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Backpacking has gained increasing popularity over recent years; it’s probably one of the reasons you are reading this blog in the first place.

However, along with popularity, comes information overload. In other words, while there are countless backpacking and travel blogs now around, there are also some resources which perhaps don’t paint life as a backpacker entirely accurately. Generally, if you haven’t engaged in the experience yourself, it’s impossible to realize what it’s truly about.

Bearing this in mind, here are some of the most common myths that tend to be associated with backpacking nowadays.

It’s only worthwhile for young people

Traveling through Europe

This is one of the biggest stigmas associated with backpacking. Sure, you will meet a lot of young people on your travels, but don’t be under the impression that every person you meet will fall into this category.

In fact, if you were to ask any seasoned backpacker what sort of people they come across you’ll hear anything from 18 to retirees. The great thing is that this is one experience where all age groups can merge and to coin an old cliché, age is just a number.

Your accommodation will always be the lowest of the low

Once upon a time, this might have been correct. However, backpackers would agree that the quality of accommodation has surged over recent times – although this might just be because we’re more informed about all of the options available in a particular area thanks to the internet.

On the same note, backpacking isn’t all about hostels. Chances are, hostels will form a significant portion of your accommodation, but it’s all about finding a good deal for a specific time. It’s not unheard of for backpackers to grab a last minute bargain from a package holiday, it’s all about finding the cheapest option, and this isn’t necessarily the most obvious.

Your career will suffer

In truth, your career is going to stall – after all, you’re not working. The thing that most people forget before traveling abraod is that this is purely temporary and a lot of employers view traveling as a positive experience when it comes to the interview stage. It’s something that can highlight that you like to get out and do things, and it tends to provide you with a great array of conversation as well.

So, in the immediate future you won’t be working, but in the long-term your prospects won’t be harmed in the slightest. In fact, they might even be enhanced.

Backpacking is unsafe

Here’s the truth; backpacking is unsafe if you don’t exercise care. Once again this is an area which has improved substantially over recent years, for the simple reason that the internet gives you much more opportunity to research certain areas and find out where NOT to go.

Every place has its dangers, backpacking or not,  perhaps in some cities you might have to be EXTRA careful but I guess it’s just a matter of using common sense in all sorts of travels.

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