF. They have combined the best of the best. You get the grammer, style editor, and writing mentor in one package. 

Buy today and they’ll donate $5 of your order to the International Literacy Association.

Get 50% OFF ProWriting Aid

Black Friday Deals on Travel ENDING Soon

TEFL Academy (Sale Ends: 11/29/2019)

60% Single square

The TEFL Academy is the worlds only TEFL course provider that has received official recognition from the government-regulated awarding bodies in the US and UK.

Their LEVEL 5 courses are DEAC approved, and they offer the 168-hour TEFL Certificate, which most overseas schools require.

So what good is a TEFL?

For people looking to work their way around the world, a TEFL is a must.

If you want to teach English overseas, then you need a TEFL qualification as it’s required by almost every school.

Getting your TEFL literally opens up a new world of opportunities to you! The downside is that getting your TEFL certification is expensive….or is it?

TEFL Academy Black Friday Travel Deal (HUGE SAVINGS!!)

This holiday season, you can get 60% OFF your TEFL certification. And for a limited time, you can save hundreds and gain your certification.

Get this great gift for youself, your family, or your friends!! It’s a great gift capable of opening new doors!



CityPass is a great way to get the most out of visiting a city while saving a lot of money. The basic idea is that instead of buying tickets as you go that you buy one pass that covers a large range of different attractions. The pass works out cheaper than buying tickets to everything individually. And if you visit everything, you often save over $100.

There are passes for both adults and kids, as well! So this is a great stocking stuffer for the whole family.

City Pass Black Friday Travel Deal (Up to 50% OFF!!)

CityPass is offering up to 50% OFF select pass. So, if you are heading to one of their cities, then there’s never been a better time to buy a pass.



Get Your Guide offers a range of local tours around the world. The tours range from deeply personal experiences to mind-blowing adventures. And it’s a great way to see all the unmissable highlights or hidden sites at your destination. Get Your Guide Tours let you connect with your destination in a new and exciting way.

Don’t miss the opportunity to delight your friends and family by gifting them an unforgettable experience on their next holiday.

Get Your Guide Black Friday Travel Deals (Up to 25% OFF!)

This Black Friday (29 November), they’re giving up to 25% off all tours and activities.

Save Up to 25% OFF

Eurail (ENDS DEC 2nd)

Picture of young woman tourist at platform train station
backpackers girl waiting for the train


I can’t say enough good things about Eurail! I’ve been using them since my first solo trip to Europe back in 2009. And if you are planning on visiting a few different countries in Europe, then a Eurail Pass can save you a lot of money!

The pass works in over 20 countries! And it is one of the cheapest ways to get around Europe. It saves you hundreds if used properly and gives you the freedom to change your plans at a moment’s notice. And while some trains (like overnight trains) require a small reservation fee, they can easily be avoided these with useful, and one of the best travel apps .

They have a range of passes that last for various lengths and times. Such as a three months Global pass that opens up all of Europe to you to the small three days passes. Whatever you need, Eurail has you covered.

Eurail Black Friday Travel Deals (Up to 15% OFF!)

Right now! Eurail has 15% off on passes!



Contiki offer a guided tour company around Europe. They focus on the 20s and early 30s crowds. ANd cater more for the party backpacker lifestyle. If that sounds like you, then Contiki is the way to go. They offer tours all around the Europe.

CONTIKI Black Friday Travel Deals (Up to 30% OFF!)

SAVE up to 30% on Trips with Contiki US – book your HOLIDAY today



Holiday Sale!

Pay $70 for an $85 gift card

Pay $105 for a $120 gift card

Pay $145 for a $165 gift card

There We go! 

Some of the best travel deals on black Friday! We will be updating them as we go! So make sure to check back later, and for cyber Monday!

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